Bird's Eye View

Want to get away from it all but still be rooted on dry land?  The new lifeguard station from Minimal will make those desires dome true.  This month's group gift features a color change menu for outfit coordination as well as a resize menu. I downsized the default quite a bit for these photos.

My outfit is a full-featured ensemble gift from SCANDALIZE at WIP (free group). Top and suspendered pants can be textured in a big variety of prints, stripes and solids.

Also at WIP, some snazzy new glasses from Deep Static. The Phoebe glasses boast thing metal frames. A full service hud let's them be for sun or reading. 

Pure Poison - Mandala Platforms


Poses by: the lifeguard station

Neon Way

Need something to jazz up your fancy attire?  This beautifully made raw silk dress can be yours as a ($10) group gift from AUMI.  The Evelyn dress is both fun and impressively textured.  I am thinking that you need to be on the thin side for this to work well, but you be the judge of that for yourself.

Coordinating pearls are just out at FaMESHed. This come with the familiar texture change hud for jewels and metal.    Look for the Margaret set at the Kungler's booth.

And if red is a typical hue in your hair folder, step on over to Hello Tuesday offering at no.match.  No Tease is the name of this week's style.

Paparazzi - Neon Way BACKDROP 2

Poses by: fashionista and aDORKable

Quiet Contemplations

I really love this new top from JF Design. Alas the skirt didn't embrace enough fabric for my tastes. That seems silly really since I am wearing panties that are really just BARELY there LOL.  But I am at home here and not out in public. Just me and my thoughts so tiny "works". It was also the only matching color that I had in my inventory.

What I LOOKED for much of the afternoon was a cute little saucy schoolgirl skirt in pink. White and gray would have been my preferred colors, but I wasn't being THAT picky. Alas, I didn't find anything but I will keep my eyes peeled for the future.  Lots of other colors besides pink of course.


JF Design-Jill Top - Maitreya - Flamingo  at Cosmopolitan
HashTag - Jolli Panties

Hair: TRUTH Poetry

FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Neighbourhood (With 'sun' light) (Rez)  -- really great looking backdrop but NO PHYSICS so difficult to work with (that's me the builder speaking here :D.     

Pose by: BehaviorBody

Midnight Pizza


At Cosmopolitan --

Seniha. Caren Set&Romper - includes panties and bra (many textures)
BellePoses - Pizza Express backdrop

Hair: Truth Betsy

[Neurolab Inc.] SPACE PIZZA V.3
No.59 water

Poses by:  SEmotion

Gifts for Guys

A quick post for the guys out there. A friend went over to the advertised Cold Ash sale. And while he didn't find any sale signs or anything that seemed to suggest a sale (it may be over) he DID find this very nice shirt gift. It includes standard sizing and fitmesh, so no current name brand fits.  It does however include an alpha layer and works nicely with the altamura male BOM body that quite a few of you picked up at the vendor. So that's my tip for the eve.

Find the shirt here.

Furnishings by Apple Fall

Pose by: WRONG

Sunshine and Butterflies

One of the best parts of summer is the bright sun. Plants love it and so do butterflies!


[Eternus] Solace Skirt  and belt at Cosmopolitan (many colors)

Stories&Co. by Flowey / Ash Top
KUNGLERS - Emilia bracelets

JellyRoll - Giselle Hairstyle

Never Totally Dead - The Seafood Market

Pose by: the butterfly pose attachment (beyond ancient)

Coffee for Two

Newness at Cosmopolitan:

*AGATA* Casey pants and top (solids and prints available)

Deep Static :: DS :: Holly Glasses (texture change hud)

KUNGLERS - Marcella bangles (texture change hud)


[Cinoe] Shall we talk release includes - Long Table, chairs, lights, coffee and cookie plate (item giver) and cement wall (not shown).

hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . yellow
books by Apple Fall
Painting: free from ChiC building free art gallery

Sami's dress is a gift at Scandalized for the SL F&O group.

