Hair Fair 2019 - Opening Day

Hair Fair is open.  I journeyed over in the early morning hours wearing only a little black dress -- no hair, no shoes, no huds-- and had no problem getting in with premium status.  Crowds have moved into the event now but happily there are cam sims so those who really don't want to wait, can practice there sleuthing skills.

I was happily surprised with this year's event. The variety seems greater, there are many more styles for men than in some years past, paths were easy to follow without getting lost AND frame per second were high (I had about 27).

The build isn't the star of the show but its snowy minimalism  theme sets the stage for some lovely new releases by familiar and no so familiar names. 

My lead photo shows Montmartre from Baiastice. I really do appreciate hats with hair, and this saucy bob style works perfectly with the jaunty beret.  There are some very impressive role play headdresses in the same booth, so para folks are in for a treat.

My simple black lace trimmed tunic dress hales from the Little Fox (the Natalia set) at Cosmopolitan.

Gifts can be found in some of the stores, not like in the early days of Hair Fair -- but there are some nice styles to pick up while you are trying on and buying newness.    Here are a few of my favorites.  Most gifts come with color huds, some with style changes and options and some with accessory color choices.




Backdrop by Paparazzi
Poses by: Nigotine and SE Motion

Whispering Desert

So taken with the Fundati palms, I journeyed over to the main store in search of other treasures.  The new desert collection is some of the best flora on the grid. Impressive for sure. 

This four piece ensemble (heels are in the mix) is from Furtacor and come in many mesh body sizes; a texture change hud is included. All bright and exotic, it even comes with a lion (yes, a lion LOL).

This is a group gift.  Find it in one of the boxes on shelves. The boxes are small so you will need to cam around. Look for the sticker on the box.    With lots of other groups covered you may find some other treasures as a bonus!

Pose by: Di's Opera

Moving In - Flora

With most of my sim styled, I started work on my personal place.  I chose the newly released Cydney Modern Poolhouse from Trompe Loeil.   A small footprint with plenty of outdoor space, good LODs and low land impact all figured into my choice. The  pool on the upper deck? A bonus!

I am not in a hurry to fill all the nooks and corners of this modern dwelling. Taking ones time is rewarding in its own way. Little by little.

In this shot -- one of the entryways and some great new plants just out at Cosmopolitan.

In the foreground, three plants from the Armonia Decor  PinaMar set. Chair and tables are also in the mix.

And outside? A gorgeous palm tree from (Fundati), the Sabal palm II. It has subtle animation, very good LODs and some lovely textures. Palm shown here is 10 land impact.

For those of you paying attention you will note that I pushed the house's deep foundation into my landform.  I wanted to be closer to Mother Nature; head is in the clouds often enough as it is.

Trompe Loeil - Kenna Cot PG

Pose by: the cot

Farm Gal

I am SO enjoying my new sim!   It makes me happy just to visit.  Today was "add" day and I have been digging deep in my inventory for things that will make The Road To Nowhere come alive!  That's the good part of the move. The bad part is redoing more than two hundred Marketplace ads. Oh well, the price of excitement.

In the meantime here is a cute new gacha outfit from Sucreries de Fairy at Cosmopolitan.  The Olivia set includes both jumpsuits and similar attire with skirts in various colors. These are nicely detailed and fit well. Maitreya only. 

So cute!

Hair: eXxEsS : ANGURIA

Farmer's Market Stand by Sese (gacha)
Shed ChiC buildings (gacha)

Pose by: Helamiyo

Pearls Pearls Pearls

Two posh and ladylike releases come together in styling.

From Baiastice at Collabor88, the Kazan dress with many many choices of lace, solids and prints. The dress can become a mini via hud choice.

From Kunglers, a multi-stringed necklace with texture change hud. Find the Inga release at Belle.

Hair: DeLa Cheri

Backdrop by Paparazzi

Pose by: Eternal Dream


A new and exceedingly superb group gift (free group) hit the stands recently.  This is the [ContraptioN] Roamer's Top *SUNDOWN* version for the L'Homme group.  The detailing is truly out of this world.

Find the gift vendor HIGH on the wall in back of the counter.

This is a male gift of course, but I found a good fit among the many male body brand choices.  Adjusting shape sliders in the breast area will add a little more feminine shape, but I was happy just to use my regular one.

