Mean Comments Meme of the week

LEA29 - Mistero Hifeng
Berry's theme for the week is on cyber bullying.  It has been a difficult month (well year) for many of us and that has lead me back to typing in that literary sense. So here is my input and answers to her questions.

Have you ever been subjected to mean comments online by strangers?

Long ago and far away in a land called the Newly Burgeoning Internet, I was kind of a super star. The web was young then and SMALL you understand. So it wasn't all that difficult to be noticed. What I found was that fame definitely came with a downside.

I regularly got 'hate mail'. This was way before Facebook and forums were fairly scarce so this wasn't a public event -- it was personal. It was still disturbing and it still hurt.

How did you respond to them?

I honestly don't remember. I think I did -- at first -- respond; likely with reason instead of anger. They of course had nothing really to merit their tirades -- only their desire to virtually maim. Along the way I figured out that it was merely jealousy that had them so upset. It had little to do with me personally. I just had what they wanted.

How did they make you feel?

It was very disturbing at first. The attacks were new to me. I had been a fairly in the background gal through most of my life. Studied a lot, honor society all that jazz. A few good friends. Nothing in the spotlight.

Eventually I knew I just had to let it wash over me. That there was nothing I could do to fight against it. It was really THEIR issue, not mine. So I let things pass along without too much thought.

Can you share some of the mean comments you’ve received and your thoughts on them?

No, too long ago and happily mostly forgotten.

Have you ever ridiculed or negatively commented on someone else’s work, actions or personality with the intention to hurt them?

No. I am sure I have made negative comments from time to time -- on forums and the like. But they were never meant to hurt anyone; they were simply my opinion on a situation or point of view. 

Ready for Spring

I am really REALLY ready for Spring. And today my corporeal self got to enjoy some nice sunshine while planting sees for June salads. 

If you have an outdoor area, or a patio or a sunroom -- well lots of places really -- this Lanai Wicker set from Cheeky Pea for Uber is perfect.  The cushions and pillows are texture change in themes. Both PG and A versions are available. It is a big set with not all pieces shown here so zip on over and see everything.

Some new cute as a button hair can be found at eXxEsS. JANA comes in two different packs with huge huds. There is pretty much any color you can think of!

My Bliensen + MaiTai - Yesterday necklace comes in three jewel colors -- pale, night and coral.

Outfit by SLX.

Poses by: the couch

Viva Vega

Vega City opens today with shopping and housing options amidst a lovely mountain and lake terrain.

Somewhat tropical, white and pastel buildings blend with vast water for a peaceful feel.

Upscale homes are available for rent: zip around to the BACK of each to find the rental info.  Fully furnished highrise apartments can also be found.

There are plenty of entertainment and lounging areas in the sim. 

My posh attire is from BAIASTICE for Uber.  The Draped Mini Dress comes in Spring tones, jewel tones and basics and can of course be worn without the Venus Leggings Boots. The boots with leggings are available in coordinating colors and work fine with mesh bodies (no feet).

Hair: Peggy by MINA

Poses by: Diesel Works

Back in Time

Still on vacation I give you a bit of nostalgia from March 27 of other years.


Why I Blog - a Berry meme from 2013
And a VIDEO from a post that same day.

Evidently another vacation occurred in 2012 :D. 

Acha's group goodbye photo 2011. Happily she did eventually return.

A little group exorcism with Chandra and gang.

This was pretty darn cute for six years ago!

Me, Myself and I Meme

Sceenshot from my film "Elusive"
I too am on vacation this week but Berry's meme theme is definitely something I want (and need) to do. It has been an extremely wild and bumpy 2015. I don't expect it to calm down any time soon even though I wish it so.  

Just not in the stars.

Anyway, here are my quick as a bunny hopping across the waiting room at the psychiatrist's answers.

I am... strong, smart and talented
I want... a rest period from the drama now and then
I have... friends that I cherish
I wish... for peace in the world
I hate... inequality
I fear... having to trust in the future
I search... for direction even when it seems I have found it
I wonder... if giving too much is a wise thing
I regret... very few things in my life
I never... say goodbye well
I always... try to see the best in people
I usually... manage TO see the best in people
I dance... not enough these days
I sing... along with songs that speak to me
I often... forget breakfast and lunch when in creative mode
I sometimes... drink like a winery owner
I cry... more than I would like these days
I need... a small light shining at the end of the tunnel
I should... sometimes think before I leap
I love...not all that wisely

Shiny Shabby Jacky

If you love Boho, don't miss Jacky from MINA at Shiny Shabby.

