If you love fantasy then the new Lunara gacha is definitely something to check out. Lootbox is the place and deviousMind's Lunar is the set you are looking for.

This is a large set with so many items to try for. Shoes and a clothing are included and some awe-inspiring headpieces (oh so awe inspiring).  I am not that much of a high fantasy gal but I definitely appreciate the skill factor in this set and I love the owls.   Lots of owls to try for also. Show here is the GoddessStaff Night Love (dark) which as the name suggest is meant to be worn as a staff.

Well, sure -- you could do that. OR you could rez it as a prop and perhaps use it in a fantasy build for October?  That's my plan. This is 8 land impact rezzed with some glorious details.  There are also single owls. 

So while not my typical style (oh minimalist me) I did have fun with this release. The GlitterCorset fits like a dream (Lara) and the crown is perfect for when you are feeling just a bit regal.

Other part of my outfit include:

alaskametro "Mermaid" leggings and Black Magic eyeshadow and lipstick

Hair by *Soonsiki~ Treasure

Rocks by Konoha  at Cosmopolitan (this is one of the dark textures in the hud) See earlier post for more info

Pose by: SE Motion


Moving into Fall  we have eight month's checked off on the 2020 calendar.  I am sure that there have been a few people who will count this as a "good" year. Those that fell in love, had a baby, got promoted to their dream job -- those milestones.   But most of us I think would like to pretend we could simply erase it from our memory.

May 2021 be filled with happier times.

Gifts from Uber:

.miss chelsea. Brin Tee 2020
AVEC TOI - Reckless Choker
=Zenith=Leather Clutch (Black Mix)
.Shi : Blindfold Plain

Pseudo- AIrplane Interior Backdrop

Hair: Cleo by Wasabi Pills (old)

Pose by: Di's Opera

Rock Me

Some superb new releases at Cosmopolitan:

The adorsy - Magnolia Skirt and Top are filled with glorious details. Lots of colors to choose from and some tall wrapped sandals to go with if you so choose.

Hair:  [^.^Ayashi^.^] Sorano also new at Cosmopolitan

I can't say enough good things about these Konoha - Black Forest Boulders. They are definitely my favorite release of this round.  A big set includes large flat boulder, roundish and reaching towards the sky boulders and a big collection of rock grouping. They come with texture change which includes this light desert tone as well as a dark gray slate color. There is a hoice between 512 and 1024 texture size.   They can be tinted. 

My only "not so handy" comment as that the are basically named the same so you have no idea what is what. I plan to arrange mine in aptly named folders for ease of use.  If you are a landscaper, you don't want to miss these.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Sunshine and Pizza

Sometimes all it takes is sunlight and warm colors to brighten our days.

And then of course there is pizza.


TO.KISKI - Aliyah Sweater / Dijon (Sense group gift at the event)
KUNGLERS - Nimue earrings at Cosmopolitan

#EMPIRE - Legging (texture hud with many choices
alaskametro<3 -="" applier="" orma="" p="" shirt="" white="">

Hair:  no.match_ ~ NO_PRIVATE

MINIMAL - April Group Gift 2020  - backdrop

Poses by: Le Poppycock and Amacci neck pose hud

To Much To Do

Many of us are still in summer mode, but Fall is galloping up to meet us. In my corner of the world that means getting outdoor decor back in the storage room, gathering up items that won't be used again until Spring, and getting rid of unused items that make up the clutter in our lives.


Group gifts from amais - sweatpants, cropped hoodie and frosty glasses.  Sweatpants are new and match the cropped hoodie that has been at Cosmo for some time now.  Glasses are sure to be fun when winter has us chilly.

Minimal vintage van at Kustom9
Garage and Moving Day clutter from Second Spaces

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Jinia" (Roots)

Pose by:aDORKable

Windlight to EEP - Making a Day Cycle

The Environmental Enhancement Project is still in the future for some of us.  And for others it is part of their Second Life day.  It all depends on our viewers of choice.

I am still happily putting off change. There are some nice features in EEP such as defining your own skies at different levels of our parcel, but there are still way too many bugs along with missing features for me to embrace the newness. Happily the Firestorm folk agree and the latest viewer update was a "beta" and not a regular release -- meaning that it will not count in the viewer retirement program.   

But eventually  resistance will no doubt be futile and we will all have EEP whether we want to or not.  Being prepared and thinking ahead to that time is wise and appropriate. To that end I did some experimentation and made an EEP day cycle using my favorite Windlights as the starting point.   The reason I used this plan will become clear as we progress (wink). 


One of the biggest problems that I have with EEP is that it is missing a way to adjust contrast. Many skies just look flat and boring. You can have drama for sure with large sunlit skies and custom clouds, but somewhere the basics got lost along the way.   I discovered early on that if I wanted a setting that resembled my favorites and my style I would need to import my Windlight settings into EEP.  Happily that is fairly easy.  

The first step is to find a base sky for your day cycle.  My sim is set a bit before 9 AM.  I wanted a new day cycle skies  that were  exactly 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM etc; these would be imported into my EEP day cycle .   

