Show Me Some Skin

Feeling a little need for some sun lately? Well I certainly am. This new Blue Marrakesh Bikini from Gwen Carillon Designs is perfect for hanging out in sand and surf territory. It comes with a matching shell necklace and some final touch prim beads to connect the bikini top. All in all a great set.

I finally opened the Zoe "tan" skins from Tuli. Summer, here we come! Actually I will settle for Spring. Happily we can have any season we want in our virtual land. Another color of Amacci's Emilia hair is my only other adornment *wink*. This is the shorter version of the duo style.

Style Notes: 

Hair:Amacci Hair Emilia ~ Henna (new release)
Skin:[:T:] Zoe / tan :: 03 Discotheque
Clothing: GCD - Blue Marrakesh Bikini (new release)

Accessories: GCD - Marrakesh Shell Choker (Multil) (new release)

Poses by:Pffiou,  DESIRE

PF - Paradisis - GNMO

I am amending this post with a new lead photo :D. As I was changing this afternoon, I noted that I had missed a MAJOR part of the outfit -- the prim bandeau piece. It works well and looks great, so I took a quick trip back to Barbee to fix my omission. So THIS is the "fashion shot" as it should be. Still low arc and happily in the green, but of course meant for more fun activities that shopping -- well maybe.

This is one super looking clubbing outfit! And the top will work VERY nicely with the new satin pants just out. Dual duty. Works for me!

One of the last things Acha said to us at our photo shoot last weekend was, "get naked more often". Now she may have meant the comment in a more active way *wink*, but I am going to honor her request  -- just a bit -- with this not really naked but definitely skimpy new release from Paradisis. Honestly I had to smile as I unpacked boxes of lovingly made attire; bright satiny ORANGE pants (very low) were among the bounty. So when orange comes around on that 52 week wheel, I will be set now. Yeah!.

I chose this outfit to show you first, partly because it was skimpy, but also because it is very low ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost). The Pose Fair opens soon with what seems like many more vendors. With all those pose stands in use, you can pretty much guarantee it will be laggy. So this is a fashionably attired public service announcement. Deprim; Descript -- and feel free to ALMOST go naked.

My attire here isn't the lowest I can go of course. I could toss off the bandanna and remove my oversized (but script free) earrings. Still, you get the idea.


There are many, many wonderful pose makers at the fair. Some of my favorites are there, some are not. As I was looking through poses last eve for my "banana mania" weekend color post, I was reminded how very important poses are to our world. I had a gorgeous new photo prop locale, a pretty new dress, great new hair. What I needed to make the photo shoot complete --- were the poses. After looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of sixty, I found the ones that fit my mood. They made all the difference.

So in the spirit of celebrating ALL the pose makers, new, old, and departed, I chose some of my all time favorite poses and made a collage. I tried to choose "signature" poses, ones as bloggers and photographers you may have in your inventory. See if you can guess which pose goes with which pose maker.

Your choices are: LAP, BehaviorBody, Posemaster, Glitterati, Vain, Diesel Works. Answers below the photo -- no cheating! Click the photo for a larger view if you like.

And the answers are ---

Diesel Works, Glitterati, Vain, Behavior Body, LAP, Posemaster.

The top photos are taken with my Amacci Posh AO.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci hair base - hazelnut
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 06 Brass
Clothing: PARADISIS Fever  black (new release)

Accessories: *Ticky Tacky* Lick Me! Earrings - Black: ARC reducing bandana flex (NLA)


I SO love this hair. Just out from Amacci, Emilia can be worn in two versions, this being the longer style. What makes this new release special is simple -- it works!   How it works is pretty intriguing and I admit to being puzzled at first. The basic mid length style comes with a add on that attaches to your spine (Yes, really. How clever.) This may not be new news in the hair world, but it is the first I have seen of this ingenuity.

Emilia  won't work with every outfit of course; some prim jackets will get in the way. What it does do beautifully is move with you -- and that is a true pleasure. Some of my favorite long hairs come from the Amacci store and this one is absolutely going to the top of my list.  Lots of colors to choose from, of course.

I should add a caveat here. Since the longer section of this style attaches to the spine, you may have issues with wearablity with outfits that already contain a prim attached to the spine. This only for those of you on the older style viewer. Viewer 2 folks can simply stack those prims using the "Add" option.

