Saying Goodbye

This is my last post from LEA20. Tomorrow is clean up day. The sims will begin to empty awaiting others who will create, learn and grow. It has been a wonderful six months and I will be sad to say goodbye. I spent most of the day taking down the builds in the sky. With fifty or so sets, it was not a click and go affair. Tomorrow the builds on the ground will be packed up. I have a few scenes to film before I leave. There are plans in the works and though they are nebulous at this moment, I intend to remember my last day in film.

There is plenty of GOOD news though. The Machinima Open Studio Project will be moving in totality and permanently to LEA7. So those of you who have visited in the past can keep MOSP in your "photo op" folder. You will need a new landmark of course and a new hud.

While some things will remain the same, others will change. Some builds are past their prime and will be dismantled, others are getting a facelift and of course there will be new things to come. The new locale will have a machinima gallery with curated exhibits. There will be a classroom area too. I will be a busy gal for a few weeks. Much to do.

Thanks to those of you that stopped by, took some photos and enjoyed the sim. Extra points if you filmed *wink* and no demerits at all if you simply came to explore.

The newness in this post is another great necklace from EMO-tions. Just my style, this Eterna set comes in three color palettes - spring, summer, fall.  Available Saturday.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Heading on Out

One of my last posts from MOSP; you see empty hills.  I've started taking things down and will work on more of that tomorrow. Friday is deadline day. The good news is that parts of MOSP (I know not yet which or how much) will be moving over to LEA7 and there may be some newness there also. I'm not being secretive; I just don't know too much at this point *wink*.

My minimalist landscape post feature poses from aDORKable available in the gatcha machines at the Arcade which opens in 1 day 8 hours 7 minutes and 10 seconds as I type this. The set is entitled "Shopping Spree" and the poses come with tintable (well we WANT to be coordinated, don't we?) shopping bags and the rare #10 shown in the lead photo comes complete with mesh cell phone.

All the poses are cute and as you can see work well in a more everyday theme, no shopping bags.

My outfit is mostly new and all from PARADISIS.  The Birdy skirt with legging options is available in several colors. Very perky. I added an older semi-sheer tank to the mix. My boots are form GOS (well I bet you knew that).

Also in the news are some new Zoe releases by Tuli. This is the petal tone and one of the makeups from the Elementary Pack. There is also a Sultry Pack which I have yet to unwrap. Things to do; builds to pack up; all that jazz.

My gift earrings are older and from Maxi Gossamer. Hair also older by Dura.

Poses by: aDORKable from the new Arcade gatcha set

New Beginnings

Free*Style has new digs and lots of vendors for you to peruse. Opening on Wednesday 9am SLT  (the 27th), you can shop till you drop. Items are priced between $0 and $50; gatcha machines are on the second floor.

Here are your two landmarks for when things are open.

There were lots of vendors saved and waiting to be filled when I ventured over around noon on Tuesday. Poses and clothes and some housewares were all in evidence.

Here are my two picks in the "yes, really free" category *wink*. A very nice skin from Adore&Abhor and some pearls (many color choices) from lassitude & ennui.

Poses by: the shopping bags and Vista Animations

Back in Time

And a fun time was had by all.

A friend of mine, amazingly older than I, has returned to Second Life after a fairly long hiatus. Needless to say her wardrobe and look needed some revamping. She did a little looking today, at places she remembered. Shoes and hair were the biggest needs and she didn't find what she was looking for. With $225 lindens in her bank account, pennies were at a premium but along the way she saw a sign advertising The Free Dove.

Now if you are really really OLD, you remember Free Dove. Way before my time folks were shopping there for free. The entry notecard says seven years --  that is ancient in SL time. She mentioned her memories and I was up for an adventure. It had been decades since I visited (well relative decades anyway). I challenged her to make a totally Free Dove outfit -- and she did very very well.

