Eastern Accents


I was very taken by Chandra's new release for deviousMind -- Azumi  for EPIPHANY.  Mostly it was the colors and patterns and exotic nature of the design -- something that even non-roleplay gals can embrace simply because the outfits are so pretty.

I started out accessorizing this as a role play outfit. Missing a sword after a not too distant inventory purge (it was likely sculpted and not all that great anyway LOL) was a little daunting. Where is that katana when you need it!

Abandoning that I went for some impressive fantasy hair, but that didn't work all that well for my temperament. In the end I decided to forget about fantasy and just enjoy "the look"; and that I did.

24 commons and 3 rares --- I am wearing:

!dM Azumi - LARA CorsetDress **LAPIS**
!dM Azumi - LARA DressSleeves **LAPIS**  (left and right)
!dM Azumi - LARA ThighArmor **LAPIS** (left and right)

Shoes, arm blades and scarf are also available. Many colors of course.

As I was exploring my wardrobe I found two lovely older items that fit my mood of the day and enhanced the look I was after.

Meva Dee Necklace Gold which echoes a similar flow of feminine curves

Hair:  pr!tty - Girim - [Bang B] ( I am pretty sure this was a gacha)

Poses by: aDORKable

Earth Magic

earth magic

Natural --

Soft hues from the landscape
Gray skies meet mossy grounds
In a quiet and peaceful place that reminds us to just breathe.

Some special items from Cosmopolitan come together in this post.

adorsy - Candy Top Loose Version Fatpack  -- Change individual parts via hud. Patterns are included. A more snug version is also included in the pack.

The Dreamland Designs Wire Lamps Set is beautifully crafted with three versions of lamps -- each in their own partially rusted texture. The smoothed by wind and water dead tree is really lovely.  The LODs are a tad patchy with this so make sure and see the item at the distance you will be using it.  An inside atrium would be a perfect place!

ChiC buildings Sphere Homes Set (both right and left entry pods) falls somewhere between cyber and Earthship. The inside spaces are organic in feel and hold a great enegy. I am looking forward to decorating soon.   Fits a 512 or larger lot.

Over on the other side of continent you can find the newly released KUNGLERS - Genesia necklace which comes with texture change hud --- lightening up that inventory number. Plenty of pretty gemstone hues and a choice of metals, this can move from casual to dressy with ease. Find it at the SENSE Event.

Mowie. - "Zarina" leggings

Hair: pr!tty - Sunny -

Poses by: Eternal Dream

Unknown Future

unknown future


It calms the soul in the midst of confusion.

Biker Cap by Meva @ Vanity ---  many color combos to choose from.

Stories&Co. Signature Tank Dress - the perfect goto "little black dress" when casual is the theme of the day.

And my tip of the day -- perfect "hat hair" for the cap (and other times of course) --  Selysa by eXxEsS. Super sleek you will need to alpha out your ears (or make them super tiny if you are using a legacy head).  A long thin ponytail drapes down the back for added interest.

Pose by:aDORKable