My outfit of the day is a mix of more Phoenix - Firefall lucky chair bonanza and some old favorites. They blend nicely, I think. I took my new duds and my new hair over to The Mother Road. I never get tired of taking photos there.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Emilia ~ Mocha (new release)
Skin: Poison Chinese Tattoo; [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 02 Purity
Clothing: PD/Phoenix Destiny; WRONG - Faded Ripped Jeans
Shoes: [Lazy Places] Jax Boots
Accessories: PD/Phoenix Destiny;

Poses by:LAP, Diesel Works

Dolly Pink and Changes

While I embrace the idea of the future, I sometimes find myself kicking and screaming on my way into it. And so it was last night when I discovered that many of my long time favorite programs will no longer work on my hopefully soon to arrive computer and Windows 7. So some changes are afoot. They will most likely be good ones, but bear with me while I sort out the intricacies of my new software. It seems pragmatic to work on the graphics learning curve before tackling the other challenges of a new system. In the end, it will be great I am sure and I will be able to do much more. But baby steps.

My Wake Me Up outfit of the wee morning hours includes lots of newness. First we have some creatively cute rag doll hair from *SoliDea FoliEs*. Definitely different. Definitely fun. And it is on special this week as part of a new $50L monthly group offering from Italian designers. Find it at the entrance to the store -- one week only. This month's theme is "dolly".

I chose a *JeSyLiLO*: skin with a young, fresh look and oh so pink lipstick. My clothes are not new ones, but my boots -- oh so cute boots -- are part of the new releases from lassitude & ennui. Find them VERY SOON at the Fantasy Faire.

The boots are filled with great details such as short lace along the top and "pull on" loops in the back. Still, I am so glad that I don't actually have to button the myriad of  tiny buttons. Those poor Victorian ladies!

With lots of colors to choose from, there is bound to be a favorite among them. Black, rose, red, purple, gray, cream and brown. Be still my beating heart. These are pretty ladylike though, so I best iron some of my Steampunk and Victorian dresses.

As you can see, they can be added to more modern styles too. Eclectic is a wonderful thing. The boots come in Viewer 2 with alpha version and include sets with and without resizers.

Click on any small photo for a high rez version.

One of the changes for The Blog will be an added category for New Releases. From now on it will be easy to tell if there is newness amidst my photos and ramblings. A new photo format is on the way too.

Style Notes: 

Hair: *SoliDea FoliEs* Doll Wool Hair
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Gum:::*LightSkin*J3*BT ( Matte )
Clothing: +++BB+++ Valeria WG WHITE Pants ; Fierce**My Boyfriends shirt (Pink)
Shoes:lassitude & ennui Flora Boots red

Poses by:Glitteratti, Sway's Balloon Bench [Love]

A Touch of Fantasy

Fantasy Faire 2011 begins on April 2nd. I have a lot of new fantasy items in my inventory including some outstanding boots that will be released at the fair. I took a peak at the vendor list and it should be a very exciting time. So get into fantasy mood and prepare for the faire.

From Saturday April 2nd to Sunday April 10th 2011, thousands of Second Life residents and creators are coming together to support the American Cancer Society's vision of a world without cancer.  Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC) have transformed nine sims of Second Life into a fantasy wonderland:  the Fantasy Faire 2011 to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life (RFL of SL).

These Celtic boots are only one of several lassitude & ennui styles that will be released at the fair. Jackal Ennu of lassitude & ennui (a name I have ALWAYS loved) is among the elderly of our designers. No, I don't mean OLD!  I mean "seasoned", one of the pioneers  -- and still here after 2133 days! I marvel at the dedication and continued creativeness of those born way before I hopped out of the pod. Some leave for awhile and often return making  the design world once again richer.

I first visited the then tiny shop not long after my birth. I have no idea how I ended up there, but I did. Scupties were new back then and prim shoes still the norm. Actually -- a bit of trivia for you new kids to the world -- before prim shoes there were TEXTURE shoes. Difficult to imagine, but true. I found a few pair in freebie boxes back in the time when I was very naive and very broke *wink*. I did not save them as memorabilia :D.

The other styles which I hope to show you soon, include some ornate Persian style slippers (unisex) and some --- drum roll please -- Victorian, Steam, Dolly boots.

These Celtic boots are unisex and like the other new releases come in a wide variety of colors -- some including RFL special hues. These are Viewer 2 and include versions with and without resize scripts.

Click on any small photo for a high rez version.

