A Hunting We Will Go

September is a SL hunter's dream time! So many hunts starting it will be difficult to pick where to start. Since I have limited time I most likely will be doing a cross between checking the shops I love and picking a few at random (always fun).

Tonight I journeyed out early to see what might be out and indeed the prize for the Summer Harvest Hunt from NiNight Creations was available. A very cute sweater, it doesn't quiet fit me well enough to linger in my closet, but YOU might have better luck. It is definitely a style I like!

I tried a few other shops but didn't find the acorn. It IS early so that's OK. I did find another set of very pretty mesh eyes at Mayfly.  I really love these and my collection is growing. This set is gold with a hint of green. Very pretty.

I didn't find any hints on the SHH blog and the acorns are pretty small so while not the infamousTwisted Hunt (also starting at midnight), this may not be the easiest adventure. Judging from the prereleases I saw on the official blogger sites though, there are plenty of nice things to garner.

My hair of the eve is a new release from Alli&Ali. Serafine comes in a big pack of colors from jet black to snow white. You can pick up a pretty, dirty blond shade in the shop for free. It is the weekly voting present. Find it by the voting wall. I really like this one; both messy and carefree. I fit mostly in that first category :D.

Poses by: Diesel Works from the new Destiny set

Something Wicked

Something wicked this way comes.

The new Corset Me outfit from AD Creations is definitely eye-catching. Biker gal meets supermodel in this creation. Two sizes of rigged mesh skirts are included. There is a caveat here. Unless you are a VERY brave gal, a thong would be advised when tping about. I'll let you think on that - LOL.

My Girl Likes to Grapple earrings from Ticky Tacky ( no longer coming up in search ) set the mood for this shoot. My tattoo is from the lucky chair at Wicked Tattoos.

This new COSMA hair from EMO-tions releases Saturday. Great for punk stylings, it can move over to the glamor category with a change in accessories and attitude.

Poses by: Nigotine (nla), Diesel Works, Vista Animations

The Perfumed Cutlass

What does a girl that has everything need? Why a canon of course!

I was building a canon last night and taking a vendor photo for the upcoming Mad Pea mini-hunt, The Perfumed Cutlass. I so love the theme even if I haven't read any of those historical romances in a decade or so :D.  I was going to store this photo and bring it out closer to the beginning of the hunt, September 7 -- but the end of the month doldrums have hit and I don't have too much to show you today, so this will be my offering.

It was fun to build the canon and get garbed up in a fairly old but still quite stylish pirate wench outfit from Reasonable Desires. It may even still be in the shop. It comes complete with guns and swords and treasure chest.

I haven't actually gone on a Mad Pea Hunt although I have found a prize or two by accident. This adventure sounds like lots of fun so I may give it a try. Finding the prize in MY shop will be very easy. There are only so many places you can hide things in 12 x 16 meters *wink*.

So mark your calendars!

Pose by: LAP (nla)


There is a LOT of news in my world, but before I get to that here's the scoop on the photo.

A new sleek twisted chinong (had to look up the spelling on that *wink*) is out from Vanity Hair; Hlin is the vendor to look for. It is definitely different and super stylish. That "posh" adjective comes to mind yet again.

My beach dress is a freebie from {Bii} on the Marketplace.  Very cute, it is sized for extremely thin hipped gals with big shoulders so it won't fit everyone. The colors are bright and fun!

Now here's the news and it has nothing to do with fashion. There are some of you out there though that have been reading this blog for years and may just want to know what I am up to.

I heard last eve that I am the recipient of an Artist in Residence Land Grant from Linden Endowment for the Arts. This is a full sim for six months. You know what that means; I'll be busy. I won't be giving up the blog. Really; I couldn't do that! It does mean that there will be much less time for hunting and sleuthing. So my posts will mostly be new releases for the designers who I admire and who send me "stuff" *wink*.

So, while I had planned to do several hunts this month, I will most likely just check out my favorite shops and those who post photos of things that appeal to me. I am also a vendor in two hunts this month and have other irons in the fire. So time will definitely be at a premium.

My project for LEA (and you heard it FIRST here on The Blog) is for film. The Machinima Open Studio Project will be a collection of sets, stages and installations for machinima. Open to the public with REZZING abilities, it will also be photographer and blogger friendly.  I have already started a blog for MOSP, and will be posting new builds as I install them. So stay tuned fellow bloggers, this might be something of interest to you.

Wanted you to know :D. 