Poses by: the chair and LAP

Inventory Losses

This is a reprint of a post from the SL forums as I know not many people visit there and this is a pretty important issue.

Last week there was a fellow posting here that lost 15,000 ish rezzed items because he was locked out of his (presumably sold) sim). I advised him to take backups of his remaining sim for "safekeeping", something I have done religiously for years.  I have many many MANY backups of items in redundant folders throughout my inventory. I learned my lesson when I first lost 10,000 items  -- my complete Home and Garden folder (this maybe eight years ago). 

I know that all those copies will not guarantee that I keep my favorite items forever -- but it SHOULD help. Shouldn't it?    
Well apparently not so much.    

I have been fairly philosophical about losing items over the years. I am guessing at least 25,000 in my twelve years. After all, there are new and often better items coming out all the time. IF it was an item I made then I have the active files and -- if I REALLY REALLY still want that item  --- I can upload and retexture and add animations et al.  So far so good.

In the past I have lost items here and there and oftentimes whole folders. Now and then those items reappeared in VERY odd places --- sometimes month or even years later. The database is a very mystical thing it seems.  

Lately I have been missing things. Many things. I tell myself that I just can't find them or that maybe I decided to get rid of them  --- or ...     But that really isn't what is going on. Today I was looking for a few items to add to my new sim. One was a couch made of stone that was the "special" prize at a gacha even some time ago.  Searching for couch didn't find the item. Searching for stone didn't find the item. Searching items "made by me" didn't help and looking in the folder where it absolutely SHOULD have been (I keep all my releases in very carefully marked folders) didn't help. It just wasn't there.    

But wait, that stone couch was out on the ground level of LEA6 when I picked things up  a year and a half ago. It will be THERE even if coalesced.  How smart am I? (insert pat on back).  Turns out not so smart since the folders from the takedown of LEA6 were missing more than half of their original items.   SO NOT GOOD.  You can imagine how many folders and folders within folders there are when you take down a full sim.  Not much there anymore.     The same scenario happened with some other objects although I did find a Moroccan fountain in my set up file for Fantasy Faire 2017.   The search went on.   I needed a pizza box and I knew my alt had a really nice one as a group gift from Dutchie. Guess what? Not there. My alt doesn't delete much and certainly not anything nice. 

Eventually I was hoping that things were REALLY STILL on the server but that I just couldn't "see" them in Firestorm, that small corrupted file that does that. So I logged onto the Linden viewer to see if things were there.   My "Stone Couch" WAS there but not my completely empty folder of animated attachments from 2018 or my missing "moving" files. Logging back into Firestorm the couch was still there happily, but all other missing items I had been searching for were still missing. 

There have been times in the past when inventory losses were rampant and Linden Lab admitted that yes, they lost stuff. This is just a post to keep folks aware that things DO disappear and even making multiple backups in inventory does not guarantee safety.  The safest thing you can do is REZ what you want to keep.  Not so good with wearables though, or animations, or scripts or textures ---- you get the idea :D.

So be vigilant.  

PS.   The losses this time seemed to be throughout my inventory which is new --- at least to me.  For the last two or three years I have painstakingly opened each folder in my trash before emptying. This to make sure I had not mistakenly put a folder inside a folder.  So that wasn't an issue. And for many of my missing items the folder that they should have been in were there --- and with SOME items that should have been there STILL there --- just with many missing things.   
It makes me wonder why I do all this backing up and filing and careful redundant saving when it apparently does no good. 

So that's my fairly depressing report. Real life is tough enough; it would be nice if we didn't have additional worries in our virtual ones. 

Outdoor Living

It's summer in the northern part of our globe. Hot days, warm nights and as few clothes as necessary. Happily in our virtual world we can easily have perfect figures to go with our scantily clad bodies.

From Cosmopolitan:

Little Fox - Summer babe - bikini set
KUNGLERS - Marcella bangles (really love these; so easy to change the look to coordinate with the outfit of the day)

Hair out for Hello Tuesday from no.math : NO_BETWEEN ~ Pack of BLONDS

And at Uber, the Trompe Loeil, the Caylin Modern Ranch house.

