A Heart Awaits

"Viera" is deviousMInd's contribution to The Lootbox Gacha round this April, The theme is Springtime Bunny goodness and there are bunny boots, ears and tail as Set B of the commons. Set A includes the oh so cute ruffled bodice with bolero. Jewelry is part of the look too, so one lucky click and you are set.

Special lootboxes include:

WHITE RABBIT: The full costume of SET A and B in special white color.
ORNAMENT HARE: Fantasy hair with jewelry ornament w/ color options, and face protector show/hide.
ORNAMENT BOOTS: Decorated ruffle bunny boots w/ color options.

My fan  -- which comes in so many colors it is likely you can find a match for your favorite Viera set -- hales from Digital Eyes. Look for the Ultraviolet Harmonies series.  The fans and nicely animated for everyday use but can of course be used as pose props as well.

Hair:  eXxEsS : ARAHNIA

Mesh India MI Wonder Background

Poses by: the fan and ChiC buildings

Lazy Springtime

Another great gift out at Scandalize?   Yes, amazingly so.

The Khaila set comes with bustier top, pants, color change belt and a tied overshirt top (not shown). Two sets of colors (yellow and white) and even ombre pants as bonuses. Oh my!

This is an exceptionally nice outfit. Top body fits.  A group is required (currently pay but brief times of free group happen often). A big wall (well two really) of other gifts can be found as well as some lucky boards.

:::ChicChica::: Ava Earrings
Essenz - Togo (Yellow) heels

MINA Hair - Kimmy

Emma Wicker Lounger (PG) CHEZ MOI
ROIRO - RasenTree Type-01

Pose by: the chaise


I love this new hair from eXxEsS. It combines many of my favorite details ---  updo, slightly messy and upscale casual. A color change scarf accent is a bonus

The [JUSTICE] Julia dress in cherry  can be found at the current round of Cosmopolitan.

Poses by: Helamiyo

A Mountain Morning

New at Uber from Trompe Loeil, the roomy Bailey A-Frame Cottage complete with built in kitchen.  Two versions are available, the cottage with deck and as you might guess, the cottage sans deck!   Pick your favorite and spend your summer in restful bliss.


A new round of Cosmopolitan brings with it a vast collection of  Victorian botanicals from Lucas Lameth.  Hanging plants come in a variety of LOD settings so that you can choose what you need.


Warmer weather brings us thoughts of Spring flowers and pastel attire. While there are plenty pale hues to be had in the new group gift from Beautiful Dirty Rich, the *B.D.R.* Unforgettable Dress offers a full range of prints and solids --  something for almost everyone. Popular mesh body fits are included.

Hair: MINA Hair - Myrtle

Pose by: LAP [nla]



!Mutiny in Heaven Daisy group gift ($1 fee) includes two choices via hud in many mesh body fits including eBody Curvy and altamura

EarthStones Callie Bangles - Jungle Cats  (nla)

Hair: Navy&Copper - Cinnamon

Pose by: LAP [nla]


The new Tyron pants from MEVA come with either silver or gold trim and in a variety of neutrals including camo.  Jake and Gianni fits.  Find them at Man Cave.

Meva Mens Wood  Beads Necklace Flame


Pose by: LAP


sClassical and posh, the new Baiastice Demetra Dress release offers a wide choice of pastel, jewel toned and neutral hues.  Slink, Beleza and Maitreya fits, a six color bonus selection adds value to the fatpack.  Perfect for dressing up occasions, you can find it here.


(Kunglers) Sampaguita earrings - Rose


Pose  by: Eternal Dream

Ishara - Midnight Dance

the midnight desert whispers a haunting song
   a brief dance
         his soft touch
             only a memory


!dM deviousMind "Ishara" Snake Silks for Lara and Hourglass @ Days of Yore: An Age Undreamed Of  (wide variety of hues)


Pose by: Diesel Works

Building Bridges

For those of you nearing or past the decade mark, memories of Lucky Chairs are likely part of your SL history.  One of the more popular forms of gift acquisition, the high quality arenas were often filled to capacity. Yes, it was laggy, but also great fun. Sometimes the chairs would be so full, they were difficult to see. Happily the iconic red furniture boosted winners off in time for the next claimant.