The place hasn't changed much. Lag was still in evidence even though there weren't that many folks. There were some items from 2006 (they had dates) and some that were passed their prime when I popped out of the pod. Amongst those however there were some really really nice things. Here are her picks.

skin: .::BeautyCode::. Skin Nelly - Green Smokey
shoes: Baby Monkey Classic Pump -  Black
eyes: Eye Candi Eyes - Nature - Frog
makeup: Eye Candi - Natalie Lipstick Tattoo
outfit: Indyra Originals Fallon
hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Dove/Brown Mocha Splash Blend
jewelry: EarthStones Lora Necklace and earrings - Turquoise Silver

Poses by: aDORKable from the free pose pack at Free Dove

Very Very Violet

The newest monochrome hunt has begun. I am betting you can guess the color palette *wink*; Lavender! With lots of great things to find, this is just a brief report. No doubt you will see me in shades of purples, violets and lavenders (and yes from an art standpoint they ARE different). Happily they blend nicely together in a monochromatic manner, so finding coordinates amidst the prizes should be easy.

First up is a set from [CIRCA] which includes a 2 prim poof with lots of poses (mostly for gals as you might expect). The shadowbox table comes complete with spring garden inside including butterflies in flight!  There is a taller table version in a different prize vendor. My dress is one of many on the hunt and from Immerse (formally Prism Furniture).

You may want to go ALL violet in your styling, and you can. This makeup is from Adore&Abhor. The very pretty necklace hales from Sigma Jewels.

Hair by Raspberry Aristocrat
Shoes by lassitude & ennui

Poses by: the poof

Hard to Believe

I am taking the day off.

No, that's not the hard to believe part. I DO rest now and then.

I am going to recommend another blog. While I can't remember doing that in almost 3000 posts it may have happened, but it is certainly unusual.

It's been difficult to keep up with things lately. Lots of my favorite feeds have disappeared. Some of the blogs that I have enjoyed for years are gone. Things ARE things happening out there in virtualland, but if you aren't a networker (and I am SO not), finding out all you need to know can be difficult.

If you feel you've been missing out on things -- sales, events and the like; check out Sium by Elysium Hynes who has apparently discovered Pinterest and is loving it. Its easy to navigate and simple to see what's going on -- all in one spot.

No, I'm not moving or changing "the blog", but I might be getting some tips from Elysium *wink*.

The Es Have It

Tonight's post is brought to you by the letter "E".

Take the new necklace from EMO-tions, add the I'm-reallly-loving-it just out hair from eXxEsS -- and you have major EXOTIC. Here's the scoop.

.:EMO-tions:. * VARI* - necklace (this is golden-brown with two other colors and earrings available)

eXxEsS : WENDA cinnamon which I personally think looks smashing on me *wink*.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Midnight Sentinels

Dark somber skies and sadness. A few more posts and my home will be no more.

Still, one never knows what is on the horizon.

In this post:

*[AD]'s Twine Exclusive AVENUE ZENSHI 21/24.  I have no more info but this SLURL should get you somewhere near.

*Hanaya's Victorian Obelisk Trellis (new)

Tuli's Zoe Pop skin for My Attic in pearl.

Poses by: aDORKable from the Melancholy Set (new)

Memories in Pink

I am a shorttimer here at LEA20. I am thrilled that so many people have come and visited and indeed are still visiting as the traffic is still quite high. But all good things ---- and all that jazz.

One of my favorite sets at MOSP is the designer office, so I wanted to preserve the memory and this post is it.

In the fashion news portion of this post we have two items debuting at My Attic on the 21st. The Zoe Pop skin from Tuli comes in three tones with this being "powder", the darkest. Cleavage options and a lip tattoo (shown) are included. New additions -- at least I think they are new, come in the form of nail concealer gloves. So nice to have! 

Also for My Attic is MINA Hair's Spice. Now I am not usually a big fan of colored hair but these are really fun, in cotton candy colors that remind me Spring is indeed on its way.

My outfit is a not so new release from PARADISIS, Love Academy.

Thanks to all the designers who made this room possible. Whether purchased or review copies, all things are definitely loved.

Poses by: Vista Animations and Diesel Works

Midnight Meditation

Feeling a little uptight? We all get that way from time to time. Happily CIRCA has a new exercise mat complete with lots of great yoga moves as well as some tummy and buttocks tightening exercises. We all need those, even virtually.

The Serenity Spa set comes with lots of details including an aroma vaporizer, water bottle and towels. The rock candles from CIRCA coordinate nicely and add a warm glow to your workout.