Pose by: Diesel Works


Lots and I do mean LOTS of hunts are just around the corner. Some will be stupendous and a few will most likely leave you wanting; tis the way. One of the newest hunts is the Fairest of them All Hunt. This is a $5 per item hunt.

Now I don't often go for hunts that cost, mostly because I am hunting for you guys much more than I am hunting for myself. A few things stay in my inventory but they have to be pretty special. Looking through the prize photos on the hunt blog I can see many lovely things. Most, however, were not "me" -- that me that doesn't like to fritter away her hard earned lindens.

There was one item though that I definitely needed -- OK, lusted after would be more appropriate -- and that was the Tea Time necklace from LouLou&Co. Easy to find, it is simply lovely!   My outfit is an oldie; my hair from Calico Ingmann Creations.

For those of you that don't spend your off hours reading the hunt feeds, here is a list of SOME of the hunts starting soon, the ones that seem to me to be the most likely winners.

Carnival Days Hunt ($5)
Summer Harvest Hunt

Color Me Blue

I am obviously having fun with the new "vignette" effect in my graphics software so dreamy is the theme again. The headliner here is the September group gift from Pekas, Urban Sparkly Babe. Obviously blue, it coordinates nicely with my new favorite shoes from lassitude & ennui. Scroll back through the posts to see other colors and more info.

My info on the group gift is sketchy so I can't tell you if it is available quite yet. I can tell you it comes in standard sizing and is indeed sparkly *wink*.

My earring choice of the day is a new release from PiNK CHERRY. A variety of colors are available. User friendly, these flexi attention getters contain a resize script and a bling on-off option.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Potstickers and Eggrolls

A quick late night post to let you know there is a easy little hunt going on in Virtual Asia. Find the boxes of Chinese take out and reap the rewards. There are lots of fun prizes including a floating bubble that you wear (lots of animations) and even some prizes for the guys! Sassy and 1 Hundred have gifts too.

This necklace and earring set by FuLo, made up of red jade and Chinese coins, is my personal favorite. The sim is really fun to explore and photo opts abound.

The 28th is the LAST day of this short hunt so get over there and have some fun.

Pose by: Helamiyo

Depth of Field

This post started out to be about these free boots from ALB on the Marketplace. And, indeed, it still is. But a funny thing happened along the way to this post. It was a techie morn and not by choice.

I read a note on the machinima board that the newest ATI drivers fixed the long time depth of field issue. Indeed it does and you can find it here.  I logged on to find no nasty "X" in the middle of my DOF. I also noted that turning on DOF doesn't seem to lower framerate. All good. 

Well almost all good. When I went to edit my newly acquired dof images I found that my graphics software, Corel Paintshop Pro X3, wouldn't open. Long story but the software hasn't worked for months with the recent changes in ATI drivers. So, what to do. I could restore (maybe) to my old drivers, but decided to try the newer version, X4. I like it and the upgrade is only $25. So an upgrade is my current plan. Moving forward.

On the moving forward front, there is (or will be) a brand new version of Firestorm out. It has currently been pulled from the download page because of a bug, but the website states that a fixed version will return by the end of the day. I'll wait until the first of the month I think before installing :D. 

Dress by JANE, an oldie but one that goes really nicely with these boots.

Pose by: Diesel Works from the new Destiny set


Lots of morning exploring  lead me to Abduction Alley. While its name suggests role play, it is actually more like a movie set. Add some misty amber Windlight, some new poses from Diesel Works and three gifts and we have ourselves a post.

The locale is a deserted town, quiet and empty with remnants and reminders of lives no longer there.  A homestead sim with plenty of extras, it takes some time to fully load all the effects so patience is key.

The new Destiny poses are a mix; sometimes hard edged, sometimes dreamy. This hair is a new group gift from EMO-tions, Colien in brown. My mesh tankini is free from [ LogiQue ] on the Marketplace.

Last on my lists of check it out items are these earrings from sey on the Marketplace . These are actually part of a very nice gift set for guys. The necklace is indeed for guys size wise, so let your significant other know *wink*.  

Poses by: Diesel Works from the new Destiny Set

Lookin' For Adventure

If you have been reading this blog for a long while, you probably remember when I did a lot of destination posts, places to go and things to see. I've been feeling a bit wanderlusty of late and so headed out this morning to what looked to be a good photo op spot, Titanium City.

Now Titanium city is listed in the destination guide under popular places. It is that as there are tons of little green dots permeating the map; actually I count 60. I expected a role play sim and that it is. It is also a place of photo opportunity. I didn't stick around long however. There was no notecard to greet me on arrival. I had no idea what the rules might be. I donned my generic visitor tag, left over from my exploring days and took these quick shots. Still, you may be braver than I; if so zip on over for a visit.