That's pretty much what you need to know --- LOL. Oh, color change hud with several choices on the scarf wrap as well as hair color choices -- well ya knew THAT part.  Definitely a winner.

Poses by: Diesel Works


I could use a getaway. If the tropics are your first choice when that G word comes to mind -- OR if you have your own beach or pool to decorate then the Cheeky Pea Tiki bar may be just what you are after.

The posters could go on the wall, but since I had none, they look just great on the front of the bar. There is also a short pier available.

Stools come with singles and couples poses and both PG and A versions are available. Find all the goodness at N21.

And when you are on vacation and in the warm climes you can definitely start your day early with fruit drinks *wink*.

Both drink givers and static props are in the set.

Outfit by BAIASTICE; Candy.

Hair by MINA for Shiny Shabby. More info in tomorrow's post.

Pose by: the stool


I SO love these! Some of you may not be old enough to remember this style, but they were indeed both comfy and serviceable. I am guessing they still make these and that might be something I need to research in real life - LOL.

Out for My Attic, the Shelly Lawn Chairs from Cheeky Pea!  Tons of colors to choose from let's you find the perfect hue for YOUR decor. Feel the comfort!

Poses by: the chair

At the Villa

Over at the villa -- or at least what I am thinking of as the villa at Sacred, courtesy of SL Blogger Support and an open invitation.

It is extremely lovely here, classic and serene. A perfect place to wear the new attire from BAIASTICE for Shiny Shabby, the Dray Combo sweather and shirt (coffee was my choice of the afernoon) and the Joan Long Suede skirt (also in coffee). 

There are of course many colors to choose from.

Hair by EMO-tions

Pose by: Vista Animations



There is something about going back to the past that instills comfort -- at least in me.

From Cheeky Pea for Kustom 9, a lovely set of rockers with some finely detailed accessories. All low land impact. I linked the table, book, tray and flowers and saved a "prim"!    One can never be TOO thrifty.   Both PG and A versions of the chairs are available.

I lived in a community surrounded by these Pacific Craftsmen houses. They are stately and impressive -- yet friendly inside. A good mix for families or those that like to entertain.  Find it at COLLABOR88; the Barnesworth Anubis booth.

Provence Romance

Spring freshness. Open air. The first blossoms.

From Atelier Visconti at The Liaison Collaborative -  a darling set of outdoor decor and furniture which includes a coordinating loveseat and table. I of course fell in love with the most eclectic piece of the release, the bicycle planter.  At only 3 land impact it is a must have for your romantic getaway place.

My new Karin dress from Ducknipple is equally romantic and definitely speaks of Spring. Many colors are available via hud.

Hair: Peggy by MINA

Pose: aDORKable


Travel. Adventures. Learning new things about ourselves when taken away from our comfort zones.

All good.

Schoolgirl cute and sassy, Vera from MINA from The Chapter Four is a great updo with casual appeal. 

From {what next} for The Liaison Cooperative's  'Bon Voyage' theme, the Wanderlust Daybed set. Two other versions are available; nautical and Paris.

My retro schoolgirl look is from 20.FIVE . Look for Skulla. Five colors of blouse are available by hud. 

And here is a closeup of the suitcase and photos. Four land impact in all, the suitcases are two. What a bargain.

Poses by:  the furniture

Dance Fever

Dancing the night away --

NEW hair from Vanity Hair -- this is Airwaves 1, appropriately messy and somewhat wonton; great for clubbing!

NEW group gift necklace from MEVA -- shiny stones that would work with both casual and dressy attire.

And makeup tattoos -- both eyes and lips from alaskametro @ Skin Fair. Both lips and eye makeup come in packs and include Omega and SLink appliers.  These seem to work well with many skins so try out the tester while you are in the vicinity. Very pretty.

My all in one jumpsuit (shoes built in) is part of a set with jacket form ArisAris. Find the Atypical Biker Outfit at the Biker Fair. Definitely dangerous, the jacket comes with and without biker decal.

