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Senra Upate - It's in Your Inventory

The new Senra avatars are out; you can find them in your library.   Here is a quick look and some comments from my point of view.  Jamie is much improved over the first try.  I particularly think that many folks will like the very realistic slightly saggy boobs and the curvy posterior.  The sliders work SO MUCH BETTER than before and that is a wonderful thing.    The photos here are using the my long time body shape (for Lara). I made no adjustments.  As you might imagine the head looked less than human (Letluka shape).  Well actually she was pretty human looking just "odd". So I fiddled a bit to get a more friendly look. Again the sliders did what they are supposed to do and like all heads they may not do "enough" for you to be YOU. Comes with the territory.  PS. I noted after I finished this post that I forgot the fingernails which I DO remember were separate for many years, just not used to it. The skin and makeup are my normal ones from three or so years ago.  N

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