Weekend Shopping

Viva La Glam is having a clearance sale it seems :D I read there very cute post and had to come check it out. It's raining buckets here so you need to pick up your free color change umbrella from the stand in the central courtyard ($1L) and if you don't have their free metallic tights in your inventory, now would be a good time to get them.

Earth and Sky has some free shoes on the wall in their shoe store.

Tuli NEW Skins

I can't believe that people haven't mentioned this yet :D Tuli gave out two models of skins in slightly different versions to her group early this eve. I was having MAJOR client problems and just ass-u-me-d that others would make note. So no notes and I relogged an things are better if not great.

Here is the normal me (almost five months in this skin):

Here is Emily from Tuli:

And here is an example of the second line:

While Tuli's skins are lighter than my norm, I am greatly impressed with the exceptional work. I like Emily the best for me. So now you have a sneak peak if you aren't in the update group.

Two other notes on this post. The newest version (20.8 I believe) of the LL client that came out today as a forced Release Candidate seems to have some very odd visual "effects". There is a very odd whitish swatch on my backside above my waist. This is not only on the Tuli skin; it is on the Eloh skin that I have been wearing all along and it was NOT there before this new client. Since the regular viewer doesn't log me in AT ALL, I have no choice but to use this. I will not be taking many backside photos however :D

I would also like to mention how impressed I am with the new hairs coming from House of Heart. These seem, to me, to be a huge leap forward in design work.

One more note (smile). I LOVE the new Skyline shoes from Shiny Things. Talk about quality and creativity all rolled up in one package!

Our content creators just keep getting better and better. HOOOORAAAAY!!!!!

Free Shooooooz!

Baby Monkey -- Dindrane Elfor 222/27/3 -- 1is having a $1 item hunt for mini beach balls. These are very easy to find. Other store owners in the sim have joined in and there are about 60 to search for. I didn't do much hunting but I did stop by to get some GREAT sandals. No sluething required. They are in the middle of the Baby Monkey courtyard. Buy for $0. Today only.

There is a similar box nearby with a cute Baby Monkey purse that coordinates. There are shoes in the box also, but they didn't fit me well. Loved the purse though and it is the same color as the Gladiator Sandals.

Moonshine - Lisbet - Free

Due to a glitch in the permissions, Lizbet is now free at Moonshine Clothing -- Silver Lake 88/174/27. It comes in a variety of colors. I picked this one to match my outfit - LOL. Moonshine makes some very different hairs, many of them with a youthful feel, so check out some demos while you are there.

And of course there are CLOTHES at the shop too (wink)!

Top (not yet released) and skirt by Love Chic.

Violent Nightmare: A "fashion" show :D

I couldn't stay for the whole show, but I wanted to give you some photos as a piece of history. Ivey has been very good to MANY of us. Hers was the second "real" outfit I ever had as a newbie. I appreciate all she has done and given, and while this is not to my personal taste, I think it is important to chronicle (wink). So here we go. Pictures are worth more than words.

This features work from:

  • Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy
  • Munchflower Zaius of Nomine
  • Siennah Elcar & Nepeta Ling of Vital Animations
  • Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch
  • Roblem Hogarth of !Retox!

And the show begins:

That's a taste of the Violent Nightmare fashion show and chronicle of its brief blaze of glory :D

::::: MAGIKA ::::: New Stuff :D

Magika --Magika Land 156/150/25 -- has some very interesting new prize campers :D Sort of Cyborg Hairdressing? Not sure (laughing here) but a pleasant change. These are roomier, there are more available seats than before and there is NEW STUFF.

So for old times sake (since I obviously don't NEED anything - LOL) I decided to camp for the bow belt that was new and all the rage when I first came to Phil's Place.

100 stress free minutes and I have a very cute new belt. I love accessories. It's not a secret. I love the loft pictured above. It would make a great shop (someday maybe). The lighting is great and it is mod so you can add your own artwork.

Belt shown with Sn@tch top (from last night minus the prims), Love Chic skirt and ZHAO shoes.

Starchild at Sn@tch!

Just a quick note to let you know Starchild in purple is free on the wall at Sn@tch -- Pulse 175/216/30 -- until Midnight Sunday. Have fun looking. It's very cute!

Free Men's Skin!

Nope. This isn't Wonder, this is ME! Hard to believe and I am NOT feeling very comfortable as a guy, but meet Chive -- the male version of me. Don't look him up, it's just my nickname.