My outfit of the morn is a mix of some new releases and some freebies. First up the urban girl Audrey pants and belt from Paradisis. This is part of a huge mix and match set which includes three colors of jeans and five mesh tops. Now the tops didn't fit me and are British themed so not really my thing anyway. But even so, this new collection set on special for a week is SO on special that you could easily toss the tops and still have a very good deal.

I love, love, love the belt and since all my belts disappeared a year or so ago (thank you database devil) this will be especially loved. You get one with resizer and one unscripted. There is of course a demo of the off the shoulder mesh top so you can test for the fit before you purchase.

Now if you are returning today to read new posts, you remember me saying that Bare Rose had a three minute raffle ball. I left myself there this morning while the typist took her relaxing morning tub :D. When I returned I had a ton of goodies. Now some were definitely not me, but some were and you will see them in the future no doubt. My favorite prize was this set of broken sandals which attach to your hand as a prop. Definitely fun. Raffle items are no copy and transfer so you can pass long extras to your friends or keep one for a backup.

The top that I am wearing is a marketplace freebie from WGD - Acidic Infektion on the marketplace. It has a logo on the top back but long hair (or pony tail) will cover that. Standard mesh sizing fits true.

Other newness previously featured this week  -- so scroll back as needed -- are Minuet hair from Vanity Hair and bare feet from Tarashoes.

Poses by: LAP (nla)

Bare Rose Anniversary

If you are anxious for STEAM 7 to begin or simply need an outfit to wear while hunting those 140 or so stops, wander on over to Bare Rose and click on the "Over the Moonbow" poster. There is an anniversary hunt going on -- one with a story and some fun prizes. This outfit comes for guys and gals as well as petite versions for Yabusaki avatars.  There is also a riding brass horse.

The story comes in seven languages so translating shouldn't be a problem. The hunt is extremely easy. And if you have nothing much to do after hunting, hang around the Bare Rose store and pick up some gifts from the raffle orb which goes off every three minutes.There is always lots to see at this huge store now celebrating its seventh anniversary.

Boots by lassitude & ennui

Pose by: Nigotine (nla)

Midnight in the Tropics

A quiet tropical stroll along white sandy beaches; the moon lights the way.

You can pick up this free dress from ALB Dream Fashion on the marketplace. Standard sizing runs a bit small on this one. Many alpha layers and two lengths are included.

Hair by Discord Designs

Pose by: Vista Animations


There was a lengthy time when I lived in pale skin and red hair. Then I went exotically dark and now I am simply summer tanned. We go through changes.

I let a friend know about the Shiva hunt skin as she was on the prowl for her alt. I let another friend know because she was still wearing three year old skin. And then THEY let me know *wink*.

There are skins in the group lucky chairs!

Three for the ladies, three for the guys -- short term; a great place to hang out while you read the feeds.

With just a little time spent I came away with this very pretty skin.

Get them here!

And then I had a chance to let them know more. There are group gift skins (shown at right) too.

You don't even have to wait to win these and there is no group join fee.

So a bunch of us now have new skins. Some will wear them everyday; some now and then.

That's my morning tip - five skins for the ladies; four for the guys.

Poses by: Diesel Works, LAP (nla)

A Misty View

Awesome orange makes a statement with a little help from the virtual sun.

I have been doing quite a bit of hunting lately. You wouldn't necessarily know that as I haven't found all that many stellar items to pass along to you. But happily I found a couple of things to share on the Make a Wish Hunt for kids. Now I didn't know what I would find on a kid's hunt, but I was running out of options. And what do you know? This lovely Endless Summer dress is yours for free at NiNight Creations.

Another very pretty gift is this wishbone necklace from at N@N@.

I hope you didn't miss the shoes in the top post *wink*. They are the orange version of the new lassitude & ennui Blossom Sandals. 

Read all about them in this previous post.

I started out for the beach to take these photos, but got sidetracked along the way. The destination guide can do that!

So I ended up here at the Bay City Fairgrounds where a car show is in progress.

Whether you love vintage, hot rods, woodies or speedsters -- this is a fun place to come and see what some of our content creators have been up to.

Hair from Discord Designs
Poses by: Diesel Works

Revisiting Roche

A couple of years ago, Roche was the flavor of the month for locale shots among the bloggers.  Pastoral, with lovely attention to detail, it was an example of what our world could be at the time.