With my viewer set to use the region default I chose World - Environmental Editor - Sky Presets - New Preset.   I adjusted the TIME for the various sun positions and saved each under its own time designation.   

Here I set the time to 3 PM and saved the sky with that name.  

It is then listed in the sky setting. I always use the Quick Preference Panel to pick out my Windlights, but use whichever method is handy. 

 Daytime settings were easy to make this way. The light changes realistically and the shadows move according to the sun angle. Perfect.    

But then came the nighttime settings.   

Oh my!

Remember  this is using a NON- EEP viewer to make our Windlights -- hence they are still Windlights and not EEP settings. But it is obvious that we cannot use the time slider to make our appropriate night.  That's OK. We will work it out. 

Exit out of Firestorm or your other non-EEP viewer. 

Log into the Linden viewer OR (sometime in the future) to the official release of the Firestorm viewer (hopefully with many bugs fixed).   

Importing Skies

Next we import our Windlight skies using the EEP viewer.  First off we need to FIND our homemade skies in our file manager.

Mine are at this path:

Next we will import our various Windlights -- one at a time -- into the EEP viewer.  Here are  the instructions for that:

Instructions for uploading taken from the EEP wiki under the CC3 share alike designation.

Save your skies as settings in the EEP viewer.  Note that you will need to use SAVE AS and not SAVE as mentioned in the instructions above. 

So far, so good but what about night time?  You CAN make a night time setting within the Linden EEP viewer by turning down gamma to almost nothing.  I don't love the look of this though.   I was lucky and had a favorite night time Windlight. There are likely some night skies in the extra settings that come in the viewer too.  You can even use the standard Linden day cycle night if you want.   

This is a night sky that I made for my dual sim build at SL15B.  The sim's name was Dazzle or one of them anyway and that became the name of this Windlight. I imported it along with all the day settings that I made in the non-EEP viewer. 

Making the Day Cycle

If you want to make a day cycle for your land or simply to look at personally or for filming, the steps are pretty easy.  

Go back into the environments pane.  This time instead of clicking on the + sign and choosing New Sky, we want to choose New Day.   Then double click on the default day (at this point still just named "New Day") and you will find the pane below.

The Edit Day Cycle pane has a few tabs with various setting and you can use it to make skies from scratch. But we are simply going to use the skies that we made in the non-EEP viewer.   

Click on one of the dots along the timeline and choose Load Sky. Find the sky that fits in that time slot. Move on to the next time and load that sky etc.  you can play through the day cycle with the forward and back buttons.  You cannot tweak your skies when you are loading them. So make sure you are happy with the skies before starting the Day Cycle process.  Save your Day Cycle with an appropriate name.   

You can make several Day Cycles and use them at different altitudes on your land. 

You can of course make a Day Cycle using only the sliders within the editor.  

So many choices.  

A Bountiful Harvest

It's getting to be that time of the year. Fruits and veggie in abundance. Canning and freezing for some. Just enjoyment for others. 

From Reka. The Harvest_Group Gift (free group) filled with gorgeous food platters ready to cook up into something special.

And let's make it a party with a clutter of Sangria glasses from No59 at ManCave.

Trompe Loeil - Belasco Kitchen

Take Me For a Ride

I snuck into Kustom9 in the middle of the night.

From Minimal, the Vintage Van with color change pastels  hud that let's you two tone the van in a nostalgic style.  Beautifully modeled I would really have liked a high LOD version included in the pack.  I took a chance as I rarely do and not loving the LODs at LOD2. On the plus side, it almost completely disappears rather than breaking a part.   You can take a look here if you are interested.  There is no full sized demo at the event.  This is a PROP, not a driveable car.

Also at Kustom9 this statement making casual hair from Monso.  Lena2 comes in two sizes (I am wearing small) with texture change hat and three color pack options. 

And over at Cosmopolitan, you can pick up both top and short with lots of color and texture choices. Look for the FashionNatic - INES SET .   

Pose by: aDORKable

BAE at 99

There is a new mesh head bargain in town.  Out a few days I was lucky and found a friend who had purchased.  Here are some thoughts.


Price (currently 99 lindens on the Marketplace).

  • Bento and BOM
  • No ears version
  • Optional Eyelashes
  • Eyebrow shaper (hair base)
  • Item is being updated with a new version arriving today

Easy to use with sliders making noticable changes
Very pretty starter look that can be modified to make it your own


  • Slight but noticeable neck seam which is from the mesh and can be seen while skins are loading - so not a skin mismatch issue. Again this is slight but there. 
  • The neck seam doesn't fit perfectly, but again close -- much better than when we were using add-on feet and hands for sure.
  • There is no hud (personally this isn't a problem for me as I seldom use the huds for makeup or for animation). 
While the head description advises you to buy the demo there was no demo available when my friend purchased a couple of days ago. 

My friend is very happy with her new head.  She previously had an old non-Bento Lelutka head and then used the altamura Gizelle Bento head. She was after a full BOM look and this fits the bill in a simple and economical way.

The eyes have an auto blink which works well and realistically. 