Chive came into being because I saw a fashcon notice that A.C Store is giving away demos (no demo marking obviously) of its new male skin that is coming out soon. You need to join the group. Here is the part of the notice:

Next week we are also releasing the Romario Skin Gen 2 and some special skins for male models, and we decided to give a preview for you guys...Yay free skin for you, so if you wanna get it is simple, add yourself to a.C store goup and send sally yachvili a notcard with your complete name on it and you´ll receive your gift asap;P.
If you can't find the group easily (and I couldn't), just look up Sally's profile and it is in her group list. Oh what super sleuths we become on the quest of fashion.

The collar Chive is wearing is also from the A. C Store -- Brasil amazonia 48/214/24. The collar, a face light if you don't have one already and a cute hat are all on the podium right when you come inside the store.

Thanks to Wonder for giving me his shape and making a "twin" of sorts. He still looks better I think. Must be the attitude (wink).

Back into my regular body now (whew). Enjoy!


Now I don't smoke in real life (wink) but this new cigarette in holder from ANIMAH -- Sedna 184/103/28 is just too fun to pass up. And it's a free gift if you are a member (or join) the group. ANIMAH makes some really great poses, so try them out at the shop.

There are also some free animations on the back wall as well as a couple's pose. The flight animations are really great!

Hair: Hollywood by House of Heart
Nails by Shop Seu
Halter and Mini by Love Chic
Elana Sandals in red by Shoes Simply Shoes

Indian Inspirations

Zaara Indian Couture -- Tropical Escape 99/176/23 -- is giving away this summery baby doll dress at their new store at House of Heart. She has some very special items for sale there. Colorful fun designs fill the walls. All with bits of Indian inspirations added. And while you are nearby, pick up the three May release hairs at the House of Heart store. There are many other satellite vendors in this colonnade lined mall. Have fun exploring.

Gifts! I Love 'em!

Nuclear Boutique -- has a "must have" basic wardrobe tank for this week's gift. Find it in the Suits and Casuals store on the wall to the right of the entrance. It is nice and long and a great color for mixing and matching. And ::69 -- MIYABI 31/237/502-- has this sculpty grocery bag as a group gift. So fun!

Shown with jeans by WRONG and shoes by Shoes Simply Shoes.

Sn@tch has a cute dress set (gold and silver) as their gift. Find it on the wall marked for 0. You can get a hint as to the title from my theme here (wink). Have fun.

Nightmare shoes by ::69

Got Prims?

You might not want to go out in PUBLIC in this oh-so-cute fashionista belt because of the almost 200 prim count (that's almost a 1024's allotment), but it's hard to resist it -- especially because it is FREE!

Find it at Dark Mouse -- Taber 92/198/22on the wall facing the entrance as you come in. It's free for one week.

Remember to wear your prims responsibly (wink).

Defleur - Want to Play a Game?

Defleur wants you to play a game? Want to play? Well "I" DID!!

Six gowns are marked down to just $100L. AND, there are at least 4 gowns marked all the way down to nothing. $0L! Here are some of the VERY beautiful things I found for free.

Most of the gowns shown have various parts including skirt choices, veils, arm poofs etc. I couldn't show you ALL the looks . You can have lots of fun playing princess though!

All you have to do is mouseover the picture vendors to fine the ones on sale or free. They are easy to find. Along with three dresses shown (I couldn't get the last one to photograph well because of the current problem with invisible system skirts) -- I found a PACK of daring but very cute tops that can be alternates to the dress tops here or just worn with other outfits.

There is a HUGE display of free dresses directly across from the entrance on the back wall as well as camping chairs to sit for items.

I've been having a hard time getting excited over things to blog, but this certainly perked up my interest. So THANK YOU Natalia Basiat of Defleur for all the lovely goodies!

I also spied in my hunt for gowns a MULTI pieced set normally priced at $650 down to $100. So take a look at all the lovely things.

Weekend Finds - May 11th

A very busy weekend for me with my shop opening and real life events. But I did manage to garner a few cool things to report on. My top is a very classy, long and pink tank from LaLa FooFoo's new satellite store at House of Heart -- Tropical Escape 130/172/22. While you are in the neighborhood, zip over to the BIG building and find some new release samples of hair. There are small white posters scattered about the building all containing the same hairs.

The hair I am wearing is from the sister shop of the new House of Heart, Bewitched -- Lemon Island 128/127/23. I actually chose an old landmark, not putting the new store with the new store's name and wound up at my old stomping grounds, Bewitched. What do you know? A very nice new release pack of Bewitched hairs greeted me there.

The skirt shown was a lucky chair prize from Sn@tch -- Pulse 176/212/29 and the leg bandanna (which matches VERY well) came from Lazy Places -- Growl 49/121/22. Look for a big box out in the open spaces between shops.

My little shoulder pet was a present to all of Fashcon (that many thousands of folks) from Venice Picassa. Cute little fellow :D

Shoes by ::69, Poses by ANA_MATIONS

Serenity Day Spa

Need a little rest and relaxation WITHIN your rest and relaxation? Well Serenity Day Spa might be your new favorite place. It is a lovely spot for couples or even us single gals.

