Wash n Dry

wash n dry

One of the best new gifts out, Elva fits many body types including Maitreya, Slink and Belleza.  Maitreya works well for eBody Classic.

White or light blue jacket, pants in full white or ombre pink, plus a cute little tied top. Wear them together or as additions to other wardrobe stylings.  What a lovely present.

Find the Elva set at Scandalize (free group).

My backdrop features items from the Second Spaces - Retro Laundry gacha.

Come take your own fun photos here.

Poses by: ChiC buildings, POSEbility

Music in Me

music in me


At Cosmopolitan:

[G-SHOT] MARBELLA Skirt & Top. Many colors via hud; mesh body fits including eBody Curvy

.:AuricA:. Rita Tattoo

Coming soon at The ArcadeTrompe Loeil - Vinyl Afternoon Record Players. A variety of music styles to choose from. Almost free pricing as usual.

Meva Bento Rings Silver


Trompe Loeil - The Chatham Loft Skybox Dark (old)

Poses by: Emozione and Nantra


tratorria chic

Can Chic be Chic? (pronunciation is the key here :D).

Most definitely with the help of some new releases at Cosmopolitan .

From -:zk:-  the Jodie set with jacket, shorts and some very cute tall boots that didn't make it into this shot. The boots can also be made into mini-boots! How cool.

From -FABIA- Mesh Hair:   Elly;

The newly released Stories&Co. Harlie Bralette covers just enough to keep you in PGish territory.

(Kunglers) Nadir necklace - Quartz and (Kunglers) Carly ring - R - Ruby are my jewelry choices of the day.

Milkmotion "La Trattoria alley" is available at Collabor88

Pose by: Everglow

Wrong Turn

wrong turn

Credits cause you know you want them:

Baiastice Thigh High Denim Boots  @ UBER (opens Monday).  Each color comes in both "new" and "ragged". Really special!

adorsy - Erika Shorts

Stories&Co. Signature Tube Top

Tattoo: Olga by Nanika


Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Grime Block Balcony

Pose by: Everglow

Juliet - Full version Bento avatar GIFT from altamura

juliet - full version gift from altamura

For every Romeo there is a Juliet -- or at least that is a romantic idea that I hope is true. In this case, it is!  You can find the group gift full version Bento Avatar at altamura.   Please see all the details in this post on Romeo.

I kept things simple for Julie *wink*. Except for changing her body shape, she attains her default look.  This is a lovely gift and perfect for any new folks, people on a budget or of course "alts". Clothing will be a little tricky, but definitely doable.


Baiastice_Bodycon Dress  - many colors and fits

(Kunglers) Maria bracelet

Hair: pr!tty - Dakota - :rigged: - [Half Down]

Backdrop: Paparazzi - The Glam Stage - (gold)

Pose by: Di's Opera

Romeo - Full verson Bento avatar gift from altamura

standing stones

Some impressive new pants for guys from MEVA can be found at Man Cave.  The Ramon pants come in fits for Belleza Jake (worn here) and Signature Gianni. Boots versions are included.  Really nice work.

But the even bigger news is that the gorgeous avatar is out for free (group fee of $50 if you aren't already a member) at altamura.

Romeo is a FULL VERSION Bento Avatar that looks great just out of the box. The default skin is impressive and a big step up from some of the previous default skins included with altamura.

Now there is a story behind this and wise folks will continue reading and solve lots of possible "issues"; here's the soop.

You can pick up Romeo at the altamura main shop. Big red signs in the far back directly across from the entrance point. There is a caveat however. The vendors LOOK like regular "new item" vendors. And if you WANT to pay $5000 ish for Romeo you certainly can :D.   So confusing?  For me anyway, yes. 

I eventually chatted up the group customer service folks who were very helpful. In order to buy for free (one linden that gets returned) you need to choose BUY, then $L. Then OK the "I understand I need to right click" message and then PAY the vendor WHILE WEARING YOUR altamura TAG the $1 choice.  Whew!

If you plan to use Romeo with his included skin, you are set. If you need to get an Omega kit for altamura (gals and guys are the same) you have more steps (well I betcha guessed that). 

The EASY way to get the Omega kit would be on the Marketplace, natch. But the official link to find the kit isn't working. In fact it appears that there is no altamura kit on the Marketplace these days.  So, off to the inworld store (one of my least favorite shopping experiences).  The "kit" store had changed and moved since my last visit and of course you get plunked down amidst the mall, not where you actually want to go. So follow the coordinates to the store or do an area search for "altamura". Either will work. 