While you visiting the store, check out the super creative accessory items. A fun place to shop for sure.

Stories&Co. Signature Latex Leggings

Poses by: Wetcat  -- Ilicit

Road to Nowhere

Phase 1 of my new sim is completed.  There will of course be additional touches here and there as the future unfolds, but I am very happy with its beginnings.

Road to Nowhere is a melding of the Machinima Open Studio Project's installation of that name, and the countryside elements of A Steamy  Mystery in Terradale.   These are now happily co-mingling on a sim with endless skies  and no neighbors with their sometime eclectic and "interesting" builds :D.

Framerates are high, default skies are early winter bright sunny day.  Machinima and photographer friendly; come film and shoot!

Fashion Credits:

Blueberry - Group Gift - Tank Top
Beautiful Dirty Rich Absence of Fear applier jeans
iS Tied Shirt FATPACK

Hair: no.match No Breeze

Pose by: SEMotion

Love in Lavender

Another superb gift (free group) is out at Vanity -- which also has a collection of new to me creators; always fun to see a variety of brands.   

From Scandalize, the Angelic set in Pale.  A dress as well as a bikini set is included in the pack. Bikini panties work with the dress and are definitely needed :D.    Popular mesh body fits.

Hair: eXxEsS : Espresso

Backdrop: Paparazzi

Pose by: SAAL

Rose Dawn Morn

A new group gift (60,000 members Oh My) out from Scandalize is perfect for summer flirting. An optional belt is included with hud as well as hud for the laces. "Sleeves" are optional also and there is an ombre version in the pack.  Many mesh body fits. 

This is a pay group but there is a whole wall of past group gifts, so definitely worth the fee.

Hair: MINA Hair - Mena

Pose by: Torrid Midnight

Endless Sea

Summer sun. Infinite vista.

From Kunglers at Spellbound, Osana seahorse earring with texture change hud. So many color combos! So enchanting. 

From bonbon,  Vina hair, a new gift on the Marketplace.  Extensive texture hud.

Stories&Co. Signature Tube Top - Pastels

Poses by: Pose It


Some of those "tipped" photos -- presumably taken with the Black Dragon viewer -- can be quite evocative. I am not one to install a lot of programs, but I am happy to experiment with the ones I am familiar with -- and that was my plan of the day. 

Here is how I made to photo above.

I took a screenshot larger and further away (more background) than I intended to have in my finished photo.

I duplicated the photo layer and then rotated the top layer to a pleasing angle.

I then MERGED the two layers into one.
And then cropped them making sure that the crop included only parts of the merged shot.

I am using Corel PaintShopPro 2019 but most graphics software will have these capabilities.

From there, you can add any special effects that you might want and make additional changes as needed.   I used the "vignette" filter in this hallway shot.

This is a different style and look using the same technique.

My outfit is new from Baiastice and comes as separates for later mixing and matching. There are many fabrics to choose from as well as a fatpack hud.  Perky and summery, this is a fun addition to your wardrobe.  Find the Jenny Set here.

The Trompe Loeil - Cydney Chair and Couch as well as the Cydney Modern Poolhouse are available at Uber.

(Kunglers Extra) Eliza leaf earring

Hair;  no.match_ ~ NO_STRESS

Poses by: SEMotion

Land or Sea

When I first saw the vendor photo of the new Cydney Modern Poolhouse by Trompe Loiel, I thought it was a houseboat.  Indeed it has that "look"and I love it.  The Poolhouse comes with a tall cement base which would let it merge into a steep hillside fairly easily.   If water is your choice of locales though, that should work well also.  It is low land impact with good LODs and a very modern, minimalist feel.  With one enclosed room on the first floor and a big top deck with pool for open air living, it is a perfect summer hangout.  Find it at   Uber.

While you are at Uber (when you get in of course as it has been packed for days even for premium members - so check those two camming sims next door) be sure and pick up the great gifts -- including one of  my favorite outdoor dining sets from Trompe Loeil, the Marceline Dining table and chairs in two woods.   And of course check out the companion Cydney seating set, couch and chair -- also in both light and dark woods.

Other new releases here include part of a new Palisades BBQ Grill from {what next}. The full set includes chairs and a shade canopy with lighting as well as some great food plates.   This is a main store release.

Also new, my swimming attire from Salamandre at Cosmopolitan, the Freya swimsuit in both plains and patterns.