I had a wonderful but all too brief massage from Slaid. And I was busy taking photos besides, so I didn't get that "AHHH " factor (wink). The therapy rooms are different styles with a fountain tub in one. This looks both restful AND romantic.

From their business card:

We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of spa services for men, women and couples including massage therapy, facials, manicures, pedicures, aromatherapy,spa bath, yoga, hair and skin care, wedding party preparations and more.Serenity Day Spa & Wellness Center wants to set trends in the SL. We truly care about each and every client that walks through our doors. At Serenity you receive the special attention to detail and professionalism that you deserve.

And as a special for Mother's Day they are giving away cute plaid pajamas with pink logo tanks. Find them all around the spa including the gift shop and entry. There is also a very pretty Spa logo tee that is made to tuck into pants. As you can see from the photos there were plenty of people lining up to peruse and purchase treatments and gifts.

The logo tee can be found on a sideboard by the pool exit. There is also an onyx bracelet and ring there. All lovely gifts! According to the notecard, onyx has both healing and mystical powers. AND it is very pretty (smile) so that counts too for you fashionistas.

Three's the Charm

Tuli -- Le Zoo 130/143/22 -- sent out a prototype skin called Elf just for fun. It comes in four pastel colors with the Lilac version shown here. Lots of freckles on this model and definitely fun. I kinda miss my dark eyebrows but I love the eye makeup (wink). Shown here with one of the swimsuits sent out yesterday by PixelDolls -- Port Seraphine 121/132/46 -- and the House of Heart -- Tropical Escape 128/68/24-- hair, Natasja in birch.

Swimmin' in the Moonlight with Sn@tch

I pulled Wonder away from his Tai Chi to model for me. I know I should make a "guy" avatar for myself, but I doubt I could ever look as great as Wonder (sigh) so he will just HAVE to go along with my request -- she says hopefully.

Anyway, it is Wednesday eve and Ivey put out her freebie for all us Sn@tch-istas. It is on the wall of the shop for 0 Linden. Just find it and click. A great bikini in ohsopretty colors and some board shorts for gals OR guys.

Don't forget you can sign up at the SubscribeOMatic right inside the door and be informed of new items and free stuff automatically. Well YEAH you can!

Thanks Ivey!

Whimsical Necklace Set

Just a quick post to say that Whimsical Creations (Dark Mouse) -- Taber 94/199/23 --has put out the necklace WITH the earrings from last week. These are free for a week and will then eb $100. Again, on the wall directly in front of you when you enter the store.

Also today is the last day for the RED TESLA HEELS -- Tesla 46/74/54!

This and That Tuesday

Naive gave out a cute pink top to the contestants in their Naive girl contest -- ALL the contestants. How nice and perfect for warmer weather.

TRUTH came out with three new hairs for women and I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. I'll need to spend some time looking at colors but this might just be my new "default" hair (LOL).

And Digital Knickers gave out TWO outfits for a linden each to celebrate the FAME! This outfit was featured in Sexy Second new issue. Yeah. Shown here is the red version. It also comes in black. Be sure and check out the lucky chair there too.

Shown with ZHAO shoes. I finally got to wear them! Yeah!

Sexy Second - Woot!

I've been busy all day with a new project. More on that in a couple of day -- heart beating fast here. Meanwhile, Sexy Second just came out and I am number 46 and ELEVEN with a full page. Woot!

So fun and this issue was very classy IMHO so very happy to be in it.

That's number 11. Much fun!

More Sunday Deals!

This is an "in case you didn't know" already post. No picture. Sorry. VERY long day in my world.

LF CHAI Skins in six colors: cinnamon, cream ginger, honey, nutmeg, sugar - with and without freckles are yours for joining the SubscribOMatic at the Port Seraphine shop -- Port Seraphine 216/151/56. They will NOT be in the history for long, so get over there soon. The SubscribeOMatic is to the right of the TP point along the outdoor walkway. I see by the dots on the map as I type this that there is still a line. But the biggest rush is most likely over. They are very nicely done with photo realism. The colors are very realistic also.

A Piece of Candy -- immintel 160/158/101 has new dollarbies out including two capris, one brightly colored top and a pink and white bikini. Also, there is a really nice looking black sort of "dangerous" vintage with lace dress that is new today. I think there is a new makeup of a skin also. All her things last week were very nice so I have faith (wink) that these are too. There is also a group gift of some really cute summery shoes with flowers that look a bit like icing on a cake (cute) coming out on Monday so if you want it (it will not be archived) then join the SubscribeOmatic.