My very striking mask is new today from Solidea Folies. A statement making accessory, it would work for a variety of role play styles.  An option for glow is built in.  This lovely Antiope costume is free in the lucky chairs at Phoenix - Firefall. I have to smile as I have been checking in there from time to time and have pretty much won everything in the chairs EXCEPT for the Silver outfit that I originally went to watch for. I will keep checking, but I am very happy with the things I have won.

Style Notes: 

Hair: A&A Akira Hair Moonlight
Skin: MYNERVAPlatinum Drow Red Lips Black Eyeband
Clothing: **Firefall** Antiope (free LC)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Celtic boots black
Accessories: *Solidea FoliEs* Mask/1

Poses by:snOok, LAP, homemade

Color Me Spring

Color and Spring just seem to go together. Daffodils bring imaginary sunshine to damp days, new buds emerge and remind us that warmth and gentle breezes are on their way. I lean towards neutrals, but from time to time the brighter hues call to me and this morning was one of those moments.

My fun and more brilliant than normal palette began with these new release painter pants from Gwen Carillon Designs. Artistically messy, torn and frayed, they are comfort in colorful form. Graffiti wanders over legs, paint dribbles mingle with marker pen; we know these jeans have seen many hours of work and play.

Topping off the cacophony of color is part of the Barbara set from *Solidea Little Folies* , a new modestly priced, everyday accessories line from *SoliDea Folies*. The set comes with tall bangles and an oversized, statement making ring. There are lots of wildly fun accessories and hair (or things to replace what you might think of as hair *wink*) at the shop. An outside of the box store that is definitely worth a look see.

I was happy to have another outfit for the new Indie Rose Chunky Heels. I really do love them all.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Carletta ~ Hazelnut
Skin:[:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 06 Brass w Terra lip tattoo
Clothing: !O: Basics Boyfriend Racerback [Blank]; GCD - G Jeans Messy Paint (new release)
Shoes: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Strap Chunky Heels (new release)
Accessories: *Solidea Little Folies* Barbara II Hat; *SoliDea Little FoliEs* Barbara II Necklace (new release)

Poses by: Reasonable Desires,   {.:exposeur:.}

The End of a Legend

-- Click for larger photo --

Friends, designers and fellow bloggers met this evening at a last photo shoot for The dress of the eve was "orange". The best I could do was "rust" but I blend in nicely -- front row right.

For a long while Acha and I were neck in neck in blog posts. That is when I was working on climbing Blogger Mountain. I have no idea who was ahead as she exits stage left. Hopefully neither of us cares any longer *wink*. Sometimes it take awhile to smarten up. 

One of the most friendly and best connected old timer bloggers around, she will definitely be missed.

Best wishes on new adventures. Sometimes real life just wins out and that is OK !

See the official post here.

Pixelate Truth

In a rare movement away from the fashion scene, I want to highlight today's Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011. 

The culmination of hundreds of hours of labor took place today in Second Life. I opted to watch from the web rather than venture into the studio. The entries were all creative. My "winner" did not claim the trophy. That isn't really a surprise. I don't enter contests in SL any longer. Not only do I not win (I can live with that), I have no idea WHY the people that do win --- do. Obviously I have a different vision than most judges and honestly? That's OK with me.

So while Arbit Delecroix didn't garner the gold ring, this video won my personal vote. Minimalist, understated, with a theme that asks us to think -- I enjoy watching it over and over. The camera work is superb, the lighting subtle, the saturation cool and neutral. This camera eye and skill would have been greatly appreciated in my short stint in movie making.

While the official prize went to someone else, I notice that the popular "vote" judging by page views went to Arbit.

So if you missed the viewing, don't miss the mechinima. Be impressed. Be inspired. Enjoy!

Pure White

This week's color challenge needed no planning. I have a favorite white outfit. I wear it often. It changes from time to time as there are plenty of options in the set.  And I have some favorite hair that definitely makes a statement amidst the absence of color.

This  locale wasn't my plan though -- my white room, something akin to Matrix fame, was no longer in existence. Redecorating had changed the purity of white into warm rich woods. Plan B -- my first click in search for "snow" was different, but just a striking. So a ten minute shoot this week.

Sometimes it is nice when things just flow.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Calico Ingmann Tracy - Blood
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: +++BB+++ Valeria WG WHITE

Poses by:Diesel Works

A Perfect Moment in Time

Now and then, when we are lucky, there is a perfect moment in time. It is most often fleeting -- so much so we sometimes wonder if it ever happened at all.

