But The Fire Is So Delightful

When the weather outside is snowy and cold, there is nothing as comforting as a nice cozy fire. It helps if you have someone to cuddle with and it is especially nice if you can have it all for free. And you can. This lovely set shown here is from Tryst and part of the Down the Chimney Hunt which starts the 6th.

The set includes both cuddle and massage menus. And now that I'm thinking about it, I could have had a MASSAGE for this shoot. Well maybe not, as my new RunoRuno Sweater -- also a DTCH gift  previously blogged -- might be a bit too bulky :D. I SURE like it though. Maybe another time.

A great bonus is that this set comes in parts. The fireplace, the cuddle rug with animation balls and menu, the sculpty candles and the planter. All are low prim so they will fit in most anyone's budget, and you can use what you need from the set.

This is a transfer gift. So if you find it and are homeless, you can play Santa to a grateful friend.

I took this photo purposefully in natural default lighting so you could see the effect of the fire and the candles. Pretty, eh?

And now I'm gonna play with that menu and see if I can't get a massage out of the deal. Most likely, I'll end up giving. The price you have to pay for willing models these days -- really! *wink*

Down That Chimney

WOOOOOOT!  The big December Hunts start tomorrow along with lots of other festivities. But don't get too worn out, because the Down the Chimney Hunt starts on the 6th. This is the second hunt from the Stepping Stones crew with some new additions. You have two weeks to complete this non-holiday, holiday hunt and a month to gather from many of the others. I'll try to keep you apprised, you busy little gatherers.

First up on my preview list is this great bulky sweater from ~*RunoRuno*~.  It is FAB as my mom used to say. All sorts of scrunchiness and great textures give it a casual reality. You could dress this up or down  -- or like I'm showing you *wink* with little else at all. I love it's asymmetrical nature.

It's snowing in much of our world so a warm and cozy sweater in a great nuetral color is just what we all need to make it though those cold days. And if you really must, feel free to add some leggings or a skirt to keep your delicate legs warm. Me! I'm tough.

Style Notes: 

Boots by BAX (bet you knew that)
See previous post for the other items

No new windlight settings were used in this post :D

Virtual Mink

Do I feel sexy or what!  While I would never wear fur in the real world, no animals died in the making of this gorgeous jacket. A few pixels may have been lost here and there, but I can live with that. The new Bliss Couture Ophelia Mink Shrug definitely gets attention. It comes in a variety of colors and includes leather pants, but it is super with your favorite little black mini -- the shorter the better.

I took it out on the town; the Big Apple my choice of locales.  With cigarette holder in hand, I walked the streets (only in the nicest of ways of course) and visited with the locals. The bridge is my favorite haunt here. The skyline below is its most beautiful just before dawn.

The shrug comes as a jacket layer so you can add a turtleneck, long tank, or whatever your heart desires underneath. One caveat. I am six feet tall and the the jacket was designed for someone shorter than I. Hence parts of the texture layer drop a tad below the prim attachments. This doesn't bother me, but if you are in the seven foot camp, it could be an issue. You "normal" sized gals will probably find it fitting as well as Cinderella's slipper.

Style Notes:

Hair: Rockstar by Rockcandy
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope  (dark tan/li) blush
Clothes: Bliss Couture Ophelia  Mink Shrug (review copy), Clothes Horse Aldina dress (older and possibly NLA)
Accessories: [ANIMAH] cigarette holder. *PERTURB/ation [P/a] periapsis (current GroupGift)


I had a LOT of fun this morning and some of my gal and guy friends got a few bonus prizes in the mix. (*chanimations has a bunch of VERY COOL new goodies under their tree in Lucky Boxes. I was curious in part as I hadn't seen any lucky boxes. They are very cute, but a bit problematic if you aren't a good cammer. You need to get up REALLY close to see what the prize is on the box. Still, many gold stars for being in theme with the season :D.

Goodies include a complete outfit shown in top photo (cane included) as well as some very nice home items including caged bird candles and a really lovely vase with ostrich feathers (low prim). I won the hat separately and then the skirt. So there are numerous ways to win. Adding my lingerie from yesterday, I had a great outfit. You could of course wear this sans undies; the outfit is billed as fetish wear after all *wink*.  There are some wildcards in the mix luckily as "C"s were not in evidence today.

