Don't we look smashing!

New release body suits in plenty of yummy colors are out at ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...   

Yours Truly comes in two styles, the other has a high-waisted solid panty and cropped top. Both come in sheer and modesty versions, with and without tights. Both legacy layers and appliers are included in each pack.

From Wasabi Pills for Fifty Linden Friday, some extremely nice hair that can also work as a modesty layer when needed *wink*. There are two colors to choose from; the other is a medium blonde.  There is a hud for changed the colors on the bobby pins. A "boobs" version is included in the pack.

If you need a new pose prop -- and we LOVE new pose props, you can do a little hunting at the Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt. This is the %Percent Furniture & Lighting gift.  It's bound to be lots of fun but also CROWDED at the beginning.  Happily it will be a month long event. Also happily it is in part a celebration of the new Community Gateway program!   All good.

My hair is a new release from Amacci, Neva. It features a high short pony which is worn over a hairbase. I had no trouble at all, matching a color to my head :D.  Ah the skills we pick up in virtual lands.  

Ring by MEVA

Maitreya Mesh Bodies

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA (Chic)

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: Diesel Works

Brillant Autumn

larger photo here

In my world this time of year is often dreary. Low fog, rain, gray. But I have been to places where color covers the ground and seas of brightly hued trees paint the hills.

Trompe Loeil's Ceres Outdoor Scene celebrates those special places and let's you share the magic with friends and lovers.

larger photo here
Small enough to tuck in a corner of you land and only 79 land impact as shown, parts and pieces can be purchased individually. Both PG and Adult versions are available (swing and couch contain animations).  Find it all at UBER.

Do I look different? Yep, I do. It is the smile and eyebrow changes on the new Lelutka STELLA head. I look friendlier now and that's a good thing. That smile made my face rounder too. It is almost like having a whole new head.

Lovely new long tresses are out from eXxEsS,  LAAN. A wispy and natural look, it is perfect for walking in the woods.  Two color huds and a choice of colors that seemingly go on forever can be yours.

My top is the Ducknipple KKK shirt with color change hud.
Jeans are appliers - ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Dreamer Jeans (group gift)

Sami is wearing the popular [White~Widow] Southpaw - Henna - Arms from Epiphany gacha and some new jewelry that she won last night, Sierra Madre Necklace and Bracelet set from Exquisite Jewellery.  Her hair is from [Entwined] -- Ivy.

Maitreya Mesh Bodys

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: swing, homemade, LAP (nla)

The Park in Fall

Fall is my favorite season. Time to put on extra layers and don boots. Warm neutral colors interplay with the changing tints, tones and shades of the landscape.

KIKI boots in many lovely tones, tints and hues can be found at the BAIASTICE booth at UBER. These come for Belleza, FT Slink, Maitreya, StandardSize, TMP and unrigged (resizable).  You will look good both coming and going!

You can find the Meva Shiny Shabby Short Necklace -- well, at Shiny Shabby of course. Matching earrings are included in the set.

From eXxEsS, Lara,  a perfect casual style for Fall.  Lots of colors of course in two extensive huds.

Jacket: Nya'S EODT - Exclusive Outfit Leather Jacket
Jeans: Cargo Runway Jeans
Tank: Blueberry Group Gift Tank Top

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: furniture and aDORKable and Behavior Body


This is my favorite gift from The Fantasy Collective Trick or Treat hunt. I didn't think I would be using it so soon; I simply packed it away knowing that specialty items are indeed special.

A monster of a hurricane is about to hit landfall in Mexico. A town that I lived during winter month for many years will likely be gone. Who knows how many lives will be lost.

My thoughts are definitely there today.

*Sweet Kajira* La Viuda Veil Black 2 Gift

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Pose by: aDORKable

FLF Shades of Gray

Out for Fifty Linden Friday, a one piece skirt and sweater set from Valentina E.

Funny really as Sami took this photo in Disturba and she doesn't look too happy -- even though she doesn't have a head with emotion choices.

So this is a bit of a public service announcement in a way. Here's the deal.

Here is the sign (left) and the dress vendor that you buy from at Valentina E.. The demo was a light gray which some designers use (or VERY light gray) and typically has nothing to do with the color of the product. When you mouse over the pink dress it says FLF edition (not charcoal). And of course if you read carefully -- let's be fair -- you can see from the product names inside the pink dress that it is actually charcoal (although not two toned).

Maybe this is the norm at VE, I have never purchased a FLF item there so I can't say.  It is a very well made garment for sure -- just not at all what she wanted or thought she was buying. It might be YOUR color of choice.

So Sami is tossing and I am reporting and YOU are now in the know and that works.

