It's Beginning to Look ...

The holidays are on their way. Red and green, snow and Santa. Advent is always a fun time in SL. Trompe Loeil will be joining in the spirit of the season with an advent calendar. Pick it up the board and then rez your keys to open the door for each day. See all the info here.

This is part of the Arcade Gatcha event for December. Funny, but SL has introduced me to so many things -- "gatchas" being one of them. If this is anything like previous Arcade openings, the trick will be to get in.

I am not going to be showing you each and every day's surprise. What's the fun in that? But this is DAY 1's offering, the only one that I opened. Other goodies are shown on the Tromple Loeil website so you won't be completely in the dark. Have fun!

My holiday outfit is a sneak peak of sorts for an upcoming release from deviousMind. The exact release date is unclear at the moment. Out now!  Time and energy play a part I suspect, but keep your eye out for "Christmas Coco".

Pose by: Diesel Works

From the Back - Or Not

There is something to say about a good back view. This is especially important when you are walking away -- from a boss who fired you, from a lover that dumped you. Confidence is needed when we make our stylish exit.

I can honestly and easily say that this new release hair from eXxEsS is my favorite since Scorpio -- and that was long ago. KAE comes in tons of natural and not so natural colors; this is rust.  I wanted something both classic and striking to complete the look, opting for my Hucci Ibiza Jumpsuit in Midnight and my favorite lassitude & ennui sandals.

I did need to turn around though so you could see this lovely necklace from Eclectica. There is a matching bracelet (worn but difficult to see) and earrings. The Cascade set comes in many versions with this being "dark". Both beads and metal are color change within the style so you can play with the choices and find the perfect combo for your mood.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Harsh Reality

It is a brilliantly sunny and bitterly cold morning over at the MadPea Carnival. The light is harsh and not all that flattering. Still, it is fitting for the environment .  Two new releases mix with some old favorites in my early day photo.

This is the +Blue Blood+ SugarDoll dress in black and red. Dusky taupes mix with shimmery charcoal and a touch of girlieness. My purse which I happily tinted to a darker black is included in the second set of purse poses from BehaviorBody. Today I made it easy on myself and used the HandBagPose hud (included) to cycle through options. Like the predecessor pack, these come with subtle variances for a perfect fit. Each of them worked for me, but if you are a less than average shaped avatar, I am guessing the nuances would be very welcome.

Poses by: BehaviorBody

White Wonderland

It's a pale landscape, gray skies and silver snow. New releases include this Covetousness set where to my mind anyway -- the hat is the star. Find it at AD Creations.

The cute little sleigh  is one of the many holiday releases from Trompe Loeil which has a new store design. Stop by and find the newest items at the entry. The sleigh comes in a natural rattan color as well as winter white.

Skin - Nora by AKERUKA.

Pose by: aDORKable

Time and Other Consequences

Some of you have most likely notice that I have been taking a little time off. Tis true.

Still, I hate to have you coming by with nothing new to see, so a quick but very pretty shot with some newish items is my present to you for the eve.

Most notable is this Starhelm - Neo-Victorian Clock from Starhelm Trading Company. From the map it looks like snow has fallen in the nearby sims; I'll need to get over and explore soon. Detailed and very pretty, it can adorn you wall as well as my snowy enclave. I have always been a big Dali fan so this seemed a fitting shot.

My slightly steamy outfit hales from AD Creations, Ana in black.

New hair releases from EMO-tions Saturday. This is going to be a favorite for me, I can tell. Look for LISSI.

That's the wrap up. I am going back into R and R mode. Have a great weekend!

Pose by: Juxtapose


We all have favorites; items we come back to again and again. When faced with a choice of what to blog from the newest Blonde&Blonde releases, this HighLighter Peplum Fluro dress won hands down. It is bright, fits well, and matches my Baiastice Maxine sandals; the acid green pyton color is always in need of partnering *wink*. And that reminded me of the bright desk set from [CIRCA] in my artist studio.

Now of course we need lighting and I have special Windlights for this house. What's left? Why a pose of course.

There is a pose maker appreciation blog thingie (yes that is really a word) going on. Honestly, I only glanced at the photos -- busy these days. While I won't be joining in officially I would like to thank Diesel Works for some wonderful poses over the years. I have a huge variety of poses, but when in a pinch and in a hurry I often just type in "Diesel" and get something striking to use.