Exile -- Ivy Falls 163/102/27 -- has had some great looking hair out the last few days. I went over there yesterday to try things out but -- you guessed it -- ASSET SERVER ISSUES! Alas. So I will try and get over soon.

SL Free*Style had a great article on the Gossip Girl sim with many curt free things. You can get there before "I" can - LOL


Yesterday after enjoying a fashion show featuring Freda's -- MAGIX 194/66/2 -- outfits for men and women, the audience was given a couple of her latest designs. How generous. This morning I logged in to find a NEW dress delivered in the night as a replacement for an incorrect one. This is really excellent customer service -- any way you look at it.

So I wanted to show you this lovely bright dress. Brilliance seems to be in the air lately and that's fine with me. I want SUN and I want BRIGHT COLORS. Well honestly, I still like the neutrals too but a change is good.

Be aware that there actually IS a system skirt included. I just can't get it to show up with the new release client and the current rendering problems with said skirts (big frown here). I DID see it for a moment so I know it is printed and I am going to cross my fingers that it is visible again soon.

Freda's is a big shop and this is only one dress, so you know the drill. If it is of interest to you -- stop by.

Whispers in Dublin

I just came from Whispers Fashion Show in Dublin featuring outfits for male and females from the wnderfull designers of: Nyte 'N' Day, Bellissima & Nuclear Boutique. I thought you might like to see a few of the outfits.

Many more lovely clothes were shown. If you like what you see, stop by their shops and see all they have to offer.

Back to work. A busy weekend :)

Weekend Finds

Raeva's -- Modus Vivendi 139/94/42 -- has a new dollarbie out at her shop. Very bright and summery, there are other color versions available in the same style.

Diversity -- Addictive 131/123/22 -- has two new items out for $25 each for 24 hours. A cute *AD*Parisa top that you can wear with or without the prim sleeves. I especially like the *AD*Somerset Capris in burgandy. These are part of the new items which retail for $100. There is also a Tee for men with one color on special.

Shameless --Serena Santa Cruz 163/88/22 -- has two cute logo outfits out. These come sans glitch pants so grab some undies.

Later note: Raeva was kind enough to send me the OTHER colors for the dress shown. So you can see them too. Yeah!

Damiani for Girls and Guys

I hadn't been to the Damiani shop -- Plush Micron 160/94/23 --that I can remember. It is very upscale with the clothes on the second floor. Body Basics on the first. There is a very cute new top out today. Just walk in the entrance and it is in the center gift box amidst OTHER gift boxes. It has floating text that says "free top". There are also some very nice shiny jeans in another bag and some MENS T shirts on the left.

These are all VERY NICE QUALITY gifts. I was impressed with the details and I took the teleporter upstairs to look at the clothing line. There are styles for both men and women with many cute contemporary styles avaialable. Prices were middle level. And while I was up there I found the new pose chairs advertised on the feed this morning. So of course I had to pose right there! And you can too. There are two chairs available and the backdrop is pretty good. I was impressed with the look and the functionality of the chairs. Some of the poses were a bit awkward so you might want to cycle through and find one that will work for you and your outfit.

So check out Damiani if this looks like something you would like.

The Empress Peacok - $3

The Empress Peacok: Couture Set by Livinglight

OK. This is NOT me - LOL but it was difficult not to blog a VERY expensive and reportedly popular outfit for $3 Linden. So here I am on an empty island so you could see this LARGE dress. It definitely makes a statement (wink) and if that is what you are after, you could hardly go wrong here. Shown in its full glory as well as up close. With many of it's parts removed, it is still lovely and more "me" (again this isn't about MY style). It comes with a purse that I couldn't show.

Find it at: the Crystal Queendom -- River Island 191/204/316. There is a large vendor in the middle of the store. There is also a sale going on. Enjoy!

Prims - Textures - Windlight

Just a very quick post as I keep noticing pictures here and on the feed where the skirt prims are a different color than the textured part, or leg prims for shorts don’t match etc.

So for those of you that buy articles (or have some from long ago) that the prims don’t match the textures, it is apparently a Windlight issue. This was going on before Havok 4 so it isn’t that.

ANYWAY - All you need to do is tint your prim a light shade of gray so that it is no longer WHITE — which is what windlight wants to reflect too brightly for our avatar and human eyes.

I read this a few weeks ago in a blog. Sorry I have no idea who to credit, but it really works. I use it all the time with photos. Some designers are doing this FOR us now. I noticed that the group outfit from Samara last week had no problem when I went to take photos and sure enough I looked and it had a tint on the prims.

Designers, if you are using Windlight - now incorporated into the regular client but not OnRez - you can test this easily yourself. I hope it helps.

Good luck all. Make yourself lovely and MATCHING ;)