Me? I am going back to a day of creating with Blender :D.   Have fun shopping.

Mid-morning edit:  I am thinking that this could have simply been an error or one of those nasty database rollback things that happens now an then in virtual worlds. So it might be the pink dress gets replaced later in the day. A good reason to read the insides of the package *wink*.

Poses by: Torrid Midnight (nla)

The Fantasy Collective Gifts

It's Trick or Treat time over at The Fantasy Collective.

Gifts in this photo:

Astralia - Soraya Headpiece BLACK
Cae :: Bleed :: Necklace (texture change)
*~*Damselfly*~*Amarie Rigged-Mesh hair (color hud)
*Sweet Lies Original * Poisoned Candy Apples in Tray (wear)

And as some of you may have guessed, I am wearing the newly updated Lelutka head 1.2 with expressions. Lots of fun. 

Friday note: An update to the Lelutka head update with more options has now been released. So watch for that or go pick one up in the shop. 

Find the pumpkins in front of each vendor and touch (with group tag on :D).  Reap the goodies and there are many.

{le fil casse} dirty puppy SHADOW gift

There is definitely something for everyone on the Trick or Treat pumpkin trail. You will want to pick up all the gifts and find your favorites.

My sleek gown is a silky favorite of mine from Baiastice, the Aimee Dress in Black.
New short unisex hair is out as part of a big hair release at Amacci. Look for Simon!

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA1.2

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: Vista Animations

Dark Sadness

TULI's Agnes / hex skin for Tres Chic

The Tuli Agnes / hex skin comes in both bloody and non-bloody versions and includes three pale skin tones. I am wearing the darkest. System skin and appliers for both Leluka and LOGO heads (Alex and Chloe) are in the pack. Bonus mesh eyes are also included (not worn here). Skin appliers are available. 

Tuli has always excelled in the pale skin tones and this release is no exception. I was extremely happy to see an applier for my head!   

This round's theme is "Season of the Witch".  

My jewelry is antique in more than one sense of the term, but perfect for this outfit -- Eclectica's Flourish (rose gold).  

larger photo here.

The Senzafine "Lothiriel" Dress comes in a variety of color packs with four colors via hud  in each collection. You can find it at We Love Role-Play

Amacci Hair - Effina (new)

Location: Mystical Island

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: aDORKable


For Cosmopolitan, "Promise" -- a couple's pose set which includes texture change stools. Find it at the WetCat booth.

Sami is wearing:  Entice - Evil Ways Dress - White and Beloved Jewelry's Pewter Necklace and earrings  from the  Flawless Frightful & Delightful  Hunt.

[White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Mexico White from a full color pack in store group gift.

Hair: [elikatira] Dylan

Shoes: REIGN.- Adele Heels (M-High)- Black

Poses by: WetCat, aDORKable

Smoke and Windows


There is something about cigarettes. Maybe it is the old black and white movies; Film Noir.  This pose prop from WetCat can lead you to daydreaming; it's almost a guarantee.

The "Smoke" Window prop comes with cigarettes and lighter in different attachment points along with a helpful suggested attachments list.  Attachments are transfer so you can loan them to a friend or model while you are shooting. A backup box of  attachment props is included.

Photos can be taken from inside or out of course. It all depends on your mood and what you are intent on capturing.

My dress is from Senzafine @ Flawless Frightful & Delightful Cart Sale & Hunt. Ths is the Isadora dark and bloody version. There is a light style also and "clean" choices should you not be in a murderous mood.

Hair by Amacci at Cosmopolitan.  Zaylee comes in two styles with color change hud.

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: WetCat

Who's That Girl

Well it could be any of us of course, but in this case it is Sami with some exciting free goodness for you. We decided that blogging together was more fun that apart, so she will be back on the main page now and then when the great finds simply must be shared.

First up? A free mesh head in pale tones. It comes with three huds which seem mostly to be about the eyebrows. A legacy skin is included and there are appliers (with legacy skins) on the wall nearby for $10. Other low priced heads are available on the wall. There are demos.


New free to everyone hair is out at Pepe. Buy for $0. There is a color hud with similar light brown shades.

Spiderweb Sweater is a SLFO group gift from PB Designs.
[Marquesse] Phoebe Pants were a gift from AW15 Fashion Week

This cute adult Trick or Treat bag can be found at the Flawless Frightful & Delightful  Hunt.

Haunted Loot Bag (scripted) - More Than Ever

Maitreya Mesh Body

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: Torridwear (nla)

New Boyfriend

A quiet fellow, he definitely has a sense of style. Dressed in Fall colors he can accompany me as the season moves forward. Not much of a dancer, he prefers to hang around the garden. Definitely my kind of guy.