Plant: ROIRO - SATEN schefflera pot

Hair: eXxEsS : MARTINI

Poses by: the swimming pool


Resisting -- sometimes its hard that pull of the peer group. But we each need to find our own way.

Uber birthday gifts include:

Belle Epoque { Denim Bag } Resist (other texts are in the pack)
Lapointe & BastChild Designs Swear Boho earrings and necklace (two boxes)
neve top - flick  (texture change hud - plains and prints)

{MYNX} Used Skinny Jeans - MAITREYA Vintage


Pose by: Helamiyo from the Kpop set (works WITH bag hold)

Uber Industrial and More

Uber is my favorite event these days and it looks like a very good month with oh so many pretty things!

From Second Spaces and floorplan (a collaboration) a great industrial set featuring locker in various colors, a stylish standing clock (so cute) and an excellently crafted desk set. Other decor items are also a part of this release.

Also at Uber, a casual and fun overalls set with on-off blouse (so you can wear with applier tops or bandeau bras) and lots of pattern and color choices. These are rolled, above the ankle in length.   Find them at the Baiastice booth.

It is also a BIRTHDAY month as well as a "bring a friend" month -- judging from all  the shared booths.  I managed to get to a mirror sim early this morning and picked up 67 gifts before the mirrored part of the sim disappears. Happily I rmembered the booth I was camming, made note and will return soon.

A "don't miss gifts" post will be coming along soon -- tomorrow most likely.  Most gifts were buy for zero. Only a few refused to give out their goodies.

And now I have a lot of unpacking to do. 


Backdrop by Paparazzi

Pose by: the chair

Butterfly Bliss

Summer has come over at the deviousMind booth at Epiphany.  So many pretty colors of dresses -- including a butterfly print version.  Sunny and sassy and different, these off the shoulder minis are perfect for many warm weather occasions.

To go with -- especially for photos -- are various butterfly swarms.   These come in varying sizes and attachment points and have many colors to choose from.  Much fun.

Anime hair and fishnet stockings round out the offerings in this gacha.

Deep Static Sophia Glasses with color change and transparency hud - new at The SENSE EVENT

Hair: -FABIA-   Abigail

PLAAKA Sunflower Rectangle (gacha)

Poses by: aDORKable

Bohemian Chic

Swimsuits not required. 

Not just for sunning, the Taleo Loungers from Trompe Loeil offer relaxation day or night, porch or poolside.   Find them here.


Meva Trudi Blouse
{MYNX} Used Skinny Jeans
EarthStones Quetzalli Necklace - Spirit
EarthStones Peace, Love & Harmony Bracelet

Hair: 1) ... MINA Hair - Hannah

Trompe Loeil Cobi Chair
Trompe Loeil - Genoveva Hacienda Poolhouse PG

{what next} plants

Pose by: the lounger

Tilia Goes Live? (Updated August 1)

Updated Monday, July 29th

Friday afternoon someone posted on the forums that the previous problem with "needing more info" when it wasn't August 1st yet had been changed.  Now there were happy green checkmarks where -- for awhile -- people had been asked to put in more info in order to transfer dollars to Paypal.

This sounds good, but in fact it was just a different type of "broken" since it was discovered that even those who shouldn't have been able to cash out to Paypal had that check mark -- even a brand new made alt account.  Hmmmm.

Two forum threads discussed the Processing Credit Bug.  And last evening Grumpity came on the forums to explain.

A friend told me just now that he processed to Paypal over the weekend "as usual" so I am planning on trying again on Tuesday.  Note that should you want to send dollars outside to Paypal after August 1 you will very likely need to add information to that "more info needed" link (which will appear again after they get this worked out).

Again, for folks who haven't been reading about this, if you have a USD balancd in your SL account and  do NOT want to "accept" the Tilia TOS on August 1 -- you will need to either cash out to Paypal OR buy some linden dollars ($2.50 is the minimum).  Buying dollars will take money from your USD balance first and then charge your credit card or Paypal.

People with NO USD balance in their SL account shouldn't see any messages at all on August 1; that is what we have been told anyway.  Fingers crossed.

Original post is below.

The "voluntary" personal information form for Tilia went live yesterday. See this offiial post which by the way is NOT in the main blog release channel and will not appear on your dashboard,  surprising a few citizens for sure.  I was able to process credit out to Paypal on Saturday as usual but by Monday my choices were to give Linden Lab my Social Security number or keep my lindens as lindens.  Yes, some eyebrows were raised.

