Review Policy


Review Policy
Updated October 2010

Please feel free to send me any review copies. There are no negative reviews at Chic at Phil's Place. Inquiries of interest are happily read, but I do understand that it may be easier to send out a mass mailing of review items.

Please understand that all items will not necessarily be featured.  Items that have "issues" such as seams not matching, items that I could not honestly recommend to my readers and prim attachments I can't get to work with my avatar will be disregarded. All items that are lovingly made will be appreciated, but may not be blogged if they are not part of my personal style.

Currently my posts are theme oriented. I rarely do long features in the "all new release from" vein.  So large packs of designs may appear a piece at a time over weeks or months.

If, as a busy designer, you have time to look through some recent CAPP archives you will get a sense of my most recent formats. If they fit with your needs, I am very happy to do what I can to get your brand noticed.


As of June, I have started a directory of SL fashion bloggers called the
SL Fashion Connection

You can look through the growing list of bloggers, female and male, English speaking and not, and hopefully find the people you would most like to feature your designs.


I seldom have time and energy to feature all the items that come to me, and these days after paying my making it up in the ranks dues, I seldom blog anything that isn't my personal style. By now, my readers know me and know what I like. Presumably it is also what they like or at least enjoy seeing *smile*.

Here is a list of items that I typically feature -- simply because they are the things I enjoy.

Both Female and Male styles are featured.
  • Fantasy and Role Play outfits
  • Retro
  • Victorian / Steampunk  / Period
  • Grunge
  • Sophisticated sexy styles
  • Casual outfits
  • Unisex
  • Hair, skins, accessories, jewelry, shoes et al
  • Strangely creative attire and housewares 
  • Freebies, group gifts and hunt items
  • Prefabs, props and poses
  • Housewares and home accessories

What I typically do not feature:

  • Little girl styles
  • XXX rated outfits
  • Piercings
  • Slasher - S and;M gear
  • Silks (there have been some exceptions)
  • Tee shirts with sayings
  • Princess style formal wear
  • Weapons (prop type weapons as part of a RP outfit are sometimes worn)

I will often send a personal note to content creators when their designs are featured, but sometimes those notecards go astray. Designers can always SEARCH the blog for any mention of a brand name. And I am very happy to know that many of you read The Blog *wink* as a daily exercise :D.

I wish you ALL the very best of success. Our world would be dim and unexciting without you, our content creators!