There is also a cute gift to pick up, so don't miss that.

Poses by: Diesel Works


Books and paintings for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea from Fallen Gods. Find them at the Tattered Page Library.

An old friend of mine told me a story real life story yesterday. The local library was having its book drive. A small child came up to her in the children's book area that she was overseeing.  "I am six and I can read you know!" he announced proudly. I can see that scene in my mind's eye and it makes me smile.

When I was a bit older than that there was a summer reading program at my library. Each child in the Bookworm Club had a drawing of a segmented worm with a hat. They lined the walls of the kid's section. Each time you read a book -- and reported of course, a segment was filled in. The goal was to get your worm from black and white to red and green by the end of the summer. I can still see that worm, or at least a memory of the reality.

A quick search at Google informs me that Bookworm Clubs are still going on after many decades. Amazing!

The worms have been modernized of course and come with various looks. This is the closest to my memory.

Satura - Skin Fair

If fantasy is your passion, Satura from OtherSkin @ Skin Fair may be just what you are looking for. Brilliant hues as well as a black olive desaturated version are available.  Eyes (not worn here) come in the pack; both system and mesh.

The skin does have nipples: I am wearing pasties for blogging.

From the designer notecard: 

Her name is Satura, she was born in the darkest room of our souls, she wasn't able to speak. Never learned how to see and how to listen. She was blind, mute and deaf! I think she was 7 Years old, or more 7000 Years, in the infinity of this room, when she was enlightened.

It wasn't that kind of enlightenment You are maybe thinking of now. It wasn't the light, who taught her heart how to suffer and how to enjoy. It wasn't the first noise, who cleaned her eyes of the endless black of loneliness. The truth is, she was touched, touched by a kind of premonition! Softly, it crawled her neck and went down the spine, to leave her body at the acute of her toes. Just to start again, looking for the way through her darkest emotions.

The feeling, she hated it first, wasn't willing to go, she tried all to get rid of it, but without success. It stayed permanent in her back, like someone who's longing for Your soul! She gave up, to chase away something, who came voluntary to her, and thought to herself, that everything free ok is for You! It grew and became stronger, it told her so beautiful stories and so deep secrets of her being. She never wanted to miss that feeling anymore. She knew, she would die without it, she would loose herself, she never would longer exist without her wings!
Today, Satura is much older than 7 Years.

She has seen so beautiful and cruelly stories and sometimes she comes along to our planet, the lost garden, to watch the people let their own wings grow!

Poses by: aDORKable

Moonless Night

There is plenty happening over at COLLABOR88 where the theme is a tribute to the Twin Peaks TV show.

In the background the Cooper Desk set with appropriate coffee, donuts, tape recorder and intercom mic. Oh my; certainly a step back in time!  There are verious colors of desks and chairs available and all are low impact with even the chair coming in at one land impact with great LODs. Find it all at the Second Spaces section.

And from Baiastice, the Josie pumps with stockings. Nice retro shaped heels that fit in nicely with today's styles, you change the stocking and stocking tops separately.

The shoes of course come in a variety of colors. Mix and match and have some fun!

My top and skirt are also from BAIASTICE, the Kafue skirt and Mini-top.
Peggy by MINA is definitely my favorite hair out there and I wear it a LOT! 

Poses by: aDORKable

Cute and Cosy

Isn't this darling?

Out for COLLABOR88 from Trompe Loeil the Palmer Lodge. Vaulted ceiling in the A-Frame area and a loft in the taller section, it is perfect for forest or beach.

The detailing is of course lovely.  Weighing it at 41 land impact, it won't break any budgets either!  Such a deal.


Post removed at the request of the creator.


From Roawenwood for A Tattered Page: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Sea Escapes Aquarium.  Wood and hammered metal form a Jules Verne inspired fantasy seascape.

Here is the section of the book that sparked the design:

Suddenly, through two oblong openings, daylight appeared on both sides of the lounge.  The liquid masses came into view, brightly lit by the ship's electric outpourings.  We were separated from the sea by two panes of glass.  I shuddered at the thought that these fragile partitions could break; but strong copper bands secured them, giving them nearly infinite resistance………..In wonderment, we leaned on our elbows before these show windows, and our stunned silence remained unbroken…

"Ah!"  I exclaimed.  "I see our captain's way of life!  He's found himself a separate world that saves its most astonishing wonders just for him!"