I planned this photo shoot last evening. I made my new outfit (free from one of the lucky chairs at Phoenix - Firefall) in Imprudence 1.4, found my photo op location and went to bed. This morning I logged in the Kirstens S21 viewer to take my photos. It has been a many step process for me of late, switching between viewers in order to capture shadows.

When I logged in to what I think of as the Marrakesh street, I was greeted with a glorious morn. I abandoned my best laid plans of last eve in favor of a spontaneous shot. These are the shadows as they were, the light as it was. One perfect moment. I can't wait until this is my everyday view of SL.

My location is the  Arabian Marketplace, Carnivale, a simply gorgeous build with some very cute little shops that are empty should you be a fantasy retailer. It almost makes me want to take up fantasy products in order to apply for a spot in this lovely and serene place. I can of course visit -- and so can you.

PS. I never looked like this when I visited Morocco, but it is still reminiscent :D.

Style Notes: 

Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: TTH exclusive
Clothing: Creed outfit in green

Poses by:BehaviorBody

Life and Mirrored Worlds

No more pencils -- No more books. No more  admin's  dirty looks *wink*.

It has been a difficult but somehow good day for me. I taught a class this afternoon at Learn Avatar. Unbeknownst to me, it was my last. Some new policy changes were that last straw. The rule cam down that unlimited enrollment classes were more or less mandatory. Teachers had to have the OK for each class that they wanted to limit in number AND needed a good reason or it wouldn't be allowed.

I have been a teacher most of my life. I believe in small classes. I believe that teachers cannot TEACH if they are faced with huge numbers of students. They then are just "running them through the mill", not teaching. Most teachers, I believe, would agree. So when faced with the decision to keep on going against my beliefs -- I threw in the towel. I would like to stay for the students, but being true to myself comes first. At least I have learned THAT lesson in this lifetime.

My attire is minimal as you see. This isn't really a fashion post. I am, however, wearing the new FREE Zoe skin from Tuli. It is lovely and definitely worth going to the shop for a searching expedition. The clue has something to do with water I think. It isn't that hard to find. The pack includes a variety of skin tones as well as brow tattoos.

There is that saying that each closed door is an open window. In my case the window came a day before the "closed door". While checking the map to see if my lovely Winterfell land had been purchased, I noted that there was a commercial spot in the park along the canal. Now I had no plans to open another store and this isn't really a store, it is just an adventure. I don't plan to sell much here. It gives me a creative outlet and that, in truth, is the point.

AND I have a brand new SMOKING HOT computer with one of the top graphics cards and i7 processor on is way. Who knows what adventures I can get into with all that power.

It was sunny today as I sipped my wine. The breeze came through the window. I said good-bye to some good times and most likely some nice people, but there are adventures on the horizon.

It was a good day.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Shyla ~ Mocha
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: TTH exclusive

Accessories: DECO - Analyst Glasses - Licorice; bangles made in today's class.

Poses by:EverGlow

Reprise - Desert Dweller

There are a few outfits in our wardrobe that call to us from time to time -- at least that is true for me. I was in the mood for some high role play garb and an exotic landscape. Revisiting Tatooine seemed like a good way to scratch that itch. It wasn't easy to get down to the ground. Quite a few things in the welcome area were broken. Perseverance and some map clicking eventually had my feet touching sandy soil.

My outfit is a little different from before. Skin and hair have changed and with the option to add extra prims and layers I chose  eyelashes and tattoos. As the morning light breaks over the quiet desert city, the typist returns to her comfy covers and a few more hours of sleep.

Click on any small photo for a high rez version.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Exile Fastball Ecllpse
Skin: hO wEAr Dessert Dweller; Poison Chinese tattoos
Clothing: hO wEAr Dessert Dweller

Poses by:Vain


Anyone who has watched this blog through the years, know I like guywear. I am a jeans gal at heart and while I venture over into more girlish attire at times (and mostly for the photos) I pretty much live in pants and other comfy attire. VERO MODERO released a new design for the fellows recently, the Rocker set. I thought about dusting off Chav's shape; it has been awhile. But when I tried on the jacket, it was obvious it would work for gals too. I downsized the prims a bit and took a brief walk in my favorite grungy neighborhood.  The belted piece will fit higher up on taller avatars. I am six to six and a half foot barefoot depending on the sim I am in (who knows?)