If you are one of the folks that loves to decorate different houses you will definitely want to check out this new sleek build. It features lots of minimalist additions and plenty of discrete spaces to decorate to your liking. There is an impressive curved water wall at the entrance, a particularly saucy kitchen, built in bar, swimming pool and the list goes on.

Floor to ceiling windows turn into walls at you choosing with a simple click. Only 94 land impact!

The Caylin bar stools are also part of this release.

Pose by: SEmotion

Gamekeeper's Clutter

One thing I hear often these days --- and I really relate --- is that there isn't much NEW in Second Life.  Well, you know -- seventeen years.  But I have to say for the most part that Second Spaces (now in the "clutter" business") has some of the most niche items out there.

Some of my favorites include an underground bomb shelter, home improvement products, garage clutter and a selection of cleaning products.  All fun additions to our virtual lives.

This new release is a bit different but certainly worked well into my little corner of the world.

The Gamekeeper's Clutter set includes two big overhead ceiling collections and two big against the wall groupings.   The definitely add to the atmosphere.

Find them at the Wizarding Faire 2020 which lasts through August 9th.  Since this is a role play event I expect some fun shopping and plan to get over there lickety-split. 

In the foreground (because most good photos have interest in a few places *wink*) are some great boots from MIRUS Designs for the FabFree group. Find them on the gift wall.  Maitreya and Slink only.

Manly Clutter

New subscriber gift at Elm -- manly and super pretty even if you don't have a "man" :D.   Clutter. Gotta love it. Now happily ensconces in my industrial loft.

This is fairly heavy mesh but since it will likely be in a closed room, it should work for most folks.  Another "girlie" gift is nearby; both at the main entrance.

Flower Girl

You can pick up this cute summery VERONIQUE dress at AlaFolie as a Stay at Home Club gift.  Find it at the bottom of a tall pillar with other gifts. An area search might be helpful :D. 

It includes fits for Lara as well as standard sizing and comes in pieces so you can wear the top and skirt separately. Now the top has some rigging issues at the elbow; you can see that if you look carefully at my photo, but still it is a cute little outfit that makes me smile. And smiling is something that gets extra bonus points these days.

Bliensen + MaiTai - Elva - Earring
""D!va"" Hair "Jinia"

Pose by: aDORKable

Wanderlust Gacha

If your abode needs a little perking up, head on over to Petite Maison where you can play this Wanderlust gacha at a discount for Hello Tuesday.  Lots in the set with six rares in all.

Have an adventure!

Morning Showers

Early morn.
Sun is breaking.
Birds are chattering.

It's time to start the day.


Pseudo X SEUL - Lush Robe Lara Blue -- the Epiphany
Pseudo X SEUL - Lush Head Towel Periwinkle (Mod,Unfitted)

Deep Static Caine Glasses  -- Men Only Monthly


Nutmeg. Tidy Pastels Drying Rack / 4
hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . purple
KOPFKINO - Blum Sofa - Leather (Materials)
ChiC buildings Industrial Wall Lamp  Trio - steel and copper

Poses by: Eternal Dream and  Diesel Works


This photo is brought to you by some great gifts.

From Vanity:

OPIA Siouxsie Dress Golden
Poison Rouge Nefert Chocker Golden
Avada~ Sophia Sunglasses

Hair by Truth

From altamura:

Altamura: "Stay with Me" Male BoM Avatar GIFT ( group)

7 Deadly s{K}ins - BOM WALTER Earth (this month's group gift)
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * LEIF *

So let's talk about this new BOM male body.   Unlike most mesh bodies there is very little in the pack :D. There is the body, a shape, a creator kit and an animation hud (which I couldn't get to work).   No main body hud. No alpha selections, no makeup etc. etc. etc.    So what's going on here?

It took me awhile (sometimes I am slow) to figure out that this is a TRUE BOM body. Wear it and take yourself back a decade.  You can of course wear most of your old clothes (why, I have no idea) and any BOM skin. You can also wear today's mesh body clothing, in this case etham - Shane Joggers - Sig Gianni.   Add an old style alpha layer and you are set.

