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Photo Shoot

You can find this super fun backdrop over at The Sales Room (very short term event so hurry).  The 198 li Utopia City Backdrop is from The Bearded Guy .  It has moving color changing lighting and plenty of places to take colorful photos.   It does however come with some issues.  It is no mod ^^ which would be OK except that also has no physics and there is no way to stand IN the backdrop. Yes, well.   BUT you can fix that pretty easily by turning the whole build phantom and then adding your own invisible floor.  I also added some lighting.  The vendor picture suggests it is inside a black box which it is not.  You could add that on your own too of course but I just used a dark night sky.   I had picked out this {ViSion} // Geena Dress with my group gift credit -- available at Shop and Hop or at the entrance of the main store.   With all those bright colors, I knew the photo needed to be bright too. Happily most vision pieces come in a a huge number of hues.   So it was easy to find th

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