Some folks are now left holding lindens that they WOULD have transferred to Paypal, some over $2000 US.  I am puzzled why anyone would leave that much "cash" sitting in the Linden Lab coffers, but we each do things differently. Personally I will have  less than a hundred US dollars worth of "extra" lindens with which to start the next phase of my SL life.  I am OK with that. I do feel sorry for those that got caught in the early instigation of the new personal info requirement.

Most of us it seems expected ALL parts of the Tilia changes to happen on August 1.  That was our assumption; it proved to be incorrect.  There has been a lot of misinformation with Tilia with several "promises" from the lab simply not happening. To my knowledge the transcript of the Town Hall never appeared, the FAQ page is "supposed" to be updated for various languages BEFORE August 1 (a little late now since you can no longer process credit without the extra security questions being answered). Grumpity's claim that most accounts that had been previously processing credits would not need to add more information appears to be false --- at least from reports on the SL forums.

I am REALLY very disappointed. 
Welcome to the new world --- several days early.

So far there has been no verification that anyone has been able to process USD credits out to Paypal without filling in the new personal info form -- this including people who have been cashing out to Paypal regularly.  Residents are calling for more info on what IS and ISN'T really happening. If some official word appears, I will update this post.


Grumpity Linden just confirmed on the forums that people "should" be able to cash out to Paypal until August 1. I have not personally tested this to find it true. Here is her forum post.

A bit before noon on the 23rd someone on the forums reported  that they tried to purchase lindens and were sent to the "more personal info" page -- the one where US folks need to add their Social Security number as well as take photos of ID and such. The person had NO USD balance and always uses a credit card to buy lindens and pay membership fees. So be prepared for some bumpy waters. Things will hopefully be fixed and working by August 1. Fingers crossed.

Update August 1: 

Tilia Day arrived with little fanfare.  People who had no USD balance in their account were able to log in (thanks to all the ruckus made by forum members) without knowing it was happening at all.  There will of course be confused people, those that didn't even know this was in the works.

For historical reference I am noting that some actions that LL stated would happen, did not.  To my knowledge and I have asked with no replies, there was never a transcript of the Town Hall meeting. We were also told that the Tilia section of the Knowledge base  would be translated into various languages for our non-English citizens BEFORE Tilia Day.

Later edit noon August 1:   A few things have changed since the Lindens last updated the populous.  Here is the new official Tilia is Live post. 

Later edit mid-afternoon August 1:  The Tilia FAQ pages appeared for various languages.


Some of my friends didn't care at all and easily sent in their Social Security numbers, others considered it "selling their soul" but necessary or they would not have real life money to survive.  A few of us opted out of cashing out in the future.  And that is the story of July 2019 and the Tilia TOS.    

Fantasy Dance

The Baiastice Casbah Set offers escape to exotic lands. Twenty nine pieces in all, some with texture change huds, silks and gemstones whisper of warm desert nights.   Find your favorites at Epiphany.

I am wearing Baiastice Casbah Full Outfit Maitreya  RARE and the Casbah Necklace EXCLUSIVE; both with texture change huds


Pose by: Diesel Works

Quiet Despiration

A dusky overcast sky, buzzards fly low over mother rocks and cracked asphalt. The once thriving town sits quietly waiting for the blazing day to come. Empty lawn chairs perch under makeshift trailer overhangs waiting for owners to resume their vigil and the tall cactus keep sentinel as barren outskirts merge toward empty desert.   This is Cornhub.

Pose by: SE Motion
Sky: modified wastelands

Kegs,Crates and Bottles

This month's Tres Chic release from No.59 features beer in many forms. I especially like the cluster collection of beer bottles (decor only); so many uses.  Pair them with an older release Beer Barrel (several choices) for a great summertime display.  Beer givers with Bento holds; various styles of brew and a variety of color palettes if you are a must match the couch kinda of decorator.

Hangars Liquides

Hangars Liquides will likely be disappearing soon, this after a decade.  A brief trip late one evening took me back to my early days when the cyber punk multi sim area was new and not only futuristic but state of the art in our prim-based world.  Time has passed, but it was still a pleasure to visit  -- and remember.