* * * * * * * * *

In a late night conversation a good friend called me a Wordsmith.  I hadn't thought of myself in that way, but it is likely true. I apparently practice wordsmithery (I like THAT word a lot).

He also said he sometimes felt I was trying to intimidate him with my esoteric (well, damn there is one example right there) words.  I answered with a resounding "no, that isn't it!"

Communication is difficult. Whether between two people or among an author and his readers, the goal is to move ideas and visions from one mind to another. Words are the vehicles. The closer the word is to the idea that wants to be imparted, the better the communication.

Taking most any word and looking in the thesaurus (and yes, I did have a very thick book version back in the pre-Google days) it is easy to see that each similar word carries its own subtle meaning. The "flavor" is different. So picking just the right words can help the communication process.

Of course the person hearing or reading those words also needs to know them.

If you feel the desire to enhance your word toolbox, A.Word.A.Day might be a fun place to start.


Out for We Love Roleplay, the "Drache" Dragonscale Breastplate. It comes in several scale colors and boasts double buckles in the back. Wear it with leggings or skirt. Look for the Senzafine display.

And from MINA exclusive for The Chapter Four, Ariana which comes in two sizes for busty gals as well as regular for us -- well regular folks.

Poses by: aDORKable


What wonders lie beneath the surface? From the Tattered Page Event, some lovely jellyfish which can be worn or rezzed. Items are also featured in the home stores, in this case Spyralle.

Each designer takes inspiration from the current story, in this round Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. You likely read the adventure story as a youngster, I certainly did. Filled with wondrous locals and colorful characters it sparks imaginative thoughts.

If you have a child or grandchild that would enjoy Captain Nemo's travels on the Nautilus I suggest you visit your local library and check out a copy of the book. A chapter a night works well. My great grandmother and I took turns reading to each other, her in one twin bed, me in mine. It was a special time.

Here is the section of the book that inspired the creature above.

Chapter XV: A Walk on the Bottom of the Sea

"Soon forms of objects outlined in the distance were discernible. I recognized magnificent rocks, hung with a tapestry of soophytes of the most beautiful kind, and I was at first struck by the peculiar effect of this medium.

"It was then ten in the morning; the reays of the sun struck the surface of the waves at rather an oblique angle, and at the touch of their light, decomposed by refraction as through a prism, flowers, rocks, plants, shells, and polypi were shaded at the edges by the seven solar colours. It was marvelous, a feast for the eyes, this complicateion of coloured tints, a perfect kaleidoscope of green, yellow, orange, violet, indigo, and blue; in one word, the whole palette of an enthusiastic colourist! Why could I not communicate to Conseil the lively sensations which were mounting to my brain, and rival him in expressions of admiration? For aught I knew, Captain Nemo and his companion might be able to exchange thoughts by means of signs previously agreed upon. So, for want of better, I talked to myself. I ceclaimed in the copper box which covered my head, thereby expending more air in vain words than was perhaps wise.

"Various kinds of isis, clusters of pure tuft-coral, prickly fungi and anemones formed a brilliant garden of flowers, decked with their collarettes of blue tentacles, sea-stars studding the sandy bottom. It was a real grief to me to crush under my feet the brilliant specimens of molluscs which strewed the ground by thousands, of hammerheads, donaciae (veritable bounding shells), of staircases, and red helmet-shells, angel-wings, and many other produced by this inexhaustible ocean. But we were bound to walk, so we went on, whilst above our heads, waved medusae whos umbrellas of opal or rose-pink, escalloped with a band of blue, sheltered us from the rays of the sun and fiery pelagiae, which, in the darkness, would have strewn our path with phosphorescent light."

Getting Exotic

Need a little pizazz in your decor? 

Out for We Love Roleplay from Roawenwood, a big collection of exotic goodness -- at a discount even!  We like that.

The lamp in the background is not part of the package.

The Arqa Furniture set come with a settee that includes thirteen singles animations including eating (food tray appears).

The Nadir Tree set includes three sizes of Mediterranean foliage -- all in nicely textured pots perfect for indoors or out.