Choose your calming or calorie burning animation from a big selection.

My very feminine workout gear hales form SLC. The Mesh Country Top comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Happily this choice left me artfully color coordinated. The denim shorts are also a new release; one of several color choices.

Headbands are of importance when movement is involved and the new KATIUSHA hair from eXxEsS keeps you stylish while you embrace the quiet of midnight.

Poses by: Everglow and the yoga mat

Still Romantic

That hearts, flowers and candy holiday has gone -- but there is always room for romance.

Out for Zodiac (Feb 19th to March 15th) the Naiad sundress from lassitude & ennui; this very pretty, lacy and feminine dress comes in a big variety of Springtime colors. 

One of the best parts for me is the bow tie which of course goes extremely well with some of my favorite lassitude & ennui sandals. Standard sizes and a fatpack choice, these will be available at the main shop after the event.

Also in the news, a cute couples or singles bench from Cheeky Pea. It comes in rosy tones too.  And Trompe Loeil has some framed prints out (six in all) as a group gift.

Newport beach house by Tromple Loeil. I will miss it when I have to pack up in a couple of weeks.

Poses by: Diesel Works, LAP, the bench

One More Time - JOMO

A real life friend who is also in SL was asking me the other day about skins. To her it seemed that all the skin places had the same prices -- same with dance animations. Did I know of a good skin place that was cheaper?

Honestly I did not. In the past I have pretty much waited for a good gift skin and then switched when I found one I liked better than what I was wearing. Nowadays I have a drawer full of skins, some specialty and some everyday and I pick among them. I honestly can't remember buying a skin over $10. I suggested that she hit the weekly and monthly sales venues and watch for special deals from the designers she likes.

Another friend brought the subject up today. I had the same answer. But that was a nudge for me and I did some perusing of the marketplace with not so spectacular results.  There are plenty of skin lucky boards around but none that have worked for me. And then I remembered that there were skins on lucky boards at JOMO (see the last couple of post for complete info on that shop). The skins, both mens and womens looked impressive in the shop, so I sent Lani over to stand and watch for an "L" :D.

It didn't take to long and while she was waiting she garnered some other goodies from the boards. There are two women's skins (one younger than this) and two for men. All have eye tattoos on one side, not visible obviously depending on your hair style. These are extremely nice and Lani has never looked so good.

Lani's outfit is the valentine gift from Prim and Pixel mentioned a few days ago. The whole look fits her perfectly! 

So posting for her, the real life friends and you.

Poses by: aDORKable

Free and Easy

A quick post to tell you of some free goodness. The really stunning Tibetan necklace is from one of the JOMO lucky boards that I told you about in the previous post. There is a size for the fellows in the pack also.

This really nice curly updo hair is free on the Marketplace from Alli&Ali. GRAB IT QUICKLY as the special end very soon.

Pose by: Vista Animations

All Roads Lead to JOMO

I haven't been exploring much of late. Deep in learning the intricacies of mesh, my focus has been focused *wink*. But the other day I saw a post on the hunt feed that lead me on an adventure.  While I read it in Portuguese (well you could figure out enough), I will give you the English translation URL.

I made several stops on the long list of Lucky Boards, some lead to places for rent, others I couldn't find the board but bookmarked as I really liked the area. Some of course were not my style. Then ---- drumroll please --- I found JOMO. When I landed in the courtyard I immediately hit my landmark button. Photo ops abound. Everything is completely "top shelf".

Not only is there a huge area of lucky boards, there is also a very large freebie area with some really nice things. My traditional outfit complete with shoes and hat-hair comes in five colors. Happily I eventually won the gold one which was my favorite. There are skins, jewelry, modern attire, stuff for the fellows and home and garden items. These are group boards and while I seldom join groups to get things, I didn't hesitate an instant -- I was so impressed.

Many of the items on the boards are right off the floor. I found this outfit for sale in all five colors in the clothing building. It moves beautifully and is of course mesh.

This pavillion was another of the prizes; the musical instrument with animation and sound also. You can purchase the very impressive buildings if you have a large plot. Exploring could take awhile so I will be visiting again soon. 