She is also wearing:

[7DS] - BODY 2020 CELTIC bom skin PINEAPPLE browless  (current group gift)

alaskametro eyebrows and two eyeshadows

Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Monet Dusk Shadow, w1) texture on eyes in head

TRUTH  hair / Cheri

Pose by: Amacci neck pose hud

Other Times and Places

Is our place in time thrust upon us  -- or do we choose?  And if we choose -- why now?   Other leras, differing locales roll by on the carousel of possibilities and yet we are here.

"Nostalgia" has been the word  of the week for me. Snatches of memories moved to the camera lens of my mind's eye.  Tiny moments that one would think might disappear over decades and yet they linger as whispers -- and reminders.

Bits and pieces that make up a life.

From lassitude & ennui, the Agatha dress in a variety of muted jewel tones with texture change hud for blouse, skirt and buttons.  Grab a demo here.

 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Very Well (gacha item)

booN Lab.021 hair

Pose by: SEMotion

A Country Morning

New at Cosmopolitan:

Deep Static Kinsley Glasses with color change hud
NO.MATCH_NO_FREAK  with texture change huds for cap and bands
Never Totatlly Dead The Abandoned  Fish  Cannery

adorsy - Stalia Overall
*LACUNA* Camille  applier - BOM bra top

Pose by: SEMotion

Sleeping in Style

You can pick up this pretty gift at Uni Boutique as part of the Stay At Home event.  Vendor is near the back of the store by the camping chair.   Many mesh body fits.

Blankets and newspapers from Nutmeg. 
YouNeed Pallet Bed MUSE

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Jinia"

Poses by: Nigotine [NLA]

Moosehead Lake Cabin

Google tells me that Moosehead Lake is in Maine.  But you don't have to live in the Northeastern corner of the states in order to enjoy this detail packed shabby coastal cabin.  Small, low land impact and with lots of character -- the Trompe Loeil Moosehead Lake Cabin comes complete with nautical decor, a small wood stove and a collection of props to use at your leisure. 

There is a comfortable feel to the cabin and if you have a plot with water, the deck can take you out to your own boat.

And the best part  --- it is almost free :D.

Find it at the newly opened COLLABOR88.

Lots of colors to choose from.

Cities of Industry

It's Friday --- and if we are lucky little consumers that means great things at low prices for Fifty Linden Friday.  This week I found two items that fit my style.

First up, the Air Turret Truck from D-Lab.  The owner can drive with four poses to choose from.  The barrels on board for my posing set up are current D-Lab group gifts and the crate is the packaging for the truck (how handy).

While I am not SURE, I think this is a fantasy build. Still, it definitely has that industrial look would fit in while in other stylings.     Also available in red.  I have left the male pose ball sitting on the truck back should anyone want to take their own photos. 

My second purchase of the early morn was at MINA's. Super cute blunt cut and casual the Audrie hairstyle comes in a variety of hair color packs. This is from the brown collection.  This is one of those half-and half hairs popular briefly a couple of years ago.  That was never my style but it is easy enough to match both sides of the hair for more typical look. 

Poses by: antique and NLA

Bird's Eye View

Want to get away from it all but still be rooted on dry land?  The new lifeguard station from Minimal will make those desires dome true.  This month's group gift features a color change menu for outfit coordination as well as a resize menu. I downsized the default quite a bit for these photos.

My outfit is a full-featured ensemble gift from SCANDALIZE at WIP (free group). Top and suspendered pants can be textured in a big variety of prints, stripes and solids.

Also at WIP, some snazzy new glasses from Deep Static. The Phoebe glasses boast thing metal frames. A full service hud let's them be for sun or reading. 

Pure Poison - Mandala Platforms


Poses by: the lifeguard station

Neon Way

Need something to jazz up your fancy attire?  This beautifully made raw silk dress can be yours as a ($10) group gift from AUMI.  The Evelyn dress is both fun and impressively textured.  I am thinking that you need to be on the thin side for this to work well, but you be the judge of that for yourself.

Coordinating pearls are just out at FaMESHed. This come with the familiar texture change hud for jewels and metal.    Look for the Margaret set at the Kungler's booth.

And if red is a typical hue in your hair folder, step on over to Hello Tuesday offering at no.match.  No Tease is the name of this week's style.

Paparazzi - Neon Way BACKDROP 2

Poses by: fashionista and aDORKable

Quiet Contemplations

I really love this new top from JF Design. Alas the skirt didn't embrace enough fabric for my tastes. That seems silly really since I am wearing panties that are really just BARELY there LOL.  But I am at home here and not out in public. Just me and my thoughts so tiny "works". It was also the only matching color that I had in my inventory.

What I LOOKED for much of the afternoon was a cute little saucy schoolgirl skirt in pink. White and gray would have been my preferred colors, but I wasn't being THAT picky. Alas, I didn't find anything but I will keep my eyes peeled for the future.  Lots of other colors besides pink of course.


JF Design-Jill Top - Maitreya - Flamingo  at Cosmopolitan
HashTag - Jolli Panties

Hair: TRUTH Poetry

FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Neighbourhood (With 'sun' light) (Rez)  -- really great looking backdrop but NO PHYSICS so difficult to work with (that's me the builder speaking here :D.     

Pose by: BehaviorBody