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Fatpacks - Good or Bad for Business

Sway's Piggy Bank [Oink] white Uber opened as I write this. Not sure when this post will come out as there is lots in the queue and I am simply musing.   There were quite a few clothing items this round that were different.  I say that with awe as these days I pretty much see the same items (original mesh or not they are so similar they could be templates) over and over in different tints shades and hues -- not even prints.  In part that is why there are fewer clothing posts here on the blog.  This time though there were some things to check on in person. I got into a cam sim right away on the first click which says something about the  diminished attendance at events these days.  Fewer avatars, many more events, finite disposable income -- it's a given.  I perused and picked up a demo of a "really really me" item.  Back home I tried it on and yes, super cute; loved it. Well I loved the bottoms, the top I would have deleted.  OK. That's fine. A bit of a waste but

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