Somehow I lost my landmark to Roche and misplaced its name in my memory. But happily I viewed some posts on the feed which jogged my memory and brought me back to revisit. It is still as lovely as always.

So I am guessing that you want to know about this hair :D.  I don't often devote a post solely to hair, but this new release from Vanity Hair is deserving. Minuet comes in three parts. There is the hair base of course, then the crown part of the hair with bangs and top braid. The last piece, the long pony with top braid, needs to be "added" so hopefully that is a choice in your viewer. By now it certainly should be.

This is definitely a favorite for me and I will be leaving out more than one color when I repack as I know I'll want to wear it often. This is the Bordeaux shade.

I am wearing my new hunt mesh eyes from Mayfly (see previous post) and Ginkgo earrings from KOSH.

Poses by: aDORKable


I attempted the Fashion Frenzy Hunt last eve. Originally scheduled to open on the 19th, it is still in limbo with just the store names on the blog and some of listed vendors apparently no longer in the hunt.  I spent some time searching for store locations and visited a few. While trying to do the hunt is frustrating at this point, I did come away with a couple of great finds to share.

First off are some mesh eyes from Mayfly.  Loving my golden mesh eyes from the same shop, it was my choice of starting locations. The eyes come in four whiteness versions; I prefer the murky and slightly bloodshot ones; so realistic.  Some of the other stores I visited seemed to be no longer in the hunt. Signs were missing. After a bit more searching though, I found this very pretty skin at Shiva.

What to wear; what to wear. Finding an announcement for a store hunt at Paperdoll, I zipped over. While billed as a hunt, this is actually a give away!  Find four shopping bags and reap the rewards. This strapless sundress complete with buttons in the back is my favorite. Pink is the theme here with two other dresses and an undies set to be garnered.

That's the early morning wrap up. Have a great day. 

Poses by: aDORKable

Guys and Gals Sharables

If you are a guy --
If you live with a guy --
Or even if you just want to remind yourself when you USED to live with a guy *wink* --

this new tie rack from PILOT is for you. Beautifully detailed and mod to add you own photo or resize a bit, it will be available come August 25th at 7 pm.

Oh, and did I say, "FOUR prims"?

My printed top (actually a dress) and ohsobright shoes as well as Chav's new mesh baggie pants can be yours for free as part of a new hunt at Reila.  There are ten watermelon slices to find. Some items are for guys including skin, hair, sneakers and tank. Look for number 5 for these pants.

Also in the watermelon hunt, is this skin with special summery makeup :D.

Poses by: Diesel Works, LAP (nla)

Comfy and Stylish

A sneak peak and freestuff ( I have decided to ignore the spell checker on that term and declare it a noun), my favorite kind of post is on the docket today!

Pilot is having its grand opening August 25th at 7pm. I can't wait! Meanwhile, here is one of the soon to be releases, an extremely cute patio set complete with cactus in planters. The cushions have a choice of six fabrics and a big variety of animations including ones for couples. They weigh in at a mere 2 prims each. What is really amazing is that the table -- complete with planter -- is only 3 (THREE!)  So mark your calendars for the unveiling in a few days. The textures are simply gorgeous.

I was wandering around Zibska this morning and found these oversized earrings in a box on the stairway. Happily they are a gift!

And my third item of the morn are these bare feet with realistic texture from Tara Shoes. Find them on the Midnight board to the RIGHT as you enter the building. They come with sandals and the hud lets you take the sandals on and off, resize as needed, match skin color and paint nails.

Now, to be fair, these don't fit well without the accompanying sandals, so the bare feet are more geared toward pants. You could of course add anklets if you are a skirt gal. Still, a great find and free!

My outfit is a new release from PARADISIS. Scroll back a couple of posts for all the info and better photos. My hair a recent release from eXxEsS.

Poses by: the patio set

Sway's Summer Flower Hunt

A quick, late night post to let you know there is a mini-hunt going on at Sway's. Search for flowers to find notecards with secret words. Then go to the prize area and follow instructions to claim your prizes.  There are four to be had. A pretty flower necklace, a set of stuffed animals (a blue one is included), two unisex summer straw hats and a floor cushion with a variety of animations including reading and guitar playing.

There are MANY decoys, so don't be surprised if you find lots of "try again" notecards before finding a real one. Look both inside and outdoors.

No style coordination was attempted or implied in the making of this post *wink*. This one's about the info!

Pose by: the cushion

School Daze

It is difficult to believe that it is almost time for school to start. Where DID that summer go? But Fall is in the air -- in my corner of the world at least. Time to get in some sunny outdoor activities before it is sweater season.