Those days are mostly gone now. Boards replaced chairs long ago. Group gifts have become the freebie hunters rewards.  But, for those of you into nostalgia -- as well as some stylish bootie, there is Scandallize.  Expectant crowds gather to watch the letters and numbers change rapidly -- sometimes once a minute or so. If you are on the lucky side, your recent item folder can be filled in a hour.

Of the many well-made prizes, the Susan outfit in yellow (color change Hasley Heels from a nearby board can complete the outfit) is a favorite. A couple of my gal friends won it the other day. Easy Peasy.

Along with the boards and some stellar new group gifts, there is a whole wall of past  gifts awaiting.  The group carries a join fee currently, but that is waved often.

So put SCANDALIZE on your radar!

Poses by: LAP [nla]

New Linden Homes Preview 2019

Let there be houseboats! 

The new Linden Homes have been unveiled (at least some of them) at the Home and Garden Expo.  I know some gals that have been waiting a very VERY long time to see these abodes.

Somehow I pictured the little squares in the boat slips as  -- well "boats" since it looks like open water on the map (the SSP sims not yet open to the public).  But indeed they are houseboats. So cute.

The houseboats are small of course and closer together, but the FPS are higher (something to consider for those with less than hefty computers and connections).  Privacy can still be had via the shades. And (just a guess here) I suspect each houseboat comes with the ability to not let neighbors see from other parcels.

If you aren't a boat person, never fear; both cottages and family sized homes are in the housing mix.

If you are the person who love cozy and clutter, use your 351 land impact points and decorate this small home to overflowing.

\If you are the type that likes lots of space, one of the family style homes may be just right for you!   Note that there is lots of empty area in the backyards.  It is difficult to tell from the preview if the yard spaces will be part of the Linden Home plot (as in adding more flora and swing sets and the like) or if it will be as the current Linden homes and a sort of no-man's-land buffer area.

Paths and road, trees and fences give a feeling of community.  A pretty place to call home.

When can you move in?  That hasn't been announced yet, but I am guessing fairly soon.

Find the Linden preview homes here.

These homes are listed as the "Traditional" ones. It is unclear at this time if there are other community themes that will also be available when the area officially opens.

Patch confirmed today that the new continent will indeed move and bridge two existing continents. That isn't a big surprise since recommendations for placement was asked long ago -- that "sailor" thing :D. 


Echoes of memories ...


*InsomniaStore* Vintage Denim Short @ Cosmopolitan

Casadel "Kelsey" Top [Maitreya] - White

Hair:  eXxEsS : JADE (NEW)

Taken in the sim's default Windlight(R) setting. 

Pose by: LAP [nla]

Hide Away

Sometimes the very best company is simply yourself ...

My personal favorite from the current Cosmopolitan event is the DJ / SF Boat Wreck which comes in Rustic (shown), light and dark. Both PG and adult versions are offered. PG version includes both female and male animations as well as cuddles for M-F and M-M.   Decor Junction - Shutter Field.

If you have water -- this is a perfect place to calm down after a trying day.

Fashion Credits:

adorsy - Erika Top Fatpack

Hair no.match ~ NOBORDER

Pose by: the boat

I Could Live Here

There's a new photography backdrop in town -- a super posh and very stylish  hall with stairs by K&S.  Now, one can't REALLY live here -- even with some walls added since there are no physics at all :D.  As a designer that bothers me a little, but hey --- it is soooo pret-ty I am not going to worry about it all that much.

So grab your pose balls and dust off your hover height slider and get yourself over to Cosmopolitan to see how YOU look in this lovely entry alcove.