The detailing is excellent with many extra sweet (as in candy cane) touches. Feathers, sequins, holly and diamonds all mix together to make this outfit a showstopper for the holidays. The skirt comes with a resize script and fit both of us easily. There are also feather fans to win in both gold and dark violet. I think they might have animations included, but I'm not sure on that. As a bonus, the boxes these gifts come in would look great under your tree! 

The bustle is definitely festive and I love the burlesque theme. There is a central landing point in the sim, so you will need to TP in using this link (ADULT SIM) and then walk into the theater which is the store. Go through the lobby and straight down the ramp into what would be the audience seating if the building was a theater. The presents are under the tree at the far end and up a ramp. A little tricky to find, but worth it. You can pick up a free candy cane if you need one from the sock dispenser nearby. It is a group gift if you could use something to hang on your mantle. Also very cute.

The birdcage candles shown way above are lovingly made. Actually everything is really special so if any of these items look like "you", get over there and start a watch. Only a few people know about it at the moment, so we've been sort of by ourselves. It will go faster with more folks. And since there are surprise presents, there is likely something I don't even know about :D.

Peace On Earth Hunt 2

click for larger photo

The Peace on Earth Hunt 2 is about to begin. You will be looking for a globe of the earth like last year. With 280 vendors, you should definitely find something to your liking. This is the prize from PhotoGraphique, number #37 on the tour. Along with the full Peaceful Meditation Cabana (47 prims) there is also a separate skybox and cabana (6 prims or so each) that are mod. Other parts come in stand alone mode also, so you can pick and choose what to use depending on need and prim budget. Both structures are just under 16 meters in diameter and will fit on a 512.

The official website is here and I'm guessing you'll be able to get the starting point there when the hunt opens on the first. 

Have fun.
Peace and Love.

Holidays and Spirit

The holidays are with us. Shopping, gifts, festivities and fun. Along with all that merriment comes some great group gifts.  This Rubik's cube is a NEW gift from [Avoid] in celebration of their very own store. They are the makers of the recent and very well blogged cardboard house. It's bound to be high in my favorites list for awhile. The cube has three poses with position adjustments. Colorful and fun, it is a great prop for retro shoots or just for hanging around your 70's crash pad.

That's me, all silk and satiny in my new lingerie from  Lingerie Boutique. The White Leanne Corset is one of two deeply discounted group products. For 10 lindens and a group tag you get this lovely set. A little retro and lovingly detailed, it is a winner in my book.

My little friend is a Xmas Puppy from *M* Update Group, maker of Cal my VERY fat Calico Cat. This fellow is missing a boot. Oh no! Sure to bring joy to puppy lovers all over, he is bound to make you smile.

And that's my finale. The poses are from the Nigotine sale I told you about yesterday. Lots of goodness there. And as a plus the lingerie is on the undies layer. Naturally, you say? Well sometimes not :D. So that means it makes a great tuck in tank. Shown here with a previous group gift from  [LeLutka]; those Stacys Night Out leggings.

While the weather outside isn't close to frightful in my beach abode, the holiday spirit, it is a comin'. I even bought one of those great Botanical $50 Linden Friday trees for the shop. Woot!

Does Size Really Matter?

Click photo for a LARGE version (256K original - 115K when uploaded to Blogger)
You may need to enlarge your screen window to see the photo in its actual size.
It is 2000 pixels wide.

I just read that Luna Jubilee has started a BLOG BOOT CAMP and I heartily applaud her. Yeah! Her first post was on the Hi Rez snapshot issue. Well, it isn't exactly an issue, but it certainly has been talked about on the blogs and within the groups. During the last couple of months, I have switched to the HiRez camp. Before, I spent all day blogging just by taking screenshots and that was plenty of time spent and plenty of hard disk spaced used.

I do agree that snapshot to disk, high rez photos are sharper, clearer and "better" than a simple screenshot or low rez photo taken in world. What I was wondering about was the idea that huge file sizes ended up with better photos. For 300 dpi print? pngs? tiffs? I had no doubt this was true, but I wondered just how much better a large file sized photo really was when it was resized and turned into a jpg for the web.