Think warm desert breezes.

Pose by: the settee

By The Fire

From Dutchies for Shiny Shabby, a great set of fireplace blankets and of course -- the fireplace.  Blankets are changeable to white, light and dark as well as fur (shown). Packed full of great animations with props they even have a facial expression menu. PG, A and A+ versions are available.

This is a really fun animation. Not something the typist would do, but our avatars are often braver! The fireplace comes with high flames or you can opt for embers and sparks by removing the flame prim.

Hair: Peggy by MINA
Dress: Laural by BAIASTICE

Poses by: the blankets

Friday Shopping

It's Friday and time to start that shopping weekend. By now The Arcade is a bit calmer and with some good karma you should be able to get in.  While you are trying your luck, don't miss the {theosophy} Cat in a Bag machine.  Filled with tons of fun and low impact kitties, there is something for everyone. This is my favorite, (False Advertising).

And -- out for Fifty Linden Friday, some great low land impact window blinds that open and close. Perfect privacy!  They come in both narrow (shown) and wide versions and are resizable. Black, white, light and dark woods are all available. Find them at {what next}.


I lived over on the Bayou for awhile. It is gone now -- well the land is there but the spirit seems to have departed. It was a wondrous time living in a themed community.

Out for The Arcade from Trompe Loeil, shotgun shacks. Since I know the theme I can explain the reference.  Shotgun houses were narrow and skinny. They typically had no halls but you got from one room to another via the area before. So, they were somewhat like a rail car.

Back in the day over on the Bayou I even built a shotgun house for a contest. There were many entered and all fun to see. Now you can have your own low prim abode perfect for small pieces of land.

Just zip on over to The Arcade and try you luck!


Most of us are travelers in one sense of the word. We journey to far away places or sometimes just imagine ourselves in exotic locales. Either way there is experience and learning.

The theme for this month's Challenge is "Globetrotter".   This really fun Globetrotter Trunk Desk is from 22769.  The trunk and all accessories weighs in at 7 land impact and the chair filled with lots of great animations is only 1 (oh my!). 

Pefect for trekking, these Townsfolk slippers are from lassitude & ennui for We Love Roleplay (opens tomorrow).  They come in styles for Slink male and female as well as Maitreya mesh body. Super comfy, they are pleasingly rustic and great for -- well, roleplay! 

And, out from Sway's a way to keep track of those far away from home. The [Suzie] keyholder and noteboard has six different messages to choose from and is a measly one land impact (oh yes!)  Love the details!

Poses by: the furniture


A really special new bedroom set is out at Uber from Cheeky Pea. The theme is Boho and  -- Boho it is. Many many pieces including some artwork, the land impact ranges from 1 to 24. The bed turns back its covers when you sit. Both PG and A versions are available. AND, if you like COLOR, there is a really really cute bright and funky 60s version to be had.

You of course need stunning nightwear to go with the new bed. Well BAIASTICE has that covered over at FaMESHed. Super cute Lace Dream shortie nighties come in a variety of colors with panties. There is a transparent version for those of you that want to impress your beau.

Poses by: the bed and Vista Animations


The Arcade never disappoints and this round has some super fun items.

From Second Spaces a big collection of clutter -- something for every room it seems. One of my favorites is the unopened mail. Now I know we don't actually GET that much mail -- well I certainly don't, but a really great prop to make your house a home.

BAISTICE has  a huge (humongous) collection of tennis shoes. Sock huds are in the mix to change the socks to either prints or patterns. These are unrigged shoes. I am wearing them with my Maitreya body; you cannot go sockless however and also have that super smooth skin *wink*.

These are denim and dots, one of the rares.

My outfit is also from BAIASTICE, Baiastice_short denim salopette-dark rinse.

Hair from eXsEsS; Nalya

Poses by: aDORKable

Flying in Style

It's ARCADE TIME!  Woot!  I love all the creative items that appear each cycle. Shown here one of many available prizes from {what next} ,  a wearable helicopter. And yes that propeller is rotating wildly!

This is the ladybug version, one of the commons. Many to choose from including two texture change rares. All are lovely so you can't go wrong -- and that's MY kind of gacha.

Poses by: the helicopter