Good Stuff

There is plenty of good stuff out there these days, some free, some reasonably priced. All in all summer shopping is underway.

On the left: :: powdermoon :: Floral Romper, an August group gift. Fits eBody and eBody FREE and is feminine without getting into girlie territory.

On the right: my favorite hunt prize (I only sampled) from the WOH going on. This from Petite Mort. The Madison dress features a great fit and lots of detailing. Very nice.

I absolutely LOVE these Lucie Decorative Pins from Trompe Loeil. Can I tell you why? Nope, but I am not changing my story. Find them at FaMESHed.

Di's sandals: Mosquito's Way - Malika *Group Gift* (not current)

Hair by Wasabi Pills and Mina

Poses by ChiC buildings

Tropical Nights

tropical nights

Ocean spray. Warm breezes. The essence of summer in the tropics.  New and older releases come together with tender memories in the theme of magical nights.

From Baiastice for  Collabor88, the all in one Ashley outfit with carefree skirt and casual top. The waist wrap is optional and as always there are tons of colors and patterns to choose from.

Perfect decor to continue the theme, the Trompe Loeil  Eloa Flower Chair with texture change pillow is available in both light and dark, PG or Adult.  Also at COLLABOR88.

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_ICETEA

Pose by: aDORKable

Crystal Balls

crystal ball

We seldom know what the future has in store for us. Maybe that's a good thing. But if you are a wondering, there is a spiffy crystal ball out this week at the 15B gift grab.  Milli Mole has made a lovely gift. It is pretty big and not modify, but super pretty!

I have been over at Sansar for about a week and a half now. Having lots of fun with some frustrations along the way -- but hey, that happens. For the intrepid creators out there that like to experience new worlds, it an enjoyable experience.

Will it replace SL?  Not right away certainly, but I can see the possibilities. The same items that I make here in SL, with the same baked textures look SO much more impressive there -- much like a render inside of Blender. For you non-techie folks, let's just say it is REALLY pretty.

The avatars are OK but not stunning and we all pretty much look alike unless one opt for some outrageously creative avatar ^^ which isn't really me. The library clothes are quite nice though and there are some well made and very pretty items for free in the Store. For guys too -- which is good to see.

Is it ready for prime time? Not really.  I'd say a couple more years, but there are certainly some impressive technical achievements going on.  That's my crystal ball info for this post.

I am wearing a very pretty new release necklace from MEVA which is available at the Dubai Event.  The necklace is lovely and you can change each row of stones in the necklace for a personal look.  The event?  Well, ho-hum is all I can think of. I was expecting some exotic locale or decorations. Not happening.

I am actually getting kind of down on events. There are so many now it isn't really anything special to be in one. With so many even the top events are getting "watered down".  I have to smile as I sell "ready-made event venues" on the Marketplace -- and they sell well. That is a mixed blessing from my point of view.

Personally I am hoping for (oh can I see the future great crystal ball?) a switch in the sales climate. Something a bit more exciting so that events were like events USED to be. Enjoying the venue was just as much a part as the shopping.  I would like to say that my new crystal ball showed me that -- but it's a pretty cloudy crystal ball.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. It gives messages LOL. Fun.

So grab your ball and your necklace an go forth into the future. It will be surprising -- or not. We know that for sure.

Casadel"Brooke" Top(Maitreya) Cream
Hair: *TKW* Barret
Makeup: alaskametro  Wytch
Backdrop decor: The Looking Glass (a gacha)

Poses by: aDORKable

Golden Girl

golden girl

Out for Fifty Linden Friday a big set of hoop earrings, three styles in all with differing Tortoise patterns and colors. Find them at Stories&Co.

Need a new club dress? Well the Baiastice Crisscross Dress comes in a myriad of colors and subtle patterns. The super short mini comes with panties (handy) or hide those undies and opt for applier leggings. Find them at FaMESHed.


(luc) Quiet Life, Tree Wall Art (Gold)

Pose by: Eternal Dream

Crystal Celebrations

crystal bear

The SL15B celebration is still going strong if you have the Swaginator Hud and watch the weekly official blog posts.  This weeks gift, one of fifteen, was a super cute little crystal bear made by Milli Mole.   Eight more weeks of goodness.