So, I did a quick experiment and the results are above. There is NO retouching on anything. The first photo was taken at 4300 pixels and the second at 1400. Both are hi rez and snapshot to disks. The 4300 was resized to 1000 height and they were saved together as a 90% jpg. They both look pretty good to me.

We all have different computer systems and mine is not the newest. I can "almost crash" when taking the very high resolution photo. Add that to having several programs open including a graphics program and I am definitely taxing the system. So, for me, the smaller size will work for now. When I get a new system in the Spring, I may do things differently :D.

I am looking forward to her new articles. It is always great to learn and having all those hints in once place will be very handy.

Edit: It dawned on me after I posted this that there is another layer to the high rez issue. All the the photo services that I use FURTHER compress on upload. I checked my 256K photo and it is now 115K. Many feeds FURTHER (thats three compressions now) downsize photos -- sometimes a lot. Certainly good for those with not too speedy connections, but hard on our original shots.

Hunting for Grumps

There is an easy hunt on today at DYN. You are looking for Grumpy Fred. That's him on my left, your right *wink*. You could kinda tell, huh?  There are eight Freds in all, one in each section of the shop, two in ladieswear. The message said go up to Fred and touch him and be sure and shout HI FRED!  I did that, but I have no idea if it was necessary. I've only opened one Fred which turned out to be a cute cupcake pose prop, but I wanted to take a photo of  the grinchy guy so you would know what (or who) you are looking for.

AND I wanted to show you these darling and creative heels from Grim Bros. These are transistor heels gorilla version from the Gifting Gorilla MM board. I am guessing there are other versions in the shop for sale that are similar. Most prizes cycle through twice and then get replaced by new goodies. There are some really wonderful gifts at the gorilla, three at a time with different numbers needed. I know I've mentioned that before, but I just love these shoes!

I put together a whole outfit last night JUST for these shoes, So before I changed yet again, I wanted to show off the look. It is mostly old favorites and The Shoes. I think they would look great with Steampunk as well as some retro styles. I have a little black mini that would be good too.

Style Notes:

Hair: Exile Fastball Eclipse
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope  (sunkissed/bl) avenue
Clothes: MALT Shiney Leggings, [Miseria] Ash Cardigan - Black. a piece of candy - Jan teal top
Shoes: Grim Bros. transistor heels gorilla version
Accessories: Maitreya  Leather Belt - Black

Here is the pose cupcake along with a cropped teal sweater and techno mini skirt (beware - needs undies :D). There is also a polo shirt for guys, a Princess (bikini line area) tattoo, and a beige cuff. The pose cupcake has six poses in all and includes the /1a adjustment menu.

That's the report. Have a great Saturday.

Moving On

I am packing up at Arkham this evening. My rent is paid for another day, but when it is time -- it is time. I am saddened as I liked it here very much. But, after almost two months I am still here by myself. No one's fault really. Times are tough. I get notes from retailers all the time that contain places to rent within their group posts.

People will leave; new people will replace them and life will go on just as it does in our more corporeal world. It is sad to think of all the sims that are no more. Some are gone forever and some are rising again including the Rezzable creations now on OpenSim.

I am wearing a mourning dress from edge grafica. I found it on Xstreet a couple of days ago for free. It seems fitting. I think I am going back to the Hope skins from Tuli. While Bella is lovely, it is a bit too photographic for me. I like a softer look. I'm sure I'll visit Bella from time to time depending on the theme, but Hope and I are better friends. My hat came with the mourning dress and my shoes are from ~Ztique~, the Caledonian Primp shoe to be exact. Ztique it seems has now moved to Reasonable Desires from the oh so quaint French sim where I first found it.

I counted up the places I have lived and the shops that I have had  in the last year or so and the number was nineteen. It seems like I am always moving on :D.

Changes. We embrace them if we can, but there is often sadness.

Nigotine Poses - Free!

It's a big shopping day for lots of  folks and one of the hottest spots is Nigotine Poses where most of the poses are free and some are a linden. The giant fatpacks of poses on the walls are $0 as well as couples poseballs. (Both nice and naughty -- I bought the nice 'ns of course). The lag is bad right now and some folks couldn't move. I didn't have any problems, but I have a fast connection speed.