Edit:  While perusing the feeds I found the official link for "Pose Appreciation Week" should you want to see what's going on. Personally I have  "Poses by" text at the bottom of my Blogger template so it is easy to remember to credit the pose store. I DO use poses that are no longer available and if I am aware add a (nla) after the end. These are mostly for LAP and nigotine poses which have left the grid. Still great poses :D.

And looking for poses had me thinking about LAP and Dove, now departed or at least visiting very rarely. So thanks to all the designers who keep us in pretty things, with stylish surrounding and looking good.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Ice Princess

I finished the MadPea hunt this evening. I hadn't planned to continue, it being a toughy -- for me anyway. But someone I had talked briefly with in the past gave me a good tip for making the hunt a tad bit easier. With that info in mind I went back on the trail eventually finishing the endgame sequence which is indeed impressive!  There are many lovely prizes in the fifteen stop pack. Shown here are just a few.

My hair for the eve is a new release called "Easy" from Vanity Hair. It comes with an optional flexi layer (not shown) if you have the ability to add attachments.

My silver blue tattoo, snowy fantasy snowglobe backdrop and harp are all prizes for completing the adventure. Many of the prizes are themed toward winter.

These wintry antlers are beautifully made and certainly eye-catching.

My outfit is a vintage one from Angelwing.

Poses by: aDORKable

Close Up

A new week.

Much to do.

Here are the details.

* New Ayana hair from Amacci, cute braided buns with messy bangs.

* An update of my long time goto topper from PARADISIS. The new "skinny sweater" version has mesh turtleneck and push up sleeves. A really great addition to a Fall and Winter wardrobe.

* A lovely curio cabinet in traditional styling from Trompe Loeil comes with and without ornamental balls. A door that opens and a skinny 2LI cost, it is a winner. Mahogany and poplar woodtones are available. Find it at FAIR (which I happily now have a link to:D).

Postscript: I made a quick trip over to FAIR to see what the hours inspired. There are plenty of great clothing items including some for guys. Most if not all items are mesh. At the top of my oharen'tthesecute list are these Alstar boots from Just Design.

Off to work. 

Pose by: nigotine (nla) and STATUS

Newness for Adventurers

Lots of newness on the horizon. Here is a quick rundown. New dreads join three sets of super tight braids from DISCORD at Around The World .

REALLY fun Wanderer bookcase from Cheeky Pea for FAIR, opening today. 6 land impact for all you see! Sorry I have no SLURL and Google and other blogs aren't helping. :D. Hopefully YOU know where it is.

And from Trompe Loeil, the Mendoza bed with texture change blanket and lovely metalwork. It comes in both PG and Adult versions (bet you knew that by now) as well as many colors of metal and fabric. Find it at Around the World.

I should note that I made the bed smaller here. I like small scale furniture and happily the bed is mod. If you like large, that's no problem!

Necklace by KOSH. 

Poses by:  Diesel Works

Snowball Fight

Khargo has a really fun snowball fight prop. It looks great in your wintery landscape even when not in use. Find it at the Christmas Store. My colorful midriff baring outfit is a new release, SLC Mesh Cropped Sweater, Skinny Jeans & Ugg Boots in teal. There are plenty of other colors to choose from. I added my favorite Paradisis belt.

My hair is a just out today release, .:EMO-tions:. * RACHEL*/ darkbrown.

The prop come with two long animations with adjustments. Taunt your buddies and have a great time taking photos. A sled and snowball piles add realism to the scene.

And if you are a pose collector like me, you may have some other actions that will work well with this fun prop.

Poses by: snowball field and [Lyndz-Matic]

News Bites

Just some brief news on a busy day. First up, my photo above won the top prize in the Dirty Deeds cemetery prop contest. This was great fun to do and I enjoyed playing with the post-processing tools, something I rarely get a chance to do. I know you want to see what items actually LOOK like!  Read a bit more if you wish at my "arty" blog here. That's me as the dirty and bloody dead body. Oh the fame! Each of my buds are on different tombstone props -- that was one of the rules. Four people, four animation menus. For those of you that like the macabre, this is really a very nice prop with some stellar animations.