Casadel"Ghost" Top, Skirt and Panties in various textures and mesh fits @ Cosmopolitan.

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * STARS *

Pose by: Eternal Dream

City Lights

Sometimes I feel like a city gal -- classic and classy.


KUNGLERS - Tabata earrings and necklace with texture change hud (so pretty) at Cosmopolitan.   resizer.


Paparazzi - Urban View BACKDROP at Backdrop City

Pose by: the chair

Questions about Tilia (updated)

Today, July 16th the official Tilia forum thread was closed.  While there were still unanswered questions from early in the thread as well as new ones (I posted two  over the weekend) there were no more ANSWERS from Linden Lab.

The official post advised citizens to contact support with their individual questions.

Remember you have until the end of the month if you want to make any Tilia specific changes -- such as sending dollars out to Paypal for the last time in order NOT to be required to accept the Tilia TOS and Privacy Statement.

If you are coming here from a web search, here is my history of Tilia with reference to the SL forums. 

Update: A week after the town hall meeting there was still no written transcript (officially promised - speedily even :D) and of course the FAQ page that was supposed to offer answers (also officially promised) was still closed.  It's been very quiet.   I am not so secretly waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am thinking maybe in three months.  Then again that shoe may stay on the edge of the bed --- in wait.   

The official Tila FAQ page was updated with a promise that it would be translated into various languages before the end of the month. But since a lot of "promises" have been broken lately that chore may not be completed. Some readers are still confused after reading the FAQs -- this from forum comments asking other residents for clarification. 

A well written technical PR piece on security was published. 


It is always a pleasure to see creativity in action.

From   -:zk: at Cosmopolitan  the Paulina Dress in a variety of denims with lace and belt texture change for a perfect styling to fit your mood. Beautifully textured. 

From MINIMAL, a group gift backdrop in two versions. The water is animated. A lovely present, both versions are now part of Backdrop City at LEA6 where you can find a variety of both geometric fashion backgrounds as well as full scenes in many genre types. Explore as there are roads and "alleys" that lead to about thirty environments prefect for photography and filming.

New asymetrical hair from eXxEsS - SOLARIA

Pose by: eternal dream

Magazines and Cigarettes

Sometimes you just need to get into comfy old clothes --


Stories&Co. by Flowey / Ami Crop Top
shine by [ZD] ALLY TRACK PANTS gray

Amitie Consumed_Cigarrette

Hair: lock&tuft - sierra

DRD newstand at Uber

Pose by: Nigotine [nla]

Beach Bungalow

If you love small houses with shabby chic nautical themes, then the new Ndari Beach Houses from Trompe Loeil may be your next abode. 

Lots of windows and a small loft for sleeping, it offers a cozy atmosphere at only 57  land impact.

And while the windows make decorating a bit tricky, no worries -- the Trompe Loeil Nora Studio kitchen items fit right in. 

Find the Ndari  release (various trim colors to choose from) here.

Hotplate by Second Spaces
Landforms by ChiC buildings

Tilia and YOU - Updated

This original post was updated at 2 AM on July 11th and several other times. Additional information in italics. 

I am not going to comment much about Tilia and the upcoming changes to Second Life here until AFTER the Tilia Town Hall Metting on FridayI am hoping some adjustments will be made to the original announcement; there certainly has been enough outcry to warrant some rethinking of position.

I and others have been VERY vocal however on the SL Forums (Tilia Takes Over thread).  It is very BAD form to make an official FAQ thread and then delete many long, thoughtful and important questions --- let alone not answer any of the hard questions for over a week now.

Here is your homework.

The official Tilia changes August 1 post from The Lab is HERE. 

The Tilia Terms of Service is here.

The Tilia Privacy Policy (only applicable to those in the US) is here.

Be informed. Make your own choices. 

Visit the Town Hall meeting or watch the video. It should be interesting to see the "spin".

Various updates as well as bullet points of the Town Hall can be found by continuing  with reading(long post; want to keep it all together).


Evening update:  

Post deletion continued throughout the day with many people repeating their original questions and demanding answers. Unfortunately comments continued to be deleted and the week and a half thread remained volatile with  arguments within the questions -- most to be deleted once again when a moderator returns to work.