I bought some really nice sits and a few other different poses. There are tons of great ones and plenty for the guys. I have no idea how long this is on for, so fit it in your shopping list if you are in need of even MORE wonderful ways to express yourself.

Happily Homeless

I am guessing that by now you may have seen this great homeless abode from [AVOID], but you are seeing it again because it is SO CUTE!  Here's the story. Click any photo for a large, high resolution version.

A friend of mine is selling her 512 lot. Since she wasn't using it, she let me create an environment which was lots of fun. I decided on a happily homeless shelter using some of the great group gifts that have come out lately. In fact aside from the trees and the truck (Xstreet freebie previously blogged), everything you see is from group gifts.The hopscotch play area including three poseballs arrived from  ~*Pulling Strings*~ . The cardboard house complete with lots of poses was from [AVOID] at Glitterati. The Despite and Still urban mini garden was from Pocket Gardens Flowers SOM (previously blogged). The sculpty pallettes, garbage and other alley props came from Parajen Homes a couple of months ago.  Ya just never know when you might need a grungy garbage can. If something is well made, I KEEP it :D.

My outfits are new releases from E! Eclectic. There are tons of new items in the store including some of a more feminine nature. I was definitely in a tomboy mood and so you get to see a couple of my favorites of the day.

At the top of my personal list is this mechanic shirt. So cute and sexy, it comes with in both clean and subtly dirty versions. This is the dirty variety as I am a hard working gal!  The shorts are also from E! and have an extremely nicely done built in waistband. I added a belt for effect, but I can assure you it wasn't "needed" if you get my drift :D.

The shirt back has the word "Mechanic" printed in a well washed way and there is a nice little scuplty bow for the front. The cuffs are manual mod for easy resizing.

The top outfit, shown again here is unisex. I really like the shading on this top. Like most everything at E! it comes in tons of layers and can be tucked in. This would look really hot on your significant other -- whatever sex they might be. Tops and pants all come in a large variety of colors as well as fat packs. So mixing and matching is simple and fun.

Style Notes:

Hair: >TRUTH< Spencer (old)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) Sophia (PU1), Legend Tattoo2 (NLA)

Clothing: Top photo:  E! Eclectic Frankie Pants (Grey), Marcus Top (Olive) (review copies). Style 2: Mechanic's Shirt (Purple), Nadene Shorts (Olive) (review copies), CONCRETE FLOWERS- Simple Leggins, KOSH- PATCHOULY BELT

Shoes: edge grafica 31-Engineer Boots (Xstreet dollarbie or shop - see a few posts back)
Accessories: F*S (Freestyle) Schmoking Cigarette, [LP] (Lazy Places) Leg Bandana Lazy Kittehs, Ephemeral Gemstone Stud Earring (silver/jet),  Dissident Rock Bandanna - Black


This is my post photo from last year's November holiday. It still fits my mood on this Thanksgiving eve. I was thankful then, and I am thankful now.

We don't always show our appreciation. Sometimes it gets put aside for another day-- when we have more time. But people need to know how much we care. So thanks to all my friends and family -- real or virtual. Thanks to the people who make our lives easier, more productive and more beautiful -- real or virtual. Thanks to the people I have forgotten to say "thank you" to.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

So I'm legal in the fashion feeds --

Style notes:
Hair by Truth, Skin by Tuli, Shoes by Juicy, Boa by Callie Cline. Thankfully, I knew all those by heart *wink*.

The Xsteet Debacle - Comments?

This afternoon as I was deleting most of my Xstreet items -- just in case "inactive" was considered chargeable in the future, I came across a site and came across a link that led me to a link -- you know the drill.

In case you might be interest in the comments to LL about the Xstreet changes, they are HERE

As I write this, there are 1560 of them. I read for about an hour and didn't find any positive ones in the bunch. My eyes are tired and I won't be finishing, but it's quite an interesting sociological exercise. I missed the whole mini sim fiasco, but I'm guessing it was similar.

On The Road

Give me those good old days!  On the road, camping by the side of it -- laundry by hand and an old pickup truck that always got us where we needed to go.  I never had a guitar this fancy in real life and while I wrote some good songs, I never played all that well. Still it was great fun to relive a few old times.

