Lat summer.
Warm breezes.

And cold beer.

Don't miss out on this great gift from No.59 - a wearable six-pack, a rez version and a permanent drinking beer. Lots of fancy scripting includes a beer giver. This excellent addition to your home and wardrobe can be found at the birthday table (Six years) at Peak Lounge. There was a very packed party going on when I visited, so dust off your dancing shoes! 

At Cosmopolitan, a big collection of fun cropped hoodies. The "DANGER" version with  police yellow tape theme and the word danger on the front is my favorite.  Find the Kara hoodies at the .{PSYCHO:Byts}. cubicle. 


Poses by: Helamiyo and the sixpack

Coffee Time

So many lovely Home and Garden items at Cosmopolitan this round, shopping should be both fun and easy. Here two creators with similar styles get together in my personal pairing of favorites.

From MADRAS, parts of the Arabica Coffee Grinder Set

From Myrrine - Home and Garden three of the gacha prizes in the DEVERAUX set

Off Hours

I have great fun dressing up and pretending to be "someone else". Maybe it is a type of virtual schizophrenia, I don't know.  What I do know is that in my off hours I tend to wear things that are comfortable and casual. 

Two new releases from Cosmopolitan fit that bill.

AVALE Chantal Outfit - ltet's you change colors of bands and main knit via hud.  There is a rigging issue on one ankle of the Lara fit so some roomy boots will be needed.  I was willing to wade through my boots for something stylish and fitting and chose some ancient but still great looking booties from Apple Fall. Likely you have something in your closet that will work to, just be aware). 

no.match ~ NO LEAVE  hair is available for one stop shopping

Pose by: Vista Animations AO