Many questions still without answers include one of mine from nine days ago; it has been echoed and asked again by many other SL citizens:

This unprecedented (in my memory) truncation of  comments has caused some forumites to exit the thread, forums and perhaps Second Life. It is difficult to decipher the specific meaning of comments such as "that's enough of this -- I'm outta here".   One positive action was born of the vitriol, there will be a written transcript available of the Town Hall meeting -- this after many citizens agreed the record was necessary.

A forum comment from 2 AM (not mine):

I will post a link to that text when it is available, so return to this post if you have difficulty finding the printed word version of the proceedings.  

Edit: Friday, 7 - 12 at 1 AM

While I haven't been watching the Tilia FAQ thread as closely as I was it appears that The Lab has now decided to leave all comments in rather than delete some. So towards the end of the waning thread there are many bits of chatter that are NOT questions.  They have not returned previously deleted posts. The have not answered any further questions since Monday.

Edit Friday morning : Not long before the Town Hall was about to happen there was an official post to the FAQ thread stating the there had been a change and that NOW only those with USD balances in there account would need to agree to the the Tilia TOS.  This made me a very happy gal.

Edit Friday after Town Hall:

Overview and bullet points of Tilia Town Hall

OF COURSE  be sure and watch the event on your own or read the transcript and find out information that may pertain to your situation--  and check my interpretation. The original source is ALWAYS the best source.

My personal Tila questions were all either answered or had become a non-issue before the Town Hall. These are the bullet points that "I" personally found most interesting.   There were about 84 avatars at the meeting including Brett, Grumpity and Patch Linden.  

[Grumpity - not a quote see the transcript or video] Since OKing the Tilia TOS will only be needed by those with a current USD balance, then if people do not want to sign the Tilia TOS, they need to "get rid of their USD balance". 
I had already figured that out and plan to have accounts with a USD current balance (left over from premium payment) process their USD balance to Paypal before August 1 so that they will not have to OK the Tilia TOS (which was my personal end goal). 

[Grumpity - not a quote see the transcript or video] for those that have prepaid their membership on the recent "deal" and have a USD account balance that will not need to be used for over a year, they will not be charged the no activity fee as long as they have a premium membership. Beyond that, all people need to NOT get charged the fee would be to log into the their SL web account.   The fee will be no more than $3.00 US.   [Brett originally stated the $3.00 US fee as the maximum; it depends in part on laws from various areas.

[Grumpity - not a quote see the transcript or video]  Soon it will be easy to tell if you will need to supply personal information -- or MORE personal information for those that have already sent things in.  There will be some indication (like button and or link) that tells you if you are good to transfer credit OR if you will need to supply more information. 

[Brett - not a quote see the transcript or video] Tilia can ONLY be accessed via your SL website account. 

[Patch not a quote see the transcript or video]  There is a POSSIBILITY that people may be able to pay tier or membership directly with linden dollars - - thus keeping away from a US dollar balance.  This is NOT A PROMISE (that part is a quote :D) but something that The Lab is looking at. 

Things went smoothly. Grumpity could use a better microphone I think though -- she was pretty blurry sound wise compared to the very clear fellows.   

Many plans have changed from the original Linden Lab announcement, mostly because of people who were willing to take part in the process and explain their concerns and viewpoints. Not all questions asked were answer and likely not all will be, but I am very happy with the concessions made and I can personally continue with Second Life while upholding my moral beliefs. So for me personally this was a good conclusion. I am happy to have taken part.   

Vanity at Vanity

Don't miss this great Vanity Hair gift at the Vanity Event!  It would have made it into Sami's post but it was set to the wrong group -- as many others were.  The short sassy style includes a texture hud with many basic colors.

Other items in my shot include some of my favorites from Kunglers (Lola's Necklace), Baiastice (Janis shirt), Stories&Co. (Signature velour leggings), Trompe Loeil (Marceline Dining Chair and Table and Genoveva Hacienda), {what next} Caliente food plates, ROIRO "OAZO" Monstera,and No.59 SixPack CaroCola Classic

Pose by: the chair

Bright Morning Sun

Early summer. Early sunrise.


New at The Liaison Collaborative, Emmanuelle Glasses with color change and transparency hud and from Deep Static  with lots of retro style and frames that are thick enough to be seen well at a distance.

New at BelleBaiastice Lace Slip Ons in both solid and partial transparent fabrics; quite inventive!

New at Belle   KUNGLERS  Dhiaka necklace with texture change hud, a great casual style for when you want to dress up JUST a little.