The OD> Pagan Fire guitar hales from OD Designs Gallery  and while it looks like it costs a small fortune (and should), it is FREE. OMG-FREE! Not only that, it comes with tons of fun animations. I was patiently going through my poses trying to find one to show off the guitar when I accidentally touched the guitar. Voila, a menu! I guess I never dreamed it came with animations too. /me shakes head in wonder.  

Edit: the guitar appears to be gone now from Xstreet, but you can find it in the shop here on a SMALL vendor. This from someone who went and found it :D.

Like quite a few folks I've been perusing the Xstreet freebies before many of them go into the ether. While it is extremely difficult to find what you are looking for on Xstreet these days, it is easy enough to browse the freebies. Just to to advanced search and type in a general search term like boots and set the price from 0 to 1 with ascending. I wasn't looking for a guitar of course. I have no idea what I was searching for when I found it. It could have been the FREE .: Rusty Industries :. PickUp NO.1 in the background. So cool and it actually drives. This particular truck is an update of an Arcadia Asylum body with new sculpties and functionality. The textures are lovely and it makes a great photo prop.

My 31-Engineer Boots from were also an Xstreet find; a dollarbie. The main shop for Edge Graphica holds lots of wonderful bargains, so check it out. These boots are sized for guys and are mod. You cannot mod the tops down without a lot of prim manipulation, but I think they look fine for gals with the foot small and the top larger. I added the sock tops to the boots. The sock tops are actually some legging bottoms that were mod. Since the boots were mod also I could connect them and they are ready to be worn together another time. That works.

Style notes:

Hair: Alli&Ali "Rock Out" Hair Auburn
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) Elysium
Clothes: *Sari's* Seasons Turning Tunic, ::Duh!:: Black Knit Tights
Shoes: edge grafica / 31 Engineer Boots

Shoe pose by Olela Parx


Stormy seas --

I reach a gloomy shore

Where shadows hide intentions most foul

And creatures of the night compete for my soul

My only safety  within the walls of strangers

Style Notes:
Hair: HOH Allie - burgundy
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) Elysium
Clothing: Grim Bros. miss vergnuegen
Accessories: (*2aT) STEAMPuNK HerOes ~ "Lady-Industrial Top

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.


I felt like being adventurous today and so I determined that SEARCH would lead me to my photo op of the morn. Luckily, it worked well. Legacies 1891 RP Beyond Darkness was the top listing under Victorian this morning. I had been to Legacies many months ago, back before I had made my own, red lettered generic OOC-Visitor tag. I was a little worried on my first trip. Now I entered with aplomb.

The SLURL link above takes you to the info hub where there is a friendly greeter to answer questions, a map with TP points and even some free Victorian outfits. I have given up on role play for the time being, but I definitely enjoy the sims. So much to explore and so many photo ops. I barely touched the surface.

My dress is from yesterday's Grim Bros. MM board and it is lovely. For those of you thinking about color theory, the outfit above would be an analogous color scheme -- three or more colors that touch each other on the color wheel.   In this case the colors are yellow green, green and blue green with the most predominant color being olive (part of the yellow-green family*). Note the color bar on the example color wheel. Yellow or blue could have been added and it would still be an analogous color scheme. Typically the colors that touch each other on the wheel are thought of as calmly coordinating. They can sometimes turn into yawn fests, but by wearing red hair (the color across the wheel from the analogous neighbors, I punched the color a bit.

The poses are once again from the Diesel Works new Shake set.

* Edit: It should be noted that olive green is also considered a tertiary color as a mixture of the secondary colors orange and green and not a darker version of the intermediary color yellow- green. Color theorist frequently disagree. The idea that an analogous color scheme includes neighboring colors could certainly be expanded to include the tertiary "green" in this case. Like with many systems, there is no ONE way :D. Even the terms have different meanings depending on the school of thought. It is the idea that is important.

Colors 101: Primarires

I admit it. I'm bored today. It doesn't happen often and when it does, I tend to start on a new project. I have been thinking about doing some color theory blogs for quite some time now, and today seems like the day.