In order to get your Omega skins, tattoos etc to work on Romeo you will need to install the relay. This is different than previous versions of altamura avatars -- so listen up and save yourself some frustration.  You need to have the CLOTHING LAYERS hud open (not the main hud as before) and then INSTALL the Omega function.  After that, Omegas should work as expected.

The HUDS are pretty complex and not for the faint of heart, but after some time I got my guy looking particularly  -- well "hot" comes to mind.

ManChic is wearing 7 Deadly S[k]ins IVAR  (not new) skin and no.match NO ESCAPE hair.  I changed the default shape.  Necklace by MEVA

I was impressed by how well the sliders let you change the look of the head (not always the case in some heads).  So go forth and get this super gift.   And yes there is a gals version too. That's coming up soon. 

Pose by: Diesel Works

After the Fall

after the fall

Alone at the end of the world.


Meva Jolly Top @ ROMP  -- Maitreya - texture change hud - optional bra (worn)

Hair: no.match ~ NO SPELL ~ Pack of BLONDS for Hello Tuesday. Extremely long hair perfect for roleplay.

.::Nanika::.Olga tattoo Black
Makeup : alaskametro Wytch
Pose by: Sylva Petrov (nla)

Everlasting Love

love and champagne

"V" day is past, but love hangs around all year -- or it certainly should.

Two new items are out on the grid, reminding us that those warm feelings don't easily fade.

From No.59 the Planberger Pinki Tray -- oh so girlie! I love those asymmetrical glasses. Popping sounds and drink giving abilities make this prop more than just a pretty accessory. Find it out on the floor in a lovely display at Tres Chic.

Keepsakes and memories -- the new VIP group gift heart frames from {what next} are lovingly detailed and perfect for any time of year.  Find them out front of the VIP group gift area at the landing point. Gold and white gold versions are in the pack.

Backdrop: Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Love Scene 1

Morning Sunrise

morning sunrise

Warm breezes off salty seas - I welcome a new day.


Stories&Co. Harlie Set for Kustom9 - Bralette and High Waist Panties for Maitreya and Vtech, Choice of color huds.

Vanity Hair:Soiree @ the Soiree Event (until Feb 19th)

-Thalia Heckroth- Teleport Hub Gift heels (yellow only - Maitreya)

Amacci Earrings - Lindsay (color change)

{JUNK} chevron bangle - opal (old)

Pose by: the chair

Music Tonight

music tonight

Need a new dancing dress?  Hilly Haalan has two for you to choose from -- and both are free.  Grab this Denisa Dress at the landing point. All black or white with black trim come in this group gift pack. Several mesh body fits; Maitreya works well for eBody classic.

Footpaw Industries Celine necklace

Hair: Haley by Wasbi Pills

{what next} 'Black' Monaco Scooter (patterned luggage)
ChiC buildings Deluxe Filler Buildings Set

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Sexy in Red

sexy in red

If your plans for the fourteenth include the adverb "smoldering", then a trip to Cosmopolitan should be on your todo list.

From -:zk:- Aaliyah Dress and Jewel Shoes -- available singly or as fatpacks with huds.  This barely there and oh so scintillating attire fits Maitreya.

From :: PANAVIA ::, the Play Room which pretty much screams "seduction".

Plant from Roawenwood at the event as part of a lovely Gothic thrown chair release.

The KUNGLERS - Bia set is a perfect accompaniment for this ensemble.  You can find it here on the Marketplace.

Hair: eXxEsS : CAFE

Pose by: Eternal Dream

When He Never Comes

when he never comes

Great news for eBody gals. Now there are shoes made especially for eBody!  Both classic and curvy ladies can get these great Bagdad shoes that fit perfectly.

I love the style.

A full color hud is available with the fatpack or purchase individual colors.  Find them here.

Pose by: LAP [nla]

Breaking Up

break up

I haven't really had a "bad break up". Most were about growing apart, moving in different directions. There was that divorce thing :D, but in the end that turned out well. Who would have guessed.

The IS something cathartic about packing up the other's belongings -- most likely it is more about memories than possessions.

This post was inspired by the new DRD (Death Row Designs) Break Up Box group gift. The fairly angry box is a wearable prop with hold, but at two land impact with good LODs it can become a rezzed prop easily.

Add to that the really really great jeans from JUSTICE on the Valentine Hunt (until the 14th) and you have the beginnings of -- well, let's call it blogger art.

