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Retro Fever

I started my morning with the hunt at Retrology. I always go to the hunts there and I always have a great time, partly because I enjoy the sim so much. The retailers change from time to time and move to larger or smaller spots, the seasons bring new decor and it is always a pleasure to stroll and peruse the changes. I was already decked out in a retro outfit from the night before, so I fit in well with the locale. I noticed other hunters also in period garb and that made it even more fun.

My outfit above is from alafolie at Fashionista. Find the tortoise shell mirror (much like the magnifying glasses you may have been looking for in other hunts) and get this great outfit. There are two mirrors in this store, so be sure you find them both. Carefully locate the parts of the outfit before logging off. Some will end up in your Clothing folder and others in your Objects folder. There are some cute outfits here so take a look at the offerings before you hurry on to your next stop. Several stores are participating in this hunt and all the mirrors are easy to find. The hardest part for me was finding the various stores in the large sim :D .

I am wearing some color change wedgie shoes from Sun Made Fashions and an older Hobo Bag from Celestial Studios. My very cool glasses are part of a gift from B&G at the Car Wash Hunt. Find the cake and get four cool pair. The hunt spans two sims with lots of goodies to pick up. I hadn't been to Car Wash before, and it is indeed much fun. The hunt is almost over, so get over there soon.

Pose by Tuli.

Retrology outfits shown (left to right) are from Pink Cadillac (includes shoes), Thimbles, and Hang the DJ! The color change bracelet are from Fresh Baked Goods and the hairs from Pocket Mirrors. The hearts you are looking for are most often a shade of pink, but can be other colors and even patterns, so don't get into the pink heart mindset :D. Look for the hearts both inside of the shops and in the public areas.

Poses by LAP, Vain, Glitterati.

Dress by Punch Drunk, glasses by Fab Pony, hair by House of Heart -- all from the hunt. Purse by +plus, Shoes by Adam and Eve (not from hunt).

Pose by Vain.

Gifts also include non-clothes items including a red retro chair and a rainbow bubble chair from Greene Solutions. There are of course many more than I have shown here and many that I didn't even find. LAP is participating, but alas the LAP heart eluded me!


Ketsy said…
What a fantastic post Chic! I better get hunting myself, great swag!

~ Ketsy
Retrology Manager

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