My outfit comes from JF Design. "Mira" Pants  come in many colors and have a super cute perfectly fitting top to coordinate.  Find them at Cosmopolitan.

Hair : Dela  Cheri

{what next} Patisserie Set
Apple Fall gift cakes

Pose by: Vista Animations and the bear


This is me just out of the pod at Sansar. I have been exploring, working and learning there the last two days -- and having fun.  The Creator Agreement which I didn't care for has disappeared and regular beta status is in effect. I am impressed really and can certainly see possibilities.

Plenty of things that we are used to are missing of course but things we would like to have here are great surprises. For creators the uploading process is a dream.

I will be chronicling my ups and downs, accomplishments and pitfall stumblings  over on a blog I started many years ago when Sansar was first announced.

You can see post one here if you are interested.  Post two is of course appears on top of post one in that backwards blogaliscious dance.

Party Time

A quick post with some goodness you don't want to miss out on.

Left:  [JUSTICE] Scarlett dress - new group gift

Right: MOZ "Pippa" Halter  - fits eBody Classic and eBody FREE

S@BBiA Wrap Skirt - new group gift - fits eBody Classic and eBody FREE

Poses by: Lap and *!R.O.!*

Sound Check

sound check

In the mood for some fun?

The new release from Baiastice at Uber (Wednesday) is perfect for casual explorations. The Salopette Dress comes in many great colors. Crop top and the bib can be turned invisible separately to expand your styling possibilities. Big three mesh body fits.

Hair: Exile:: Evie

Wimey: Truss Lighting
Walkable Hills and Citylight Surround by ChiC buildings

Prop and Pose by:  Wetcat, "Best Song Ever"

Garden Gate

garden gate

New releases include:

KUNGLERS at The Sense Event - Cibele necklace  in several jewel set (this Amethyst

eXxEsS : LISSA hair

Blueberry - Mimi - Top Tied Dress is a new group gift  includes full color hud with many prints and solids.

Pose by: Di's Opera



I have been decorating a set of modern row houses and it has been lots of fun.

Here in the beginnings of Apartment A some new and older and even ancient pieces are beginning to set a theme.

From Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88, the Norah Shelf + Props C (two other versions are available) as well as one of the many colors of Norah Studio Refrigerator. I actually have a white version of this fridge in Corporeal Land and love it to pieces!

Seraphim somehow missed mentioning the Shelf and Props set so if you peruse there like I do, now you know!

To the new releases I added some older pieces:

Trompe Loeil - Olivine Milkcrate Table
Second Spaces - Small Appliances - hot plate
:CP: Industrial Coffee Art Menu
:CP: Industrial Coffee Art Possible
Breno Orb light Stained Gold
[.:F&D:.] Arts - Spellbound I (antique)

Baja Shadows

baja shadows

Two new group gifts make a stylish summer outfit.

From [WellMade] the Alva Top. Lots of body fits; Maitreya works with both eBody and eBody FREE. A texture change hud offers three tropical prints.

From :: powdermoon ::  the Marla White Linen Mini Skirt. Maitreya fits both eBody Classic and eBody FREE but you chance some body poke through in some poses :D.

Di's hair is an older group gift from no.match ; no holiday. There is a new group gift hair out at the shop but it didn't work well with this outfit. Upcoming :D.

Pose by: FADED (gift)

Lazy Weekend

lazy weekend

The weekend is upon us. Summer suns for many of us. Lazy days in the shade watching the corn grow (honestly my neighbor planted corn between our houses :D). 

Whatever is on your agenda this weekend you can do it in style with some new and recent releases.

From {what next} for Fifty Linden Friday the Camber Coffee Table with Deco. Some texture change options for the cabinet and yummy cookies are just what you need close at hand this weekend.

I am wearing a recent MEVA release, the Trudi blouse. A fun and comfy Boho summer top, it comes with so many color choices it is difficult to decide. Me? I picked out my jeans (MYNX) and found a great color combo to coordinate. Now THAT'S easy!