Also in the headlines, The Enchanted Frost Hunt by MadPea has begun. I went out on the trial and while the storyline prose is wonderful, this is going to be a tough one. I have five slots completed with one of them being mine so that really doesn't count. Happily there is lots of time to find all those tiny orbs :D.  They ARE tiny and difficult to see. Twisted folks will love this one. Watch the MadPea blog for prize photos. MOSP is the last stop on the trail if you go in order so I'll know (sort of ) when people are finishing - LOL. I may or may not be blogging about prizes but those of you that are better hunters, go forth and have fun!

Viva La Kiwi

There is a showgirl in all of us -- well MANY of us anyway. She hides out most of the time, but now and then the music plays and magical things happen.

Just out from !deviousMind, Cockatrice -- all the feathers you will ever need. And if you want even more, there are matching fans *wink*.  I especially like the racy leggings! And the tail of course. Plenty of color choices, with mine being KIWI!!!!!

Here is a postscript. Chandra was all afeather too, so she popped over and we took some shots together. FUN!

Poses by: LAP (nla)

Midnight Snow

I am definitely in snow mode -- virtually anyway. New chairs with tons of great animations are out at Atelier Kreslo.       Cheeky Pea & Pulling Strings present the Maribel Hanger Chairs -- three textures to choose from, all appropriately winteresce. The hangers change color (something I discovered AFTER taking the photos) and there are subtle tints to the chair legs. Both texture change feats are accomplished by a long click to the chair.

Also in the news, these really fun friends from Hanaya, gatcha items for Unhinged, a festival for Eku's head. A dozen varieties in all with two themes and two rare items. These amazingly attach and work with your AO. The fellow stand still as you walk around. You can wear more than one of course using the "add" feature that many of us have in our viewers.

While I am not ready for Christmasy stuff yet, I had to smile at this rare Plants in the Pants, the little lights blink. I bet a petite avatar would be right at home here. The size seems about right *wink*.

My winter outfit is from PARADISIS and boots from Prim and Pixel, previously featured.

The snow and wintery fern prop is a prize on the upcoming Cookie Jar Hunt which begins the 24th. Find it here.

Poses by: Helamiyo and Pulling Strings (the chairs)

East and West

Around the World opens on the 15th at noon. East, West and all parts in between -- it is bound to be an adventure. This [Yuka] Relaxation Set is Asian inspired with lovely textures and almost free land impact counts. The decor privacy screen is a gift at the event. Find the Sway's booth here when the time is right.

The textures are gorgeous as you can see. Wood and size choices are available for several items.

My outfit and hair are both from kisetsu.

Pose by: LAP (nla)


There is danger about. Walking in the snow in bare feet for one thing. Happily we can have white without the piercing cold in our virtual lives. I do know it is winter -- at least for some of us and that includes me. But for whatever reason I had a desire to wear this fairly old top from Ronsem. It is a sculpty, not mesh and so outdated in that sense, but still very cute. I took a trip over to the shop which has moved since I last visited. Lots of room to expand and plenty of group gifts available on the wall.

There are many good looking mesh items in the shop; items in styles I hadn't seen. It is easy to lose track of designers when they don't appear on the feeds that often and aren't on the hunt trails. I know there are many other ways to keep tabs of what's going on in design, but those are MY modes. I don't social network unless you count IMs with creators now and then and seeing posts for some of the blogger groups I am in. So for me, the feeds are my news.

Handbag poses from BehaviorBody are also in the newness category.These come in small, medium and tall versions with mirrors, so presumably you can find one that will fit you to a "T". Purses are included in a variety of colors.

Lastly, just out hairs from Amacci. This is Kajsa, my favorite, but they are all perky and stylish so a trip over to try on demos might be on your todo list. Also new is a huge set of eyes. I am particularly fond of dark eyes -- mostly because they seem to photograph well. The ones I am wearing are named "Danger". Hence a second reference to my post's title. And here's a tip -- you can find a wearable set of demo eyes in a pretty amber color. How nice!

I have been working hard on Blender. The snowdrifts in the background are my first upload to the agni grid. I have been looking for integrated hills forever it seems and now I have my own. They aren't quite perfect so I will most likely redo them before putting them in my shop; still I am very proud of them. The learning curve is really STEEEEEEEP.