My hair is a new release from Simply Britnee. Camila comes in two styles; the second has locks falling across the eyes. I particularly liked this Negro color which is actually a very dark gray.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Camila 2/Negro
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: VERO MODERO Rocker Set
Accessories: 19 LOCS Ver,1.1glasses

Poses by:LAP

Permissions -- Why Do We Try?

I don't consider myself much of a retailer these days. I build things for myself or for the challenge and I put them up on the Marketplace and sometimes in my tiny store. I try to stay away from the stress of shop ownership. Been there. Done that. No need to repeat the process.


Today was a day with issues for some of us. Login servers were down; database unhappy. When I got back into world it took me over an hour and half to put an upgraded product on the Marketplace. No matter how hard I tried the magic box refused to believe I had a new item. Finally with some deletes and many refreshes I completed the process. OK. It happens.

Then this evening I had a notecard from someone with an issue. I couldn't actually OPEN the notecard to see what the issue was, but I noted that the Marketplace had delivered an item in my off-world time and I wrote to the notecard author asking if she had a problem with a newly delivered item.

Well yes. It was No Mod. Of course it was supposed to be Mod-Copy which is typical for my goods. I had sold the item many times to happy customers. I know they modified the build as I was invited to see the changes. So why NOW all of sudden had the PERMISSIONS CHANGED inside the "magic box" ?

This isn't the first time. Often I try and convince myself that I simply made a mistake. We do that, designers. I find things from others with issues and sometime report back -- sometimes not. But this was obviously not of my doing. The same object in my shop was fine. The permissions were correct.

There are issues in world also. I have found many items that have "magically" changed their permissions no matter how many tests I have done before putting out the item.

So my -- oh so rhetorical -- question is: Why do we try?

The answer for me is pretty obvious. We love to create.

It would be nice though, if we could have faith in the system that was supposedly supporting us. I have absolutely NO idea how the magical database manages to change what we wanted to what it might like. It is truly a mystery -- one that most likely will not be solved.

Desert Camper

I taught a couple of classes yesterday, my first in two week. The classes were full, went well and at least some of the students went away considerably smarter. All good. After the classes ended I signed up for my personal tent -- the new form of housing at the school. I don't plan on living here of course, but it seemed good to be supportive and of course I LOVE to decorate.

Twenty prims seem pretty measly for folks who have had homesteads with hundreds. Those of you with half sims will no doubt smile broadly at the meager allotment. But I am very happy with my home styling. It has a Raiders of the Lost Arc feel that is comfy.  Here's the rundown for you home decor 'fashionistas'.

  • Sculpty bed - one I taught a class in -12 prims. The three lounging poses I made and added are happily prim free.
  • Ceiling fan with wicker blades I made after moving in - 4 prims
  • Flora from my previous abode homemade - 2 prims
  • Crate stack (free on Xstreet) - 1 prim
  • Comfy meditation cushion (part of yesterday's class project) 1 prim

Most of my archeological outfit comes from the depths of my closet, but I do have two new items. My coffee and cream jeans  -- such a great color -- are part of a new release from Gwen Carillon Designs. All sorts of hues are in the collection including some not often seen and definitely missing from my wardrobe. Yeah! Each color comes in three versions of leg styles -- boots, skinny and regular. They are no mod.

My pith helmet was part of a huge swag bag given away at the recent Virtual Worlds - Best Practices in Education symposium. The seminars are over, the speakers are gone, but you can still visit for another week.

Style Notes: 

Hair:(Posh) ; Oh Darling ; Caramel f
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 01 Bare
Clothing: =Libertine= Disorder Shred sweater Grey; RONSEM* TEE 1; GCD - G Jeans Coffee with Cream (new release)
Accessories: Virtual Pioneer Safari Pith Helmet by Serena Offcourse; SLM_OrangeParrot20091025(0930); Homespun Hornrimmed Glasses

Poses by:LAP, BehaviorBody

Misty Blues - Skies and Waters

Softness. Mist. Quiet hours with thoughts and memories.

I didn't have a lot of "sky blue" in my inventory. It isn't a color I go out of my way to search for. But I did have two new release items that fit our Color of the Week, and together they made a lovely photo.

