Living in Second Life

Some friends asked me if I remembered all the places I have lived in Second Life, and I believe I do. Memories fade however, so I am linking back to photos from this blog in an attempt to have a chronology of sorts. It is too easy to forget.

I faithfully went through my old posts.  It was a good journey, looking back; from now on I will be a better housing reporter.


Now honestly I spend most of my time on my building pad at LEA7, BUT that being said, if I were to CHOOSE a spot in the Spring of 2014 it would be the Villas. So adding to this chronicle with a pretty photo for remembrance's sake. 

I moved into a bare industrial skybox at the beginning of June 2013. It took several months to decorate to my liking but I wasn't really in a hurry and seldom there really, again building building filming building :D. 

 As I reread my ending statement from the preface I have to smile as updating this page has been somewhere between lax and non-existent. To be fair I stayed in my snowy abode at LEA20 until moving out in February. Then at LEA7 I was homeless, working on my building pad. Eventually I made a little place of my own in the rainy day skybox. After a couple of months I moved on and opened this area to the public.

I have been SO bad about updating this page. I only know one gal that actually comes here, but I do believe in historical records so as the solstice of 2012 nears, here is a bit of catchup.

Currently (throughFebruary) I am at LEA20. A whole sim of my own to play with, it has been fun. Working really long hours for a month and a half got the sim finished. From there I have been lazing and learning.

My winter home, high in the sky finally has snowy dunes, something that I wanted for a long time and finally learned to make myself.

Before that I lived in Agoshima for awhile in a great little skybox with almost free rent. There wasn't any natural light though and that made taking photos difficult. Hence this is what I found in the archives -- just so that "I" remember.

And that takes us back to where I left off almost a year ago. I was at the house by the bridge a long while.

After leaving the Bayou at the beginning of November 2011, I lived where I worked at the LEA installation, The Subway. Later I added a small personal spot, but I never exactly felt like it was home. At the end of December, knowing that time was short at LEA I did some exploring and found a great view lot overlooking the giant Linden suspension bridge, a place I had always admired. So as the new year begins I am living on a 512 with all of one of the prims used. I have a phenomenal view and a very classy open to the sea abode. And free is good too.

Living in the Bayou - New Toulouse - the day of the flood - May 15th

Tucson House - Demondrille - May 2011

Pied a Terre - Demondrille - in the "city" 
Spring 2011

February 2011 - My Asian Home at Learn Avatar

photo taken on the sandbox after the unexpected dismantlement of the sim

Midwinter Thaw - Winterfell - 2011

Winter 2010: Winterfell

Fall 2010: Austral

Fall 2010: The Mesa

Fall 2010: Newport Beach Cay

Summer 2010: Demondrille office

Summer 2010: Skybox Demondrille

Summer 2010: EE's Place

Spring 2010: Winterfell

Beach Cay: Winter 2009

Arkham: Fall 2009

Demondrille: Fall 2009

Summer 2009:  Skybox Studio above Demondrille

Spring 2009: Demondrille beach (no house)

Spring 2009: Cherry Hill Apartments

Spring 2009: Poivre

Winter 2009: Miatake

Gembong: 2008