New Zion Outpost

New Zion Outpost is a visitor friendly role play sim rich in detail. The rules are simple. Be nice. Don't rez any large ships. There are a few others, but certainly nothing unexpected. You don't even need a visitor tag.

It was empty when I visited this morning; a desolate mining planet in a far off galaxy.

Click any photo for a larger version. You may need to enlarge once more.

There is plenty of tech at Zion, both in the biosphere bubble that houses the shuttle, meeting rooms and other offices and in the separate launch bays.

There is gravity here, but it is less than our Earth version so the new Fly! poses from Diesel Works fit with the ambiance.

Not quite so new, but equally appropriate are my  Men's Black Buckled Boots from Duh!  They resize nicely for gals in need of He-Man footwear.

New Zion is filled with places to explore. Many of the screens click for a realistic effect. The textures seem to look good in most any Windlight setting.

My hair is one of the new colors of Angela from Alli&Ali. Who knew I would have an occasion for blue streaked tresses. There is a small caveat on this hair. As with many long locks, it can disappear when overlapping transparent textures or glow. Those of you who favor waist-length tresses are probably familiar with the phenomenon. Just saying :D. If in doubt, wear the demo for a bit and see if it works for you.

Other Style notes:

Skin: Skin Within [SW] Droe Exotica (Bare)
Clothing: Sn@tch New Eden Uniform (shirt with full sleeves added as underlayer)
Accessories: .!:{904}:!. {AngL3} - TMRHE - Belt; [Baubles] Oversized Hoop Earring - black