If you are a think ahead gal -- and I just know you are -- PARADISIS has a great new set for you; Love Academy. This is my favorite new release in awhile and is value-packed, especially this next week when it is on special.

What do you get? Well, what don't you get is a better question. There is a cute pink undies set which brave gals (that's me this afternoon) can show off along with a school uniform cardigan (mesh in standard sizes).. There are some classic charcoal pinstripe pants and an unbuttoned Henley tank which can also be a dress if you love super short.

Along with all of that comes a school tote filled with all things a girl might need including water bottle and hair clip. The tote comes in both scripted and unscripted versions with the scripted model boasting four choices of holds (some animated). These work WITH your AO (at least they worked great with mine *wink*). Click the tote to get a menu and change the pose.

The sweater works amazingly well and isn't just for photo opts like so many of the often shown mesh sweaters are. Try the demo of course and see how it works for you. This pink trimmed set goes very well with the GOS pink booties that a few thousand of you picked up on a hunt not long ago!

Hair - The Hamptons (Vintage Fair) by Vanity Hair
Necklace - a hunt prize from Sway's Summer Flower Hunt;  I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.

Poses by: Vista Animations

Rice Fields

It is a beautiful, foggy morning over in Edo Japan. Rice paddies and butterflies greet the dawn.

The other day when I was checking out prizes for the If I Were Rich Hunt I spotted this lovely kimono in kisetsu's lucky board. With a little bit of time on my hands I journeyed over to see if my letter would come up. It took a couple of trips but I came away with this lovely Fallesce style. There are several ways to wear the pieces with various skirts and collars and such. Extremely pretty.

While I was watching the board I ran into a fellow watcher and hunter who alerted me to the Historical Hair Hunt prize at the same shop. I found the hair roller which happily contained hair for both guys and gals. This is the male prize. I retextured the wrapping to coordinate with the lucky board kimono.

Poses by: juxtapose

Buckles and Bows

I am so loving these shuz!

OK. They do have bows and might seem a bit girlie for me, but they are simply sexy - oh so sexy. I love wedge sandals and these Blossom ones from lassitude & ennui are to die for. Pick them up now in a variety of colors at L'Accessoire, a new intimate sales venue. While you are there, check out the other offerings including some striking jewelry.

The shoes come both as rigged mesh (what I am wearing) and unrigged single shoes. Now I do have a bit of a caveat; the model I am wearing is called black. To me, they are not black -- no matter my Windlight setting. For me, they are a gorgeous dark taupe with hints of rose; really lovely. Still, if you have your heart set on black ....  :D

The hud lets you save lots of skin presets should you be someone that changes their skin tone frequently. The color swatches are happily large! Yay!

Blue Blood has just released its first mesh dress. Neutralist me, I picked the solid black version of Nadine, but it comes with colored skirt in all the traditional Blue Blood colors.

The standard sizes fit true. 

My hair is a new release from Alli&Ali.  Haden comes in eleven shades and is in theory guy hair. So much for theories *wink*.  This dark brown color is a group gift; a dark honey version is a voting present.

Necklace: an oldie from KOSH.

Poses by: fountain and LAP (nla)

Storm Watch

If you have never experienced a the full fury of Mother Nature, virtual style -- it is time to take a journey over to New Toulouse. Any of the sims will do. It's a big storm. But the most dramatic evidence is of course the Bayou.

The storm has been raging for awhile; one look at the map shows an abundance of high water and flooding.

It is quite impressive, the power of the elements. It is even nicer when your safety is secure.

Come prepared for lag. The weather system takes its toll. Still, it is a marvel to watch.

Outfit by BlakOpal, boots by lassitude & ennui, hair by Alli & Ali.

Poses by:  LAP (nla), Vista Animations

Dining In

Newness at Sway's includes the Brenda table and chair set. Choose from a single color or this multi-hued version with a full variety of colors. Chairs, stools, two sizes of tables and even an upside down stool are include. Foodstuff are part of the package.

While the dining set is extremely low prim, my favorite piece is (of course!) the Tasha Chandelier (sold separately). At 36 prims it isn't in everyone's budget, but if you are prim rich? So cute!

The chairs include a variety of animations and poses with adjustment. Some are for guys and there are eating and drinking versions with props.
Also new is a teacup candle gatcha lamp.

Larger than a traditional teacup (see the photo above), it comes in five colors and is transfer to share or trade.

Pose by the chair :D