SO EASY!!!!   This is great for guys who don't like to fiddle.  Tattoos work instantly, try out skins in a click. Much less work.

Below a shot of the body  with the shape it comes with. Use any system eyes and your favorite hair.  These used the 7DS Splinter skin from last month.

I changed my guy's face somewhat in the top  photos and made him a bit more beefy.

You can pick up a set of dollarbie alphas on the Marketplace HERE

Pose by: WE "the wrong side of the tracks"  and Amacci's neck pose hud


Newly out for Man Cave the No59 F-class Sodadrink machine dispenses a wide variety of specialty beverages complete with sound effects, blinking lights and glass filling effects.  Choose the method of giving as well as the drinks dispensed. A great addition to role play areas or private bars. 

Blonds in Pink

There's something about blonds and pale pink. They just seem to go together.   My friend and I spent some time putting together almost free outfits with gifts from Shop and Hop (blueberry and Addams) and SCANDALIZE.  Lots of fun, we both ended up in the same light pink. So of course a BFF selfie was in order.

Thanks to all the creators who have given generously throughout our staying home days. 

Poses by: the ChiC buildings merry-go-round pose prop

Pastels and Pillows

It's getting girlie over at Cosmopolitan this round. Lots of pretty pastels and feminine goodness.  Don't miss out.


amias - LETTIE top
KUNGLERS - Elisiane necklace

[Eternus] Stunning Pants

Hair:  no.match_ ~ NO_PRIVATE ~ Pack of BLONDS (Hello Tuesday)

Pillows are natural accessories on wrought iron daybeds.  Find this one at Duvet Day's booth (texture change menu).

Pose by: the daybed

Dusky Skies

If you have every lived on a prairie -- or simply like to pretend, the new No Ride release from no.match  should be on your radar. Choices for with or without hat.

I'll just let the picture tell the rest of the story.

The event? Cosmopolitan.

Barn by  ChiC buildings - Sheep by DLAB (old).

Pose by: the hay bale

Remembering Greece

I have never been to Greece. Hence my title is in question so far as its veracity. But  I like to think that in that misty somewhere - sometime sense my memories are real.

New group gift from S@BBiA::   Ruffle Sleeve Loose Shorts Setup

Hair:  eXxEsS : ELENA

ChiC buildings Greek Garden House with many props (not all shown)

Pose by: the Greek garden house

Checking in on EEP

With much of my sim move under my belt, I knew I needed to see how the lighting looked under EEP.  My first tests back in April weren't conducive to dancing in joyous abandon, but that had been awhile.  Happily it seems like some tweeks have helped bring our Windlight World closer to our EEP World.

These are unretouched screenshots (cropped and resized only) of the differences between the popular Firestorm viewer (still  no EEP) and the current Linden default viewer.  They use the region default which I set using one of my Windlight skies and waters.


If you compare these they seem MUCH closer than my previous photo from April.

Granted this is a different Windlight setting so this isn't any kind of absolute test, but I am happy that folks using my new sim default settings will actually see things looking good. 

So let's see  how the barn looks under the current Windlight setting as above.   I logged Lani into the Linden viewer and oh so happily it looks very much like it should.   NOW I am doing a happy dance.

As an aside to this test, I want to apologize to long time readers.  The last few weeks at Blogspot have been problematic. There is a new version of the backend (which didn't work at all when I tried it last). That's one thing. But loading has been consistently horrible.  I have no idea WHY but it isn't just me as two friends commented on the "waiting, waiting, waiting" icon. 

Nothing I can do about it unfortunately, but hopefully The Powers That Be will eventually get things working as they should. So -- it isn't YOU either ::D. 

Still, some very good news about EEP! 

Linden Lab - Changes to Come

I have been busily working on my new sim so quiet here on the blog.

But I dropped in to let you know -- just in case you missed the news --- that there are changes afoot at Linden Research.

Read more here.