Fantasy Dance

The Baiastice Casbah Set offers escape to exotic lands. Twenty nine pieces in all, some with texture change huds, silks and gemstones whisper of warm desert nights.   Find your favorites at Epiphany.

I am wearing Baiastice Casbah Full Outfit Maitreya  RARE and the Casbah Necklace EXCLUSIVE; both with texture change huds


Pose by: Diesel Works

Quiet Despiration

A dusky overcast sky, buzzards fly low over mother rocks and cracked asphalt. The once thriving town sits quietly waiting for the blazing day to come. Empty lawn chairs perch under makeshift trailer overhangs waiting for owners to resume their vigil and the tall cactus keep sentinel as barren outskirts merge toward empty desert.   This is Cornhub.

Pose by: SE Motion
Sky: modified wastelands

Kegs,Crates and Bottles

This month's Tres Chic release from No.59 features beer in many forms. I especially like the cluster collection of beer bottles (decor only); so many uses.  Pair them with an older release Beer Barrel (several choices) for a great summertime display.  Beer givers with Bento holds; various styles of brew and a variety of color palettes if you are a must match the couch kinda of decorator.