So call up a couple of friends like I did, hang out for awhile and chat. The boards are all short term so they turn over quickly and in not too long you will probably have your favorites.

And by all means explore.

I will be switching gears again soon and will hopefully be doing more adventurous posts. One of the things I love about Second Life is there is so much to see. My journey of the other day reminded me. 

Poses by: LAP, Diesel Works, Vista Animations


The Linden Endowment for the Arts AIR program is coming to a close, for this round anyway. New folks will be taking over in three weeks and all that has been built will be gone. I will be sad to leave MOSP. It wasn't "art", but it supported creativity. I had a wonderful time building it and there have been many thousands of visitors. Hopefully they will remember.

I have been deep in Blenderville the last few months. New skills are welcome but they do take time and commitment. I am feeling more at home with mesh now and it opens many possible creative doors. There is a new artist challenge from the University of Western Australia as well as a machinma contest. I have been lax in those areas but I can hear the siren's call.

Partly for filming and partly for me, I will be exploring the other LEA sims these next couple of weeks, filming raw footage for possible inclusion in a film that I have been thinking about for a long while. Along the way I ventured over to LEA27 -  DangerInEvolution by Kicca Igaly & Nessuno Myoo. There are various places to visit and I have only begun, but I am mightily impressed. There is a story here. I changed my Windlight setting to those chosen by the creators -- one only available in Firestorm. It is mysterious and monochromatic -- fitting for my new outfit from Blue Blood, Beatrix.

Beatrix comes in the traditional Blue Blood colors. I (no surprise) chose plain black. The detailing is lovely and appliers are supplied for gals who want that enhanced look. I have to laugh here. Chatting with Chandra a couple of weeks ago she mentioned "when you get appliers". To that I answered, "NEVER". We can be anything we want to be in our virtual world. The fact that I am FLAT was not an accident *wink*.  Happily this new outfit works very well for us normal and less than gals.

Also, I have a story to tell and it will be chronicled  in the not too distant future. In the meantime, know that you can win these very fancy (there is another hand just as complex) nails and rings at FORMANAILS on the lucky board. I tped in to find a C there; lucky gal.

More on my adventures soon. 

Hair by EMO-tions

Poses by: Diesel Works (Fly series)

Valentine's Cheer

It's tip from a friend day at CAPP :D. A really nice Valentine Gift is out for everyone (well, the gals - update, a hoodie for the guys was just added to the gifts so the fellows are in luck too!) at Prim and Pixel Paradise. The full set includes black jeans, a color change belt and a jacket with tee with LOTS of choices of patterns.

Pick it up in the next few days. This is a really nice gift! 

Poses by: Behavior Body

Weekend Goodness and Beyond

Purple Moon is having another of its store hunts. This time the color palette is in the rose and pink tones. Find ten cherry duos and reap the rewards. There was so much to show you that I got some friends to help out. They were willing of course. We all like new clothes.

From the hunt, left to right - necklace, top, jeans -- dress, purse, boots -- dress. The cherries are all out in the open; the store is large. Really pretty easy; just wander and keep your eyes peeled.

And for your shopping pleasure, Tuli as well as some of the other stores at Cupcakes are having a Valentine Sales Event.  Find a triple pack of Clair (blush, teary and freckled) in choices of three tones (this is the darkest). Extras such a pouty lips and cleavage options are included. Multiple eyebrow colors come in the packs.

Poses by: Wetcat and DieselWorks

Global Domination - Passports

Lots of things are on my mind this morning as I head back to Marketplace MigrationLand. Yep, an op ed piece is in the works.

In case you missed the announcement yesterday (and I did), there is a new game within the game and goodies to be had. I had to smile and some of you oldsters will join along; marketing models begin, get popular and then multiply. We see it all the time in our mini-planet called Second Life. So it isn't surprising that there is a new kid on the block in adventure game hunting.

Global Domination-Passports features some top designers, many of whom are featured on the blog. The fairly steep price for the HUD is offset a bit with the incentive gifts from the vendors selling the HUDs, a creative and welcome bonus. I have no idea how the vendor portion of the game works, but hopefully those making the sure to be great prizes get a chunk of the upfront dinero. All good.