I know many of you reading this are artists of some sort or another and I suspect that more than a few of you took color theory in college. I also know that there have been periods in our educational history when someone could graduate with an art degree never having seen a color wheel. Hard to believe, I agree, but the typist taught color theory for a couple of decades in college, and many of  her students had bachelors and masters in art, coming to class just to get familiar with color theory.

So -- just in case you missed that up close and personal experience with the color wheel, here is a semi crash course. There are style notes of course and even a freebie involved, so if you really MUST, just skip to the bottom of the post *wink*.

This is a traditional artist's color wheel. Well, maybe not so traditional as I made the color dabs flower shapes, but you get the idea. Colors in this long time favorite include red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue, blue-violet, violet, red-violet and back to red. Now it doesn't matter if my exact colors match your concept of the color. In the first place our computers shift colors; in the second, we all see colors differently. My "red" is not your "red" and it doesn't matter all that much. We all have an idea what RED is and that's the important part.

There are -- in art and design -- tried and true color combos that most often work. "Work" is a termed used often in art and art classes. It either works or it doesn't. Again, this is subjective, so don't worry about it too much. Let's call these palettes ACCEPTED color schemes. I've never been a big believer in art by the rules, but sometimes knowing what a large majority of folks believe "works" helps us find our own way.

So first up are the TRIAD color schemes. They form an  equilateral triangle on the color wheel. Today's example is the triad of  PRIMARIES -- the colors red, yellow and blue. If you ever finger painted as a child you soon found that you could make all the colors of the rainbow using just red, yellow and blue pigments. Adding white makes red into pink; adding black make it into maroon, but the most saturated (full bodied, bright) colors are all combinations of these three pigment colors.

Red, yellow and blue color schemes can include all bright colors (the natural hues shown in the color wheel) or they can use tints, tones and shades of the colors. Navy blue is still blue for example.

I started off my outfit with yellow boots from DUH!, added some great checked corduroy jeans from Concrete Flowers and a lovely top I don't wear often enough from Vextra Messing. The look didn't really come together until I added the Rock Out hair from Alli&Ali and then I was on a roll. But I needed more yellow for balance and like many of you I suspect, I had very little yellow to choose from. In the end I made a new set of primary color bangles and they are FREE at my shop. Just in case you need something to start off your own triad outfit.

Style Notes:

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs "Rock Out" Hair Auburn
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) Raven (PU1) for more of a tough girl look than I usually do
Clothing: ::GB::Jaket-tied-around-Waist(RED) , *Vextra Messing* Retro Crossback Onepiece (actually a swimsuit),  CONCRETE FLOWERS - CHECKER JEANS
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Suede Ankle Boot Lemon
Accessories: PhotoGraphique Primaries Bracelet (free in a primary colored box in the jewelry section)

The great poses above are from the new Diesel Works - Shake Set which is filled with lots of fun, I'm not taking any of your guff, stands and one kneel. Filled with attitude, they are a great addition to any collection. Our pose makers are getting better and better each day. Woot for that. These were some of my favorites and there were several I couldn't show you because of my prim jacket. Actually I was very happy to find so many that worked with it!  So if looking for more ways to strut your stuff, check out these new poses. There are twelve in the collection and you can buy them separately if you wish.

I particularly like this set as it came with the poses in a stand as well as static. This was a review copy and I can't tell from the vendor in the shop if the pose stand comes with the retail version. I would definitely give that idea two thumbs up. I have an IM into the designer and I'll update this when I find out. OR, maybe some of you guys know the answer. That works too. There are some nice looking new poses for guys out also.

Have fun. Go forth and be COLORFUL!


A Grim HoHo Morning

I did a little board prowling late last eve and among my finds was a new MM item at Grim Bros. It didn't deliver last eve but I got there early enough this morning to slap the board. So if you like Victorian or Steampunk, you might want to take a little TP over to the gifting gorilla.


On my arrival I found myself near a sea of penguins. How fun. Ya just gotta smile at some of their bizarre and kookie stuff.

Do We Really Care?

Not long ago, Gogo had a post questioning whether it mattered if items blogged were purchased by the blogger or were gifts, release copies or any thing else of that nature. For me, it doesn't really matter, but I noted tonight that the feeds are full of the new Anexx lace up boots.