You can have your own new boyfriend (or whatever :D) by finding ten Autumn leaves on the Swayland Autumn Hunt.  Grab an info folder, wear the hud, find and touch the leaves and -- collect your prize.

My oh so cute outfit is the exclusive item from ArisAris at the Boho Culture Fair 2015. Matching shoes come for Slink and Maitreya. Standard sizes and fitmesh are included in the pack.

My necklaces are one of the releases from MEVA at The Seasons Story, the long and short Stoned Necklaces. 

Gorgeous new hair, eXxEsS : SENUNA, is available in a choice of two extensive color huds.

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: Vista Animations, LAP (nla), Helamiyo

Living in the Future

While I was over at the Geeks'n'Nerds event I found this great futuristic space pod. Now I didn't really have a USE for it, but it looked REALLY nice and I loved the venue build by the same designer. So I joined and picked up the gift.

OH MY!  It is exceptional and low prim (26 for the pod including hatches and window locks) and it comes in a dark space 64 meter surround. There is some impressive land that goes inside the surround. But you do have choices.

The pod itself will fit easily on a 1024 lot or delete the air locks and it will fit on a 512.

So if you are a sci fan fan of any sort or just want to live in style in the future, drop by the Delaunay Industries booth where you can pick this up as a group gift.

Pose by: Diesel Works


I've been window shopping over at  Geeks'n'Nerds  (Oct. 17th-Nov. 1st).  There is MUCH to see.  I had a great time on my adventure; it was good to get away from my building pad.

Along with the folks that I regularly feature, I took some screenshots of vendors that caught my eye. There are some very clever items to be had here.

Even if you aren't all that geeky or nerdy, you won't want to miss this build. It is exceptional.  Made by Beth Delaunay (isilmeriel), the detailing is superb. You really need to see it up close and personal.

My lead photo was taken at the Sway's booth where you can find some very colorful furniture!

Not too far away, Second Spaces has some really fun storage units. There are many bright and bold colors as well as this grayscale version.

My hair (top photo) is one of the new releases from Amacci, Effie. This cute style could easily be posh as well as nerdy. Frame of mine and attire DO make a difference.

Here is rundown on the rest of my outfit (not new). Keep scrolling to see some of my favorites from the event.

Eclectica Old Round Hippy Glasses
RealEvil Industries **RE** ReVoX MTX Watch A
Baiastice_Heli dress & shirt-wine
Bliensen + MaiTai - Periodically Nerdy - Necklace

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: the chair

Click for larger photos

Head Shot

Gorgeous new hair. Stunning necklace.

I simply couldn't clutter the photo.

Here's the scoop.

Hair:  eXxEsS : SENUNA      I am mightily impressed.  Giant color huds as always. Materials version also.

Necklace:  Leather and Leafs Necklace in Silver (gold and and brown also available) from MEVA for The Seasons Story.   This is definitely one of my favorites.

Tank by SLX - part of the Victoria Set

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Pose by: Vista Animations

Wayward Halloween

If you are a gacha fan, a photographer, an explorer or even a freebie hunter you will want to journey over to Wayward Halloween.

Stroll around the small rural town to find gachas with pretty much anything you could want. I found clothes, hair, furniture, food, poses and seasonal merchandise.

There are over 100 stores participating with original Halloween items starting October 16th at 8 AM SLT. And there is a photo contest. With so many great vistas, it shouldn't be difficult to find a spot you love.

FLF Pumpkins!

Need some fun Halloween decorations at bargain prices?  Well, it's Friday and that means Fifty Linden savings. From {what next} Jack O Lantern Trees and carved pumpkins. Lots of fun, there are two sets here. Put them together for a big holiday statement.  

Since Sami was wandering around in October attire, I grabbed her for human interest. Well really, photographers DO THAT!

Here is what she is wearing:

Magika hat and hair subscribo gift.
Blueberry group gift tank
Lumae :: Adore - Varda :: Death Becomes Her skin  SLFO group gift. (A similar Lumae group gift is also out. Includes tons of appliers including heads.)
::Envious:: Something Beautiful Sweatpants (MM board that cycles)

Victorian Style

To say that it is an exciting round over at COLLABOR88 is -- well, an understatement at least.

The Maitland House from Barnesworth Anubis is definitely dreamy. Intricate details at every angle, it is just waiting for decor to become a home.

The pocket doors SLIDE -- just like in the vintage homes of this era. So many decorating possibilities!

Be sure and wander through the demo when the crowds have died down just a bit *wink*.