EarthStones Quetzalli Necklace

Hair: MINA - Hannah

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Quiet Moments


Sometimes it is good to take a breath and enjoy the simplicity of the landscape.

My favorite release of The Epiphany is the GIZ SEORN Arwen set. Blouses in tons of hues and neutrals, pattern versions as rares, Boho-esce jewelry (very pretty) and panties are in the big gacha set.

My only caveat is that long hairs might be tricky as the blouse has some padding (a nice touch of realism as most of our RL clothes aren't "stretch to fit").

Happily this gave me a chance to wander through my hair updo folders where I found this Sahara style from the beginning of the year. Very pretty; I'll remember that name in the future.  Find it at eXxEsS.

The November Mansa necklace is available in either silver or gold. A coordinating choker comes in each set. Cosmopolitan.

If soft Summertime palettes are part of your makeup theme these days, be sure and try the new Whimsy release at alaskametro.

Poses by: SE Motion



Sometimes it's good to break away from normal; and this new Chinatown backdrop will do just that. Two versions are available, the second with a mirrored image of the street built below so that are echoes of reflections on the "wet" cobblestones.  There is plenty of color and vibrancy in this build, enough to spark some creative shots. 18 x 9 meter footprint, it is mod for customization.

Look for ChinaTown at the [ZakkaYa] booth - Cosmopolitan.

Also at Cosmopolitan, the -:zk:- Cynthia Dress  in many colors or choose the fatpack.

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MEI *

Pose by: aDORKable

Retro Fever

retro fever

How many of us remember when soda came in bottles as part of the natural order?  Well,  few I am guessing. Not a fan of aluminium cans for oh so many reasons, I am happy to inform you of two new releases letting you move back in time to a "better" era.

From No. 59 at Ultra (new location) -  the Softdrink WoodCase Set which includes crates and bottle groups to rez. Wearable bottles with a very natural Bento animation are included and the crates give out drinks to visitors.

The SixPack Carange set includes wearable and rez carriers which dispense drinks. A hud let's you choose if you want your carrier to give out drinks as well as which hold pose is used. Sound effects are included and a straw appears for the bottle after it is "opened".  The bottle disappears when friend's finish their drinks.  Find this version at Tres Chic.

My outfit is a new release from adorsy at Cosmopolitan - the Bernice Overalls and top come in plenty of colors and patterns with some texture change options within the garments.


Pose by: Pffiou! [nla] and the bottle and carrier with AO.

The Brilliance of Moonlight

moonlight tanning

A big set of beachy goodness awaits you at the Epiphany.  The Beach Bum set includes 20 commons and 2 rares. Four colors of sunglasses, seventeen swimsuits (both plains and prints - Maitreya only) and a finely detailed  Lazy Day Hammock (11LI - LOD4) are yours to try for.  This is a collaboration set by Tarte and Stroies & Co. 

Perfect beach hair can be yours on Hello Tuesday. This No Freedom style comes in a pack  of browns.  Find it at the no.match store at Cosmopolitan!

Pose by: Hammock and Nantra



If you can't get enough of summer, check out these new releases -- perfect for hot days and cool ocean breezes.

From MOZ, "Lucia" Halter Dress for a wide variety of mesh bodies including eBody and eBody FREE. A variety of prints are yours for the choosing as well as a fatpack hud version.

From Tableau Vivant, a reopening gift for members (fee group). It comes with a styling hud as well as color huds. Find it on the counter.

Pose by: aDORKable



Spectacular seems the only word I can come up with to describe the new Kiya release from Baiastice. With a wide variety of dress and metal colors, plus on-off hair it is certainly a winner.

Major mesh body fits; find both clothing and accessory releases at The Fantasy Collective.

Poses by: aDORKable

Abandoned Greenhouse

abandoned greenhouse


(ViSion}  Shade Skirt and Top - Soft Pink (lucky chair)

Hair: MINA - Hannah

Photo taken in Abandale

Pose by: aDORKable

Cakes and Flowers

cakes and flowers

It pastels time with yummy desserts, a flowery dress and a candy-coated backdrop.

From  {what next} Patisserie Display Set (items can be purchased separately also) at Collabor88.