New at CosmopolitanLucas Lameth Driftwood Comfy Chair which comes in a variety of colors. This whitish version can be tinted to match your decor as needed. There is also a very nice 2 li potted Ficus plant.

Free at the Vanity Event Anniversary, a super nice wardrobe basic white tank that fits like a dream from AVALE, the Amy Shirt

{MYNX} Used Skinny Jeans - MAITREYA Vintage

Plants, landforms and Decor Box Books and Vase gray  Promo from ChiC buildings.


Poses by: the chair

Vanity Anniversary

Everyone loves a party and there is a great one going on over at the Vanity Event. It's anniversary time and gifts abound.   Not only are the prsents plentiful, they are outstanding.   Here are some of Sami's favorites.

Note that many present boxes are currently set to the wrong group. Clicking and clicking will NOT get those puppies into your inventory. But in time, they will likely be fixed.  Also not all presents packages contain gifts.  I will be heading over to pick up some favorites later in the week and more goodies may appear on these pages. Meanwhile, here is the rundown of just a few of the cornucopia of goodies.

Top Photo:

Have Unequal Cody Body_Orange&Red_Maitreya
.::Supernatural::. Evelyn Necklace V1 Gold
Gemini -Ferni Earrings- Hoops
Little Heart Leg TaTToo [CAROL G] 

Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair  Gift < Klara>  (not from this event)

Candy kitten Aloriana dress with texture HUD
ED. Design Iris Earrings
Fashiowl Party Drink
R.icielli - NATANA High Heels

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Essena (not at this event)

TO.KISKI - Irina One Shoulder Dress With Bra/ Aqua

MINA Hair - Mena  (not at this event)

Poses by:  Fashiowl Party Box - Vanity Anniversary gift with props and  party table with food and balloons to rez


Revenge is sweet!

From lassitude & ennui at We Love Roleplay, the revenge dress in several colors with a handy hud that let's you "undress" in stages if you so desire. The Revenge Dress hud can of course be used as a styling aid also *wink*.

Meva Desert Upperarm Knife right  Brown Gold

Meva Mask After Dark Gold

Hair: no.match  ~ NO PRESSURE

Pose by: Di's Opera

Sailor Girl

New at Anthem (also new) a cute little sailor outfit with high cut shorts (ripped version also available).  Find the Sailor Top and Summer Shorts in a rainbow of colors and a fatpack at the Baiastice booth.

Deep Static Cleo glasses with customization hud at Cosmopolitan.

Hair: -FABIA Abigail at Cosmopolitan -- with a BIG styling hud!  This was my favorite version.

Pose by: aDORKable

The Jingle of Coins

The allure of the exotic. The rustle of silks.

Chandra has one again come up with something special.  Beautifully weighted and lovingly detailed the Nite&Daey set is stunning.  Plenty of choices in the Lootbox release let you express your moods. Sultry or playful? Vintage or Fantasy.  Other items in the set include stylized ears and tail. Eleven color from pastels to jeweltones can be mixed and matched for various looks.

By deviousMind

Some spectacular rocks and water elements combine in the newly released Trompe Loeil  Taleo Hot Springs Pool. PG and A versions are available and a quiet pool and small patio are built into this 42 land impact beauty.  A one-step personal grotto; love it!  Find it here.

Landform cliffs by ChiC buildings

Pose by: SEmotion at Cosmopolitan

Making Music

From Insomnia Store at Cosmopolitan, a really lovely and well-weighted "dress", Pearls Wrap Dress.  Now that is a fair amount of skin showing on this feminine number, too much for me I guess; I immediately categorized it as a "tunic". looked for leggings -- and then a bra top to cover up even more skin.   Whether you wear it as designed or use it as part of a collective styling, it is well worth demoing.

These Deep Static Chloe Glasses, come with an extensive hud to change color of frame parts and lenses as well as transparency of lenses and a resizer. Find them too at Cosmopolitan.

The rest of my styling includes the new rings from Kunglers at The Sense Event, Valeria Rings

A good companion piece if you are more of a covered up type of gal is the Stories&Co. Harlie Set half bra top tank.

My leggings are an older gift from alaskametro and most likely no longer available. Applier pants or tights will be need for lower covering up.

 New hair by eXxEsS, AMAIA

Pose by: SEmotion from a very nice new set at Cosmopolitan