The downside for me and most likely others is that this isn't really a paid hunt like some of the $10 and $20 versions we see out there. It is a commitment of time (the informational notecard that arrives by clicking on the hud vendors hints at a very, VERY long time -- making the other popular adventure hunt look like child's play). So it wont be working for me as much as I would like to partake.

For those of you WITH time to spare and in search of adventure, check out the latest offering. I wish the organizers and merchants well on this endeavor. As I have said before, finding a good hunt these days is difficult. We need alternatives.

See last night's post for fashion details.

Pose by: the suitcase

Depth of Field

I enjoy moving back in time. A decade, a century -- it doesn't matter all that much. Tonight's outfit features new releases with a vintage touch.

Dress: SLC Mesh Highwaisted Skirt and Blouse Swirl black
Shoes:  lassitude & ennui's Timea ankle boots
Hair: Vanity Hair's Valentina-Borgogne

Poses by: Diesel Works and LAP (nla)


That romantic holiday is getting closer. Whether you have a special someone or just want to treat yourself, there is goodness over at Hanaya. My favorite of the new releases is this scrumptious box of candies. Now I wouldn't dare eat them in that corporeal world of ours, but in the virtual one? You betcha.  This box of goodness is transfer; well I bet you guess that.

The wall decoration is this month's group gift. Very cute!

My dress if from the Jack Or Jill hunt at dollle #35.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Shadow Patterns

My login spot was recharging when I entered in this morning so I headed over to my shop plot. Lights,  graphics effects and Windlight had me in experimental mode. This was my favorite photo.

New at the Mens Department, alphabet letters in two styles from Cheeky Pea. Make your mark, write a poem -- whatever. Most of us have something to say. The letters come with cast shadows should you be using them on a shelf or flat surface.

They appear to be 1 prim each, but smart prim-savers will link them together after the spelling to get the total count halved. Hence,  "CHIC" is only 2 land impact when linked.

They are patterned on both sides so look good coming and going. And while they have a pretty antique pattern on the faces, they are mod so if you are more of a shabby chic person, you can repattern and tint to your liking.

Also new at MENS are necklaces and rings from KOSH. They come sized in both male and female versions and have both chest and spine attachment points should you need them.

Lots of details combine to make these a winner.

My hair is eXxEsS : SORRAIA chestnut and my pretty knit shrug is one of many color options just released at SLC.

Pose by: jaH

Hey There Mate!

What's in the news?

Well Jack or Jill is going strong. I did a bit of hunting the other eve and there are some nice things to be had. My favorite of the bunch is this super cute denim and satin mini from SWITCH number #50 (the last of the gal's stops) on th JOJ Hunt.  Add this dress to the great boots I showed you the other day, and SWITCH is definitely on MY radar :D.

FAMESHED has a new round going which I suspect you know. Amidst the goodness are some other country Wanderer bookshelves from Cheeky Pea. New countries include Canada, Japan, UK and Ireland. The US was of course release awhile ago.

My color coordinating blue hair is LEZA from eXsEsS. See, sometimes I actually do step outside the box. It is very sleek, moves well with the body and amazingly looks good on me even sans bangs. Now if we could only keep our hair looking this polished in real life!

Poses by: Diesel Works

A Neutral Morn

It's been almost a month and I am STILL really loving this Newport house from Trompe Loeil. Pick it up at COLLABOR88 for a few more days.

And to go WITH the Newport house, more goodies in shades of gray in the form of the Gramercy Bedroom Suite.  Color change options and a list of animations that never seems to quit are perks with the bed. Both Adult and PG versions are available.

I have a lot of favorites here. The gray of course works well for me -- lover of all things neutral.

I am particularly fond of the framed signs which are both minimalist and cosmopolitan, a couple of things I strive to be. I am mightily impressed with the fan which has gorgeous detailing and weigh in at 2 land impact.

The lamps come in both floor and table versions, rusty (shown here) and polished. The drawers all open and the steamer trunk happily pops its top for ya. You could store sweaters or linens in it if you are really big on authenticity :D.

Find everything a FAMESHED which seems to be having a really great round this month. Other color palettes are of course available. Go forth and pick your favorite!

Poses by: the bed