Neo 2020

One of my favorite events offers futuristic attire this round. Find this open hoodie with tank gift at the Gabriel booth at Neo Japan.  A male version is also available.

Baiastice_Trio High Boots-Black (unpacked)

Hair: Vanity Hair: After Dark (old)

Poses by: Diesel Works

At Home with Scandalize

Month's end often has me searching for newness.   Happily Sami spent 25 minutes over at Scandalize this morning watching the boards and picking up the newest group gift.   There were over 20 lucky boards to garner from. The newest prize givers change less often than older ones with both on longer timings than the last time she watched -- apparently many months ago so who knows when that changed.

 The top photo is the current group gift (pay group) and comes in two fabrics and many mesh body sizings. 

And here are some of her favorite lucky board prizes; she won seven in all.

Poses by: LAP and Torridwear [nla]


Quality gifts are hard to find for the Y chromosome set. But this Stay at Home Club  Hido outfit from ASCEND will cover plenty of activities throughout the year. The fatpacks (one for jacket set and one for pants) offer a multitude of mix and match looks so this can be casual, formal or anywhere in between.

Getting the gift can be confusing as there is a vendor poster marked buy for 0 that contains nothing (oh my). Instead, buy the fatpack gift (now set at 1 linden which will be refunded).  Don't forget to buy the pants fatpack too! 

Trompe Loeil has changed out their Stay at Home Club gift. It is currently a cute 67 land impact cabin in shades of forest green with maroon trim.   A couch and chair set is also available.  Find this out front of the shop near the landing point.

Pose by: LAP [nla]

The Stay at Home Club

Getting cabin fever?  Need something to do?  Check out the new gift giving club for some very nice items for both home and avatar.

Some creators will be changing out their presents fairly often (like a week or two or somewhere in between?); others have photos of their offerings on the website.

This is my first gift.   2-3 land impact depending on size. Both public and owner only versions are in cluded in the pack. 

At the ChiC buildings landing point.

There is also a pose gift in the pose section if you missed that.

Waiting to Exhale

Waiting to Exhale.
May take awhile.
Small moments matter.


amias - TINA top plaid 7  (Saturday Sale)
!Yugen.// mysa. tree pack with texture change Cosmopolitan
"Killer's" Garage Tire Seat (Dark) (PG) Cosmopolitan

ChiC buildings Stading Signboard 9 meters - medium Physics

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_BREEZE

Pose by: the bench

Understanding and Surviving the Pandemic - Free Class at OSU

I woke up this morning tired even though  in theory  I had plenty of sleep. One word described my feeling perfectly; "malaise".  I have accomplished chores and managed a few more fun things which really weren't all that fun.

I typically cope well. After talking to several friends in the last few days I see am apparently coping "very well". But it isn't great.

If you too are in that malaise arena you might want to look into this free class on coping during the pandemic at Oregon State University (my alma mater).

Scroll down the article to find a place to sign up for free. You can also take this as a credit class.

Daybreak at Everlong


- LEIGH - Beautiful Dress (Big Floral) - free teleportHub group gift
KUNGLERS - Rosa necklace (ring and earrings included in the set) at Belle


Pose by: the cart

Sansar is Reborn March 24, 2020

Those of us that have been in Sansar Discord the last few months knew this was a possibility, but with such a long silence and some "odd" unofficial comments by official folks (yes, that happens often) it was in question.

But some of the team is back and apparently carrying on with some help for Wookey.   I was waiting to post until things were official and now it seems they are.

From a just up post by returning Galileo at 12:08 West Coat Time:

A lot of you might be wondering what we’ve been up to these past few weeks. Where we’ve been, what we’ve been working on, what’s next for this platform and its extraordinary community. Today, we finally have answers to share, and we can’t thank you guys enough for your patience and support in the meantime. None of this would be possible without you!

Meet the new Sansar. Recently we were presented with an exciting opportunity: strike out on our own as a new entity, under new management with a focus on premier virtual events. We knew we needed to keep together our team and our vision, and the incredible community we’d built over the years.

Lucky for us, there was a company out there just as ambitious and passionate about virtual events as we were - a team that is nurturing and expanding our platform to new heights, deploying capital and expertise in a time full of opportunities for virtual communities around the globe. This week, we’re thrilled to join their family officially. Join us in saying hello to our new owners, Wookey Projects Inc.! 

Wookey is bringing together some of the world’s most exciting technology verticals out there at the intersection of music and entertainment, AR, VR, and mobile.
Together, we’re turning a page on Sansar’s most dynamic chapter yet, and we’re excited to take you with us. We’re also grateful to Linden Lab for their many years of support, and we look forward to building on the work we started there.