You will need some new classy attire for your shots, so check out the Baiastice Bralette Dress at FaMESHed.  Plenty of colors to choose from with on-off belt.

Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Cheri"

Pose by: oOo Studio

Deep Blue Fantasy

If ladylike fantasy is your comfort zone, then the Valindra dress and elven jewelry is for YOU!  Many main dress colors to choose from with a hud that let's you pick between silver and gold trim as well as inset colors.  Jewelry comes with a hud also; for different metals and a variety of stones.

Find them all at the lassitude & ennui booth at We Love Roleplay.

Opale . Elly Hair

*HEXtraordinary* Spiral Standing Stones

Pose by: Di's Opera

Restful Afternoon


Trompe Loeil - Exton Bed Light (both A and PG versions available - extensive color choices for various parts)

Trompe Loeil - Exton Dresser Light

Find them here!

MI Bronze Sunflower Wall Decor (gacha item - older)

ChiC buildings - [Cb] Off the Grid Solar Home  and Beaded Curatain (gacha items)

Trompe Loeil - Enfield Wall Art Sunrise (older - check main store)


Sometimes we simply need to break out of our mold.


Meva Ruby Set (pants and top in various neutrals and pink) @ Tres Chic (ends March 10)

Empyrean Forge: Imbolc Bands [nla]

Opale . Boni Hair


Meva Aria gacha items

ChiC buildings Moroccan Planter

Pose by Diesel Works

Farmers Market

Hurry hurry to pick up this great Taylor Romper from adorsy; it features giant color and print hud. Find it at Cosmopolitan through Saturday.


dust bunny . Con - Farmers Market - Truck forest A

Pose by: aDORKable

Midnight Munchies


[JUSTICE] JAX Shorts and Tank- GINGER @ Cosmopolitan

BONDI . The Superstar Sunglasses @ Cosmopolitan

Death Row Designs Beer Stand @ Uber

Hair: Opale . Rene

Pose by: Helamiyo, Amacci's neck pose hud and the soda pack

Window Shopping


Baiastice Kesia Blouse and skirt with lots and lots of colors to choose from. Plain, sheer and print fabric choices for the blouse. Find them at Uber!

KUNGLERS - Bromelia bracelets



Pose by: Eternal Dream

Midnight Glow


Cherry Bloom Cameron Set (30 colors via hud) includes top, skirt and panties (crotch cover) @ Cosmopolitan

Deep Static Dakkar Industrial Glasses, Bronze @ The Mens Jail (Sneak Peek - Opens March 8th)

KUNGLERS - Duda bracelets

Super cute hair out for Hello Tuesday @ no.match;  No Shelter - Blonds

Paparazzi - BACKDROP - NOEL

Poses by: Helamiyo

Artistry in Bronze

artistry in bronze

Strong lines, elegant textures -- simplicity and detail.


From NEWCHURCH at Cosmopolitan - the  Thea Console, a three piece set (also available in chrome)

From deviousMind "Elvira", a main store release that comes in many colors. Dress, corset and flowers are separate pieces for mixing and matching pleasure. Lara and Hourglass fits.

From eXxEsS a new high ponytail hair named PEANA with plenty of color choices as always.

KUNGLERS - Bia earring

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Bookworm Hideaway


The Trompe Loeil Bookworm Hideaway comes fully furnished with animations or empty. A customization pack with texture ambient maps is also available.  39 land impact. Adult and PG versions

Find it at FaMESHed

Oufit credits:

FashionNatic - MAITREYA - MARTINA SET  @ Cosmopolitan

Eudora3D Haloke Boots

Hair: MINA Hair - Yuliya

Pose by: the Bookworm Hideaway

Opening Doors

opening doors

Sometimes all you need to open doors is the belief that you can ...


AVALE Fleur - Sunset (other color combos available) @ Cosmopolitan

(Kunglers) Greice necklace - Garnet
(Kunglers) Rebecca ring  - Ruby


Pose by: Eternal Dream