Welcome Fall

what next Fall

Folks around the globe seem uncertain when Fall actually begins.  From the many times and dates I found, I am going with September 22 for many of us.  Whenever you celebrate, the peaceful days of turning inward are on the horizon.

The moment when day and night are equal is also the time when the sun enters Libra, sign of balance.  Libra is not prone to decision making, so if you have a difficult time deciding on Autumn decorations you can blame that on the stars!  :D

To make your shopping easier, {what next} has set up a Fall shopping area close to the landing point.

One thing that sets many of the items apart is their tendency to be cheery. Whites instead of blacks and browns in many instances; even the somber toned collections have a happy feel.

So stop on over and start your Fall decorating.



I had to smile when I saw this new set from deviousMind for The Fantasy Collective.  It took me back -- oh so long ago -- to some of Chandra's early works. They were prim back then of course but still quite impressive. I can remember holding a lantern like this in some long-forgotten sim.  Good to remember.

Lightbringer has 20 sets of silks in the mix plus some outstanding "adds" to make your fantasy come to light. Coins and chains, lantern and rotating stars all combine in an impressive show of power.

You know you want it!

My hair is new from Vanity Hair, Bye Bae. Many color packs to choose from.

Pose by: Vista Animation and the lantern

Balancing Act


All work.
No play.
Office walls.

Time for some adventure.

Newness in this post:

Stories&Co. Signature Latex Biker Shorts - several color packs to choose from, this from the exclusive pack.  Get noticed! Available at Kustom 9.

Hair:  no.match ~ NO COPY, a unisex style with a casual feel. Find it at Cosmopolitan

Pose by: [ west end ] at Cosmopolitan.   Three skateboard styles to choose from with a variety of single and couple's poses.

Older items include:

**RE** ReVoX MTX Watch B
Valentina E. Sara  top
E-Clipse OwlBag