And that's my post for the day.

Poses by: BehaviorBody

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To This Post

There is of course a story behind this photo, but I think I will just let you wonder. The news is that deviousMind has new fans for all you wannabe divas out there. Just go up the stairs and through the right wing to the back room. Definitely luscious with tons of flexi plumes, they come in a variety of colors including KIWI which I so love.

Pose by: LAP (nla)

Hot Desert Sun

Marrakesh -- a word that brings to mind soft desert winds, hot sand and romance. I never actually made it to Marrakesh, but I did spend a week or so in Morocco -- definitely a high point in my memoirs should I ever write them. There IS something about the sands and the history.

Adding another great release for COLLABOR88 is Barnesworth Annubis. The self contained and private skybox (it could easily work on the ground as well) boasts privacy walls, greenery, a lovely fountain and seating. It weighs in at 107 and will fit on a 512 lot.

A mixture of mesh and sculpts, it has a feel of being there -- and I of course like that. Currently way up in the sky, I am working on some desert sands to compliment the oasis of calm. The entry doors stay ajar until you click them again. I so appreciate that. My feng shui teacher would be happy.

Outfit by Deviance - Arcane Silks from awhile back.

Poses by: Behavior Body and Juxtapose

Hidden Gems

I have been going on a lot of hunts lately. You wouldn't really KNOW that from my posts *wink* and I think I am about done for awhile. I have also noted the general absence of hunt posts on the feeds. I can only assume that others like me are exhausted from hunting. Too many hunts, many not well organized and many with not the greatest stores. This is bad for all of us really, hunters and merchants. So I will be rethinking my hunt obligations in the future. Happily there is the Peace on Earth (invitation only version) coming in December.

Meanwhile I bring you a shining star amidst the --- well anyway, a very nice prize or two. This long dress is a prize in the Something Old, Something New Hunt from Prim and Pixel @ Holiday Village.  Not only is this lovely dress in the gift pack there is an older dress (I remember its debut) and a matching outfit for the guys as the second present. Many of the vendors didn't follow the theme of this hunt at all so gold stars to Mairead Fitzgerald for reading the small print. And don't forget to pick up that great parka in the Giving Thanks Hunt while you are there.

My necklace is a pretty one from CoLLisions on a hunt, I am thinking it was the Full Moon Hunt but I admit to bleariness. Head to the store and you will figure it out I am sure.

Mark your calendars for the next MADPEA adventure; it is only a little over a week away. I was thrilled that MOSP is included in the merchant lineup. This is my prize. The story is a fairytale and it will most likely be another grand time with great gifts.

Pose by: LAP (nla)


It is an exceptionally good month over at COLLABOR88. You don't need a crystal ball to figure that out. It might just be me and the theme and my memories -- or maybe not *wink*. So many pretty things.

This Sweetwater casita (little house) from Cheeky Pea is exceptionally nice with so many lovely details it is difficult to find the perfect picture plane. The COLLABOR88 sim has been full since this morning, so patience is key. Or if you love lagfests, that is the place to be.

An obvious Southwestern influence forms the thematic basis of this release, more Arizona than New Mexico for me. And for those of you who haven't journeyed to these spots on our globe, know that authenticity is part of the package.

The bed comes in both PG and Adult versions, there are two lounging benches to while away the sunny hours. Singles, friends and couples poses are included. And there are of course props.

My hair is a new release from EMO-tions. Jordan comes with two styles in one, a texture change headband and hairbase. It releases Saturday.

There are some wonderful decor items in this set including the dream catcher (mod for size). My personal favorite detail is this cactus dish.


Got it?

How can you NOT get it ?!?!?

I put the casita down in Peaceful Valley but it really needs a desert to be happy. So as soon as I get my Blender skills a bit more polished, I will make it a sandy home of its own.

My outfit is a release from long ago from Acid and Mala. 

Poses by: Helamiyo, aDORKable, Diesel Works

Rocky Mountain High

My snowy, high desert environment is taking shape. I am not in a hurry. I like simplicity and space. Little by little pieces get added and it becomes a home.

