Holiday Gifts

I logged in today to find some very nice group gifts awaiting me. Holidays are fun and presents are even better. From Hatpins there were two versions of a festive top hat. The red trim matched perfectly with the lipstick from one of Tuli's newest gifts -- a sample of Kalista, the new updated skin line. I really like these face tattoo skins that are becoming popular.

I zipped over to Sn@tch to pick up the newest group gift there. Find it by the lucky chairs. A long skirt version is in the pack. All these lovely gifts called for a really different photo spot. So, I looked in my long list of takeapictureheresomeday landmarks to find this oh so clever giant makeup set at Symphony Skins.

All in all a fun if brief outing. Shown with Juicy slingbacks.

If I don't post again soon -- have a GREAT holiday!

Top of the Morning

Two stops this early morning gave me a whole new outfit - sans boots which are my Lazy Places favs :D

First I went to InSight Eyes @ Amacci where I got some fun new hair, eyes and a great sit pillow which matches my other furniture. Long live orange! I decorated with Fall freebies. No surprise there. The hair comes in this brown as well as blond and black. The pillow is unisex and the eye pack is filled with a variety of styles as well as eye sparkles. There are other eyes and a wild hair there too.

Next on to Samara Studios where there is (sadly) a closing sale going on. This is the goodbye dollarbie from Samara which includes pants for boots and a nice top with embroidery trim. You can find the Peace On Earth hunt gift right next to this dollarbie vendor. It holds the skin I am wearing here.

So two stops and lots of great stuff. A good morning with some relaxing and maybe a good book :D Enjoy!

Out and About in Winter Mode

It snowed where I live today. Pretty but chilly. So bundling up is a smart thing.

Sn@tch has a free outfit called HO HO NO in RED minus snowflakes, Santas and the like. Find it on the wall directly across from the entrance. It comes with a mini skirt but I paired it with some plain black pants (no longer available) and some newish (how did I miss it) Gigi hair from HOH. Sort of retro chic. I like it.

Just out from House of Heart and perfect for that fancy new dress is Goddess. It comes with a choice of three bangs -- each with color change menu. This is statement making hair and not for the faint of heart. You will be remembered (wink). For the moment, Goddess is only available at the Le Look sim. Find the shop in the Femmes section.

There is also a $10 find the different items each day grab bag hunt going on at the HOH main store AND some just out release hair freebies. So check those out.

In a complete turn of direction, we have the new dollarbie hair from MAU's & MEJ's. You can wear it with or without the wispy bangs. There is a long version also. Find them directly in front of the entrance on the far wall.

Eyes by Treasured Vision. Poses by LAP.

HOH - Release Gifts

House of Heart put out some great new hairs for the holidays and beyond. The versions with hats come with a menu driven texture change options and there are TONS of choices. I enjoyed them all, but I made an outfit with the last number, complete with Tekel-li lantern earrings and Nuclear Boutique sweater. I may just live in this awhile. Poses by LAP.

Get these colors free from the release pack vendors throughout the store. Other colors available of course on the walls.

Doc 'n WoE 'n Tuli

It takes a lot to get me to the typewriter these days, but a free holiday sweater from Doc Eldritch will do it (wink). This lovely number is a gift until Christmas eve so get over to DE Designs and get yours. It comes in a variety of OTHER (not so holiday and for later wearing) colors. Find them all at the entrance to the store.

Shown with Tuli's new "unnamed" skin -- one of four group gifts given away recently. Hair is Jordan by House of Heart.

I really haven't done the 350 present Peace on Earth Hunt, but I know many of you have as you picked up MY gift (smile). My only stop so far was to WoE to pick up their gift as I love their jeans. These are no exception and come in a big pack of OTHER STUFF too. Boots are my favs from the Vain Halloween hunt -- a Lazy Places fantastic present. Yeah!

Pose by LAP.

That's my news. Hope you are all having a great time out there in virtual land.