Did everyone run out and buy these boots as post suggest or was there a drop off of products?  I wasn't included, so I can't say one way or the other, but do I care?  Not in the least. These appear to be VERY COOL BOOTS, the hottest newcomers since BAX Prestige. I won't be buying them as you know how I pinch my pennies, but I can definitely pant over them. So if you have a shoe fetish (only in the nicest way of course), be sure and check out what appears to be the hit of the shoe fair.

Good design is good design whether or not the item was free -- and THAT'S my opinon *wink*.

That Xstreet Drama

Fashion Notes: *Fishy Strawberry* minihood pink
  So bright; so cheery!

By now almost everyone should know about the upcoming changes at Xstreet. I've read a lot of blog entries on the subject, commented on a few and of course had to find an answer for my personal situation.  For those of you that like to read, think and possibly comment, one of the best articles I found is HERE.

I was not incensed by the news of the changes. I don't make a lot of lindens from the web based catalog and I don't shop there often as I can never find anything. And no, it isn't all the free stuff -- I like free stuff, and there was some GREAT free stuff on Xstreet. I do think the atmosphere is a bit disconcerting  when you add the Xstreet proposed changes to the LL VIP survey to the demise of the mentor program(?). That isn't sending out a positive statement for me.

I didn't yank my Xstreet box out of the ground, but I did take out some items and only left the ones that sell. I will be removing all my jewelry items before we get charged. I have to admit that I am not 100 percent convinced this will actually happen. My blog started because of all the "can't use SL in your blog" drama of  Spring 2008 and I note that there are still plenty of blogs up and running that were "breaking the rules". So, while I believe the changes will happen, LL has backtracked on a few decisions in the past. I'm sure you can think of one or two or three.

So where does that leave us little folks?  Like many of the retailers commenting on other blogs, I've made some changes. I have moved my jewelry to my photography shop. I am very lucky to  have that option, one that wasn't available to me until last week when I bought some land. So my  store / house / hangout has become a bit more eclectic than I had planned, but I am selling those bangles again and so there does appear to be an interest still. Also, like many other small shops, I'll be leaving ONE item up on Xstreet for advertising. My add for that is shown at the top of this post. It's not the main focus of my shop, but the most salable one, and I doubt many people go to Xstreet looking for photographers *wink*.

So we do what we can do. We pound our fists or flow around the rocks -- depending on past experiences and temperament -- and we enjoy our lives as best we can.

There are some alternative online product sales sites in the works. If you sell items regularly on Xstreet and are upset at The Labs, you might want to send a note to Chip Kips and ask for a notecard on the Xstreet Alternative (working title). The last I heard, they were looking at about 2 weeks before possible implementation.

I do agree with the comments that this might all work out in the end. The problem is WHO it might work out for. The next time I am looking for a storefront prefab, I may once again check out Xstreet (or an alternative) and I may find what I am looking for easier. But I'll most likely be seeing a much smaller variety of designer styles. I'm not sure I like that trade off.

Sun, Sand and Seduction

Peeling pastel walls

Hot sand and flamingos

A peaceful respite in the refreshing shade of cocos.

I abandon the wait for a bus that never comes

And take refuge in the quietness of a colonial courtyard.

Style Notes:
Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Kissy Kissy - Ginger
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) Gogo
Clothing: E! Eclectic Classic Capris (Sienna) , This is a Fawn - Faux Bois Tee 3
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui  Signature sandal - brown & gold
Accessories: Gypsy Soul Earrings Gold  (my shop),  *Spotlight Creations* Photographers Belt with Camera, *Spotlight Creations* Photographers Tripod

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.


Long ago in real life I traveled to places very much like those in the photos above. Long ago in virtual time I read a great blog post with a cool camera and carrying tripod. This week the two pasts met when I happened across that same photographer's kit and Las Lagunas.

Las Lagunas and the three adjoining sims are not a discovery. In fact, I found a previous landmark, so I must have visited at some point and simply forgotten. I encounter them once again this week while doing research on landscaping. This is the home of  Naima waves, rocks and plants as well as a picturesque destination. There are rentals here if you feel the need to have your tiny piece of paradise, but you can also just visit, wander and enjoy.

It was fun this afternoon to take a break and relive some history. I may not be visiting Mexico this winter, but Las Lagunas is a pretty close facsimile.