Today's release from Trompe Loeil  for COLLABOR88 fits perfectly, both in style and in spirit.

There are two styles to choose from, rustic and white. Both PG and Adult versions are available. The set includes an outdoor pavilion which could be used for a variety of purposes. It would make a lovely dining area or even a wedding alter. The set comes with a rezzer or you can place the objects as you like. The tub and base each weigh in at 10 land impact.

The detailing is lovely!  Click the

Poses by: BehaviorBody and aDORKable

Travels in My Mind

There is lots going on over at 1 Hundred. Hunts abound which means lots of goodness in one stop *wink*. Some new releases are out too. My favorite is this Playful Panties set. It gave me a chance to wear my asymmetrical soda can roller hairdo from [ploom], a specialty item that I so love.

Also shown in this photo is a really great trunk from {what next}. Valena's Travel  Trunk comes with ten animation or just as decor. I never got to all the spots on those stickers in real life, but maybe the virtual version will do!

Pose by: the trunk

Coffee Anyone?

Snow's a coming and I am looking forward to it. I have already found a few sims that have gone white for the season. LEA20  will continue in cool Fall mode down on the ground, but  up in the sky I am having snow.

We will all need to bundle up as we venture into colder climes, so this down Yoko Jacket from PARADISIS is a perfect companion. Beautifully textured it comes in several patterns -- plain black, camo and pink bunnies. Even better, this camel dotted one is a group gift

You can get a demo at the Marketplace here.

Sweater and jeans also by PARADISIS.

Pose by: Vista Animations and the coffee crate

Moon Glow

I really do try my best to post at least once a day. I know it isn't fun to check a blog and see the same thing *wink*. But sometimes life (real or virtual) takes up our time. I have been trying to learn Blender. I think I will be very good at it ------ E-V-E-N-T-U-A-L-L-Y. I am giving myself a month. This is day five.

So I cheated tonight and looked at the prize photos for the Full Moon Hunt. ChiC buildings is part of that hunt but beyond that I know little. This cute red dress with a bit of deco flare definitely caught my eye so I zipped over to French Quiss Boudoir (LM on the blog is incorrect so go HERE). 

My Graveyard Ruins pose prop which you have seen in the past is the prize at ChiC buildings.

And that's my evening news.

My hair is a new release - .:EMO-tions:. * JEAN* /black. Definitely retro.

Pose by: BeeHive

Mixed Bag

 A little of this, a little of that -- and snowy gray skies of course.

Falling Into The Season, the hunt, started today. It is a short hunt and I did my best to do it all. But there is of course a "but". Not only were some folks not ready (not unusual we know), there is NO SLURL list as far as I can see. There is a store list with some hints and a prize photo page, but if those "take me to the next store I just can't FIND it" links are there, they have eluded me. I really really wanted to have them.

So, the exercise of late last night and this morning took me back in time to the beginning days of hunts when if you couldn't find the prize you started on a hunt for the next STORE on the list (if you were lucky enough to know the store - many times you were not). Since most of us have figured out that search is pretty much useless except for finding people *wink*, a lot of the stores on the list didn't come up in search.  ALL that being said, there are some nice gifts, the prize object is very pretty, bright and shiny and easy to find, and I definitely enjoyed seeing how some new to me shops had decorated their stores.

My personal favorite prize of those I found are this color change nail set from ! Laville !.  They come with a superb hud that lets you change hand size and pick between the colors. They are also SHORT!  Woooooot!  I like nails. There was a time in my life (long ago admittedly) when I had very pretty polished nails -- every day. Earthtones were my favorite palette so these are perfect for me.

Other hunt prizes shown are some cute, mini, retro TVs from O.M.E.N and a lovely bustier top from Bitch Tail (part of a set).

Also in the news is this great ADAIN necklace from KOSH for The Mens Dept through November, then at the store.  There are several metal colors to choose from and they come sized for both guys and gals.

I wasn't too awake when I took my other photos and missed that there was a really pretty ring that coordinates with the necklace.

Now I am not so much a ring gal, but I LOVE this and with my ohsogreat new nails I am feeling very posh in a kinda boho way *wink*.

Hair by Exile, boots by lassitude & ennui. 

Poses by: aDORKable, Diesel Works, BehaviorBody