From BEO the Flowers dress GIFT for Maitreya

From ::WetCat:: the "Lively Prints" Backdrop with texture change hud. Find it at Cosmopolitan.

Hair by MINA: Hannah

Poses by: aDORKable



I can remember a few times in the last decade when I went out looking for aprons. Long ago an "apron" was a flexi prim and a "jacket" texture. We have come a VERY long way.

The Meva Denim Apron comes in a variety of pretty pastels and solid white. Matching panties (called "slips" in the ad) are included. Depending on your shape, the apron bib may cover those not safe for work areas; that was not the case for me.

The good news is that you can wear applier lingerie or tops and wander around G areas with no raised eyebrows!   The aprons also work over some mesh leggings (here Stories&Co. Signature Velour Leggings).  So you can move from jauntily attired casual wear to role play maid (perhaps a naughty one) with a few clicks of on your Maitreya hud.

Find your favorite colors at BLUSH.

The Heidi ring sets are some of my favorites and included on-off options for each ring (one is turned off here). The GOLD version of these are a gift at the COSMOPOLITAN anniversary celebration.  A lovely present from the MEVA booth.

Hair by Pr!tty

Closet Organizers and Pose by: ChiC buildings

Full Spectrum Palette

beach shack

Long ago and far away I used to teach color theory in college. Even folks from the University would take my art class to learn what wasn't taught in the higher priced school -- and I was happy to have them.

Along with the traditional Complementary, Triad, Split Complimentary and such I added a few themes of my own. I didn't invent them of course, I just named some of the systems that artists had been using for decades.

One of the hardest to pull off in a painting was "full spectrum".  We don't really think about it, but many times our world view is missing parts of the color wheel;  think dense forest, ocean vista etc.   Full Spectrum makes sure all of the primary and secondary colors are in the palette.

While I didn't actually inspect this top shot closely, it definitely has the FEEL of a full spectrum capture -- and vibrancy to boot.

On the left:

Entice - Alone Again - Animal  FabFree Group Gift (in center rotunda)  Fits eBody Classic as well as other popular mesh bodies.

Hair: Wasabi Pills

On right:

Baiastice Betta Outfit at Collabor88.  A full range of colors and choices of course. Semi-sheer and solid tops are both available.

Funky Pearly Bracelet [nla]
Amacci Earrings - Lindsay

eXxEsS : Oxenia

A not to be missed group gift (one color) from Mosquito's Way - Betty, can be found in a small box on some shelves in the corner of the shop. Love these!

Beach Shack by Dead Row Designs

Poses by: aDORKable and the chair

Urban Studio

urban studio

Small spaces are my favorites and while I am a country gal I do like playing the urbanite.  So decorating my new city apartment row is going to be LOTS of fun.

From Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed, the Trompe Loeil - Corazon Patio Bar Standalone + Props   

Available with or without bar accessories, here I moved liquor bottles around, deleted glasses and added other accessories.  The bar dispenses beers and comes with animations including couples.  PG or A

From NEWCHURCH @ Cosmopolitan, the Madision Canopy Bed, both classic and classy. It definitely adds some upscale touches to the room.

Tuesdays Novel Clock has choices of both texture and faces as well as modes. Here, it is showing us the time of the YEAR. Also at Cosmopolitan.

Other accessories in the shot include decor items from Apple Fall and ChiC buildings, plants from ROIRO, and the CoCo Coffeetable from .:: ONE GRID ::..

FLF - Getting Peachy

From Stories&Co. for Fifty Linden Friday, a Signature Tube Top in Peach (Grass Green is also available). This is a fantastic basic and fits like a dream.

To accompany the styling I chose:

Baiastice Foulard Summer Hat which comes with an optional built in broad-brimmed straw piece. Since I love these head wraps, that part disappeared artfully in one click.  Many choices of patterns and colors.

Real Evil **RE** Haya Bracelets - an anniversary gift at Cosmopolitan.

Aurealis Jewellery. Haro Earring also a gift at Cosmopolitan

My backdrop is a lovely fountain with an industrial flair. Find it at the Trompe Loeil booth at FaMESHed. This is part of a big outdoor bar set with 12 x 12 patio. Both PG and A versions are available.