My blue mask skin is one of the Fashion For Life releases from Glam Affair. You have likely seen the photos, though perhaps not in a setting such as this. It is quite lovely. Gentle, demur -- almost fairy-like, but with a bit more mystery than our average fairy displays. You still have a few days to shop and donate!

My silver and pale blue necklace hales from *JD*DESIGN.  I love the handmade look. No scripted links here; a tradition I embraced in my stint as a jewelry designer. The blue stones are cool and subtle, the design carefree and creative.

My just barely OK for the office top is one of Chandra's. When looking for something "skimpy", I know which folders in my inventory to search *wink*. The twinkling blue eyes are also from deivousmind.

The magical  locale is my finally finished forest glade pond with skybox surround which is now available in world and on the marketplace.  It took a lot of work for me to be happy with the fantasy steam of the hot water pool. A long and enlightening trip to the Particle Lab helped.  Feel free to come by and take some photos.  It is really OK. There are five different poses built into the pond boulders. Finding the correct rocks to click is a puzzle and an adventure. I wouldn't want to make it TOO easy :D.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Carletta ~ Graphite
Skin: -Glam Affair- Mary Ice BL A
Eyes: !dM deviousEyes/M "AngelDust" Delirium **GALAXY**
Clothing: !dM Lenore - corset/AB bodice transparent **WHITE***


Poses by: BehaviorBody

Moving Back in Time

A brief post with two big thumbs up for a new to me store named [ noctis] which seems to have several locations *wink*. The link above leads to the store with this very lovely vintage furniture set. There are two versions available in the Timeless Treasure hunt. One in "blood" and this one shown in "plum". So keep looking for both boxes. There is also a stellar set of goodies as number 176 in the STEAM hunt.

So if you are into vintage, Victorian or Steam -- be sure and drop by. Do a little searching. Do a little shopping. It's all good.

Style Notes: 

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Jane Short Beige
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 05 Vogue
Clothing: Homespun Cozy Cardigan - Birdie;  Homespun Bluebird Dress; Homespun Rolled-Down Sock L - Blue
Shoes: Dilly Dolls *DD* Carlotta Oxfords Dark

Poses by:BehaviorBody; LAP

Lovin' the Green

And a happy St. Pat's to ya!   I am standing outside of a bustling Irish pub. The music is loud. The folks -- all thirty-one of them -- are merry. It is a good day in Dublin town. I am part Irish so I am happy to celebrate !

My very cute -- and very green -- St. Pat's day outfit is from Leel. It can definitely stay in my wardrobe after the holiday is over! 

Style Notes: 

Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Tracy  copper
Skin:   [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 06 Brass;  ** KANIVAL TATTOO ** - 89. Paisley
Clothing: .:LeeL:. st.patricksday pants and shirt

Accessories: **DM** Stone Dreams Cuff Bracelet

Poses by:LAP

OTR: Archacon Village

Vero Modero has some great new pants out, ones that definitely had me heading to the "playa".  It was a bit of a bumpy journey, the photo shoot of the morn. My favorite yacht site was steeped in gray -- not fog, just textures that wouldn't rez. So on to Plan B, the SL Destination Guide which happily gets updated fairly often. I scrolled through the current beach listings and found a picturesque sounding spot, Archacon Village

These are French islands. My high school language classes really didn't help me much with the signs. Bakery, library and school seem to be the words I remember *wink*. Still, the atmosphere is lovely and perfect for my new attire. I really do love capris and these Chic Jeans are lots of fun with buttoned pockets and leg plackets. My sophisticated sunglasses and cute striped neck tie are accessories that come with the new brightly patterned Chic Tops. I opted for a more sedate shirt, feeling so classically European, like Bridget Bardot -- retro coming around again into mainstream. I love it.

My sandals are a new release from Baby Monkey. The Ultimate Zena sandals are perfect for Spring and Summer. Available in a variety of colors, they come in both Viewer 2 and invisiprim versions and include a HUD for color matching. A handy notecard with some of the popular brands of skin tones is included. How nice! 

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Shyla ~ Hazelnut (new release)
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 06 Brass [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed / lips :: Ruin
Clothing: [ AYUMI ] Heartbreaker; VERO MODERO / Chic Jean (new release)
Shoes: BM Ultimate Zena V2 White (new release)
Accessories: VERO MODERO / Chic Sun Glass (new release); VERO MODERO / Plaid Scarf (new release); homemade bangles

Poses by: Amacci, BehaviorBody