What does this mean for you? More of the amazing events you know and love! More cosplay karaoke, more zero-gravity game nights, more of the massive interstellar shows that Sansar’s known for - thousands joining from anywhere in the world for one-of-a-kind live performances. You can also expect more features for meeting, socializing and hanging out with friends from around the world. Possibly even more ways to experience Sansar across different devices (more on this in weeks to come!). Nothing will change in your day-to-day.

In these challenging times, we know just how important it is to stay connected. That’s why we’ll be working hard these next few weeks to bring people together with new shows and surprises. Meet-and-greets and live performances from some of music’s biggest names. Virtual versions of the festivals you thought were canceled or postponed. It’ll be the most fun you ever had staying home!

Thanks to you, the future looks bright. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Sansar wouldn’t be what it is today without its dedicated community. Big, big thanks to all of you still throwing parties, creating, exploring with friends and staying connected through Sansar. We’re ecstatic to be embarking on this journey with Wookey, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come!


Highlighting some striking newness out at Cosmopolitan.

Photo taken at Imposter by Fiona Fei.


Yasum *Chanel-Dress* (lara)  also available - plains and plaids (floor length open asymmetrical dress with panties)

-:zk:- Magalie Necklace& and Bangles - texture hud

Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair   < Candice>

Pose by: SE Motion

Manly Whiskey

Out for Mancave from No59, the Asbrink ceramic Whiskey set on a tray. Eye-catching decor at only one land impact, it is perfect for both grunge and modern stylings.   Click via Experience settings for whiskey glass with Bento hold. A permaware whiskey cup is also included.

Trompe Loeil Rewind Gifts

Pretty depressing out there.  To give you a bit of VIRTUAL good news, Trompe Loeil has started a  "Stay at Home Specials" series.  Find the gifts out front of the main store - vendor posters on the wall. 

There is one prefab and one furniture gift that will change every few days.

I have these already of course and you can see my original blog post here.

For me, the fun will be to see how many of these items -- clothing and other decor included -- I still have in my inventory.  In this case, most or all *wink*.

No group needed. 

Staying Safe in the New Normal

Things are bad. Very bad -- and they are going to get worse. Maybe not for the countries in the forefront of our global pandemic but certainly for many of us.

This isn't a political blog and it isn't going to become one, but I would like to point out that not only do you need to take care of yourself, your actions (or non-actions) affect your friends, family and neighbors. The laissez-faire attitude of "oh it's just the flu and statistics say I will be fine" certainly isn't looking at the big picture.

Social distancing means no hugging, no hand shaking, no elbow bumping.
2 meters is safe distance. 

Last week someone on a national feed suggested that we start using the Vulcan greeting instead of hugs and kisses and handshakes. With that in mind I made a free unisex pose.  You can find it at my shop here. 

The best way to appreciate your friends and loved ones it to be careful and help keep them alive.


Baiastice_Yoi Leather Gloves-BENTO
Baiastice_1970 - Fabric Hat

[sau] Disinfection team

Early Morning Sauna

Early morning bright sun.
A crisp Spring day.


"Killer's" Outdoor Sauna Bath (Red Wood) seats four, couples and singles animations. PG and A.  Cosmopolitan

Hair:  no.match_ ~ NO_TEASE Cosmopolitan

Dutchie wearable towel (standard sizing - old) Marketplace

Pose by: the sauna bench and Amacci neck pose hud

2020 Avatar Makeover - Four Looks

There is a new avatar challenge going around -- one to make a set of outfits and a new mesh avatar for under $75.  Since I am a bit bored and looking for escape,  I decide to take part.  The last one I did of these was many years ago when Lani was born.   This time I didn't make a new avatar; I just took off EVERYTHING I could and started from scratch.

My personal challenge was more difficult -- mostly because I wanted to work a bit harder. I decided to spend only one linden  or less for each outfit.   Here's how I did.


For the head and body I chose altamura gift body  Emanuelle. There are four  Bento bodies to choose from in different locations. You can find all the instructions here at the altamura store.

AltamuraBa: 2- "EMANUELLE" Free Bento Fullbody
AltamuraBa: 7- "EMANUELLE" HANDS AO Hud
AltamuraBa: 1- "EMANUELLE" Shape
AltamuraBa: 3B- Alpha - head/body

I zipped over to my all time favorite eye store and picked up the (still) free mesh eye pack.

Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eye (London Fog, w1) L
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eye (London Fog, w1) R
Mayfly - Eyes &Lashes Alpha Mask


*COCO*_Gift_CroppedTrackJacket(Grey)_MT ( always available free group gift)
*COCO*_Gift_HighWaistCargoPants(Camo)_MT ( always available free group gift)
*B.D.R.* Spring Break Crop Top Maitreya Lara ( always available free group gift)

-FABIA- Mesh Hair  Gift < Lilak>  $1 Marketplace

Mosquito's Way - Tisha Necklace (current SL frees and offers gift)


[Vips Creations] - Female Outfit - [Beatris-Black Lace]  (Third Life Group gift on wall)

Real Evil Industries  **RE** Airell Necklace  (SL OF group gift)

MINA - Alexa - Essentials  (SL OF group gift)

[StephaneL] Dalila Shoes (huge hud including prints) Free Group Gift


*B.D.R.* Noella Dress -  Free Group Gift

*Kukuvaya* Button Bracelet

Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos -  RRW Think Pink Sunglasses

rezology Tail Braid - with color hud - $1 

[StephaneL] GIFT JESSY SHOES - Free Group Gift


Undergarments were tricky. While there were many nice clothes and shoes that would fit altamura, panty sets?  Not so much.  Happily I did find ONE lacy number to show you. 

And while I had planned on a swimset, the fits just weren't good.  There are currently two cute swimwear numbers at the altamura shop, so that would be you best bet -- even if not free :D.

Almamiranda New Beginnings Lingerie  - color tinting by hud  $1

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Mimi hair (pink) - Free Group Gift for March - Imaginarium (look for the gift box at the Ayashi stand).

Poses by: the bed, Diesel Works,  Di's Opera and Torridwear, Pffiou!

FLF Nomad

A great new bed (two versions in the pack with a light pack version to choose from also) at Nomad.  Lots of style with low land impact.  Very nice animations. 

Music and Butterflies

Stress makes you more susceptible to both mental and physical worries. Find your own special place. Quiet with whispers from nature or perhaps the echos of long forgotten music. Relax and breath.

The theme is musical at The Liaison Collaborative.  I added this nicely made music stand from Solas to my gallery music area.  Lovingly textured, Good LODs.

 Piano - Nutmeg
Violin - 22769
Music pages - {what next} (ancient)

Linden Lab Update - Sansar and SL

Working slowly as I join other waiting, I spent most of a day making paint cans.

Many of us have our eyes on virus news these days. I don't see many folks in my friend's list in bold. Understandable. Our virtual world lives WITHIN our corporeal one and while our not quite as real lives are very important, our human existence most often takes precedent.   There isn't much to report really, but I didn't want to fade to black on the subject, so here's the news of the last week or so.


As of March 10th eve there is still no news. Very quiet - even Discord. 

No news is good news?   That's Daisy's favorite saying these days.

As far as I know there has been no news via Discord. Once in a while (not often) someone from the lab pops in to wave.  A dev comments in to let someone in trouble know he has restarted the server and they should be "OK now". A few creators are still creating and some are putting new items up on the STORE.   Conversations, brisk when we first heard the news of layoffs and an undecided fate of the platform, are sparse now and often merely ramblings.

Cashing out to Paypal is still swift. A few parties -- one including line dancing (new in Sansar) have occurred. Folks seem calm and are simply waiting.

Ebbe stated last month that we should know something in a week or two and that time is closing in on us. But with a global pandemic on the horizon and the US stock market in a meltdown, it could easily be that parties involved in talks are in wait and see mode.  This is a benchmark time. Things won't be the same, but some good may come from our journey.


While most of the last two weeks have been lackadaisical for some of us, the Linden Home REVEAL was a gathering  arena. Over 130 curious folks came out for the preview region drop.  The new modern log cabin theme was well received, but not as well as the Victorians.   There will be a major release sometime in the future.

We don't know exactly when and even though most of us in Second Life work from home, there could still be health issues with both Moles and employees, so once again that nasty real world has the power to impact our virtual one.   Here's hoping we all make it safely through. 

Finishing Touches

I have been having lots of fun decorating my very large and very modern house over in Xenosaur.  My newest purchase is from Uber and N4RS.  Super nice, I downsized the shelf with lights a bit to fit in my space. Going through small plants, I found a very nice potted succulent also from N4RS. So that worked well. A bit of tinting on the white planter  and color coordination was complete.

After taking this shot I switched out the rug with a home-made version to save a bunch of land impact.  Big house; lots of items needed to fill it.

One Hundred Steps

Each day
A new step
A new journey


Baiastice Elodie Dress @ Uber - many colors, darling belt (on-off) patterns in fatpack.

Necklace: amias - FREJA

Pose by: SE Motion