Pose by: Everglow

Midnight Blues

midnight blue

What's better than super cute swimwear?

FREE super cute swimwear!

Left: GothiCatz Nikki - Swimsuit - eBody (a perfect fit so should work fine with eBody FREE)  Regular looking vendor set to $0 with small free gift sign. To the left as you walk in through the giant doorway. MANY other mesh body fits.

Right: Kaithleen's Bikini - Navy; a Cosmopolitan Anniversary gift. Many fits. Be patient, the sim is full.

Also at Cosmopolitan Ricielli - Koko Earrings - Rose Gold GIFT

Poses by: aDORKable and LAP [nla]

Summer Whites

summer whites

There is just something about white and summer; they go together.

Left: Blueberry - Liza - Corset Dress - Hood Down
MINA Hair - Kimmy

Middle: Hilly Haalan [hh] Felicity Tunic Dress - Cosmopolitan Anniversary gift
.:EMO-tions:. * MELANIE

Right: Blueberry - Danni - Corset Dress white
MINA Hair - Hannah

Poses by: LAP [nla]

Summer at the Dock


A super fun outfit to put together and shoot, it can be yours this July. All items come in a variety of colors of course so your styling choices are astronomical if not quite infinite.

From Baiastice at FaMESHed:

Marea Outfit - solid, sheer and semi-sheer (fatpack prints) skirts are available  and individual parts can be turned on and off via hud.

Marina Bag - also with lots of options including prints in the easy to use hud.

At Cosmopolitan:

no.match  ~ NO_I DONT :  Long, casual and messy it is perfect for summer and of course the beach.

Kunglers - Bia set with necklace and earrings in many pretty colors.

Poses by: Vista Animations and SEMotion at Cosmopolitan. 

Post 5000 - Redux Rewind

post 5000

It has been a long time since my 2000th blog post. Back then just getting to 3,000 seemed like a lengthy journey.

It was, but each step takes us closer to our destination and eventually I passed that checkpoint  arrived at the 5000 mark.

I didn't get here by myself of course. There were friends helping with hunting and gathering and sleuthing, taking part in photo shoots and videos, pointing me towards a newly discovered sim, a new creator, an unusual deal.

Every once in awhile I came upon the pose ball setup from my 2000th post. Stored away under "Poseballs -  Friends" it caught  my attention every now and then. I decided today -- when I heard that an old friend was leaving -- to take some time for remembrances.  Our get together was a good day way back then and a good day now. I cherish 95 percent of all the days and that isn't a bad ratio.

click for full-sized version

Here is the photo from that post back in May 2011. We were definitely into role play garb if not role play. That was back in the primo lucky chair days and I am pretty sure most of us are attired from our winnings.

This weekend's meetup was a Come As You Are photo shoot. No wardrobe changes, No new Bento poses or even hand changes.  We have altered of course over time but I think most of us have kept the same sense of style and attitude.  Lani, my building alt, wasn't around back in those old days but I made her a spot as she is a hard worker and definitely part of the team.

I can't imagine making it to post 10,000 -- but then again I never suspected to reach this milestone. So the photos will no doubt keep coming as long as I have something to share.

Special thanks to the creators who have been handing me items for most of these ten years. A few I still chat with from time to time. Some still deliver through the IM window.

Not EVERYTHING needs to change.

Poses by: LAP [nla]

Country Boho


I have been wearing this outfit for a few days. A bit overdressed for building, I still enjoyed looking at myself admirably as I moved windows and doors around.

This is my favorite MEVA release of the year. Casual, saucy with a touch of Bohemian flare, the Trudi top and skirt are sold separately at Cosmopolitan (through Saturday).

Both come with extensive huds for changing both prints and denim. Maitreya only.  Perfect fit.

Some very pretty bracelets coordinate nicely. These come in a variety of colors and are SINGLE bracelets. I used a bit of my not quite forgotten jewelry making skills and attached them both to one arm.

The KUNGLERS - Bromelia bracelets in Ebony, Silver and other colors can be found at Shiny Shabby Two styles are in the packs.