Other items in my shoot include:

Stories&Co. by Flowey / Ami Crop Top (Always and Forever)
Moto Boots - Used Black
not so bad . mesh . EYOTA watch
.::Nanika::.Olga tattoo Black
Amitie Consumed_Cigarrette_F01 -L hand


Beer Barrel RedAle S1BSAT1U8.2

Pose by: KOPFKINO - Pipe Sit 1 (male)

Shades of Rose

shades of rose

A softer side of Valentine's where dreams and memories meet with longing.

At the new round of  Cosmopolitan (opens at midnight):

InsomniaStore  Sweet Valentines Pearls Corset FATPACK with choices to change both fabric and pearls; undies come with (or not :D).  Lara, Hourglass and Freya.

Paparazzi - Neon Way BACKDROP 2

(Kunglers) Angie earring - L - Quartz


Pose by: EMOZIONE **One Step From Grace** @ Cosmopolitan

Garden Gate

garden gate

This  HOLLY JACKET  is one of a dozen lovely gifts for gals at the JUSTICE Valentine Hunt.  Completely free; no group required -- it is the best hunt for awhile from my point of view.   Hints on on the website here

Eventually we found all of the red hearts (number 1 was the most difficult).  Since the store is big I suggest derendering hearts as you find them. This is keep your from buying over and over as you retrace your steps  -- or camming angles :D.  All are hidden reasonably easily with no sneaky stuff or decoys. Woot.

There are some GREAT jeans in the mix. I went over and got myself a pair!

Slink, Belleza and Maitreya fits, this short coat with slip dress accents works well with eBody classic.

Hair: Haley by Wasabi Pills

Pose by: aDORKable



ScandalizeXNoir. Aile. PinkPale a group gift for Vanity.  Both solid and ombre versions are included in the pack. Freya, HG, Issis and Lara mesh fits.  Super cute and perfectly made. Free group.

Find the Second Spaces - Nola shuttered cabinet (closed and open versions - dark and white choices) at The Liaison Collaborative.  Add your own accessories.

Hair right:  no.match NO AIM
Hair left:  MINA Hair - Myrtle

Poses by: BellPoses

Lazy Day

lazy day

Three new releases make for a fun and colorful day off:

From Baiastice at the new Belle Event, the Sweety Lingerie Sets which come as individual wearables (garterbelt, panties, stocking, vest). Color change huds as well as choices of lacy or solid let you find a perfect combo for your mood.

Over on the other side of town you can find this impressive lounger with oh so many fabric choices. FaMESHed is the place and Trompe Loeil the maker. Look for the  Jonael Lounger. A leather version is also available. PG or A animations.

Now and then I get to feeling young; granted, not all that often. But for those times this is the cutest girlie girl hair!    Find it at the Vanity Event - Vanity Hair booth (easy to remember :D). Definitely a favorite.

Poses by: the lounger and tram

Sunrise and Shadows


It may only be February but I am definitely in Spring mode. Bring on that sun!

New from Kunglers at The Liaison Collaborative, the Gigi Bracelets with  texture change hud and show/hide charms.   Unrigged and resizable, you can be creative and stack, wear various colors --- go WILD!

Stories&Co. Vera Swimsuit
alaskametro "Beachcomb" nail art appliers


Golds and Blacks

black and gold

Freeness goodness with lots of class. Here's the scoop.

BouBouKi Miranda Dress Black - Maitreya fits eBody and eBodyFree. Group gift - free group.

::ALTER:: Sia Pants & Laced High Boots - Maitreya fits eBody and eBodyFree   This  a SLO&F gift (free group) can be found at the SENSE EVENT.

OXIDE Midsummer Bracelets  available on the Marketplace.

Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.TREASURE. (group gift wall - pay group)

Backdrop: (luc) Quiet Life, Tree Wall Art   (not free).

Poses by: LAP and aDOIRKable

Farm Girl

farm girl

Two new fun releases from this round of Cosmopolitan:

From   SEmotion, the  Libellune Teddy Bear (Animesh)   This is the Girl Beige Patches #4 ULTRARARE.    The movement is very subtle so even if you don't have a viewer with animesh built in, no worries.   These bears are primarily for posing or standing around as of course they stay attached to your chest when you walk.  For this shot I simply turned off my OA. For more variety you could use a Priority 3 pose.   Helamiyo is my goto brand for P3 poses. The shot below uses HelaMiyo_OMGshoes_4.

My cute plain shirt can be found at Cosmopolitan too!  The MEVA Leonie Blouse comes in regular long, cropped (just above belt and belt) and the wide version I am wearing. A coordinating skirt is in the release also. When given the choice, I am most often in pants (no new news there).

Hair: bonbon - bon hair [fit] GIFT  (old)

Pose by: the bear and HelaMiyo