Hair a gift at SL15B shopping event from MINA.

Location: Devin's Eye

Poses by: [VO.Z]



From deviousMind for LOOTBOX, a finrly detailed dress that speaks of the orient. This is the common ""peonie" version in Ruby.  Many other lovely colors with two special versions as well as a parasol set for the rares.

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MEI *

Earrings: FuLo - "Wen Ling" earrings (red jade - very old but I really love these)

Pose by: aDORKable

Filtered Light

filtered light

Shadow patterns of a cool near winter evening. 


Trompe Loeil - Marceline Dining Chair Dark PG @ Uber

ROIRO - "OAZO" plants - part of a gacha set @ Cosmopolitan

Wallflowers  Dark by ChiC buildings in a newly finished and unreleased apartment rowhouse.

(luc) Reminiscence Candle Scene (LOD4)

Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec (previous gift)

Coffee Shop

coffee shop

New at CosmopolitanInsomniaStore Reiki Top and Skirt. Many hues.

Hair out for Hello Tuesday  NO.MATCH NO.SECRETS blondes pack.

Bracelet Kunglers Maria

Pose by: iBang

A Morning Swim

morning swim

Bright morning sun. Crystalline skies. Cool waters.

From Tromple Loeil, the Marceline Patio Poolhouse with plenty of outdoor spaces and a large adjoining indoor space for getting out of the hot sun. A year round build, it comes with a mirrored indoor-outdoor fireplace.  Find it at Uber (soon).

From Stories&Co. , the Eva Swimsuit for both Matreya and VTech.  Three huds are available. This combo is from the Exclusive Hud fatpack which also includes solid white and solid black.  Find them all at Summerfest'18. Great fit; modest (well sort of) but still very sexy.

From Vanity Hair, Sundance. A fun braided style it comes with optional FLEXI parts. You remember those! I have been nostalgic of late and it was great to see a bit of older times updated for today's styles.  Lots of colors of course and hairbases for most heads. Tres Chic is the stop for this new release.

Pose by: aDORKable

Lace and Shards

lace and shards

SL15B is going strong. Much to do; plenty to see.  This is the art gallery of Roy Mildor. Art visions is study in black and white; crystals form the theme.

This is my favorite piece of the exhibit.  Calm and soothing with a theme (to me) of the cyclical nature of the universe. Pretty much what I needed today.

Di is looking lovely in the new [LISSAN] Lace Dress gift. This is a Mesh Body Friends group present from L e s t y.  A variety of mesh body fits come in the pack with Maitreya fitting eBODY well. This is a good candidate for eBODY FREE depending on your shape.

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Sizzling Summer

beach chairs and cigarettes

There's plenty of fun in the sun with these new releases. SO much going on!

From Second Spaces at Summerfest 2018, a big set of Beach Chairs for Hire. GREAT photo props for all those bikini shots and more.  Summerfest opens the 21st.

Over at Rewind you can pick up these shorts and tops. The shorts come with frayed edges or neatly stitched as shown. The tops have both solid and sheer versions. So very many colors and patterns to choose from!  Top three mesh body brand fits. Find these at the Baiastice booth.

These super cute tiptoe sandals are available at Cosmopolitan. The sandals come in two parts. One is the sandal proper which can be worn alone OR with the beaded add on. The beads can be worn alone of course also. So many choices.  Look for the Tahiti sandals at the Amacci booth.

TUKINOWAGUMA's Mertl hair comes with a styling hud; a perfect casual summer beach "do". Also at Cosmopolitan.

What's a beach oufit without fitting jewelry? The Dreaming Thicket - Shaman Necklace for SL's 15th Birthday Gift is a fitting finishing touch.  Look for a shared store; four brands, four gifts; sorry I don't know which sim.  So keep your eye out when you venture over to the Inworld Shopping Event.  Golden is a good sim to start with.

These clever poses are from Amitie at Cosmopolitan. Called "Bad Habbits Vol II" come with smoked down cigarette for both hands. While I don't smoke in real life, I so appreciate the ATTITUDE implied in these. Fun.

Poses by: Amitie see above