Comfy Clothes

We all have outfits that seem like home. Comfy, often casual -- they are our slip into gear when we just want to be us.

I went out for an early morning walk, not long after dawn in that corporeal world. It was a bright and sunny day in both. The air was still crisp, the trees moving softly as breezes nudged them to wake up from their sleep.

From MEVA these great oversized coin earrings (also available in gold) that coordinate with necklace and bracelet (shown yesterday).  Find them at Cosmopolitan .

The SLX Outfit Blast comes with fitmesh cropped sweater (five color options via hud), bell bottom jeans and study boots (in case you want to do some hiking). A necklace is also in the set. Pick up the demo here.

MINA Hair - Josje
Poses by: the Cheeky Pea chair and Vista Animations

Street Life

Love for sale?

Well perhaps a shadow --  and for some shadows are enough.

Who is the victim?  The young girl away from home by choice or circumstance?  The man who would rather pay than take a risk with his emotions?

A quick fix; commodities bought and sold. 

Caught in a filigree web which reaches back through history, others watch and frown and point fingers; when in many ways they help write the story.

As the sun announces the end of her performance, she walks in the dusky dawn towards a home that holds no solace, simply a brief escape of sleep and the momentary facade of safety.

From Ducknipple:  the Wortel set. Skirt and top are separate with a multi hud to change colors of either as well as ties and string belt.  The detailing is impressive and the Lara alpha layers happily let me set areas for a perfect match for both skirt and top. Busty gals will have a time with the brief top. Happily I am not in that crowd. Sizing runs true to a bit large.

From MEVA for Cosmopolitan Coins jewelry. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are available in both silver and gold.

Shoes: lassitude & ennui Lucy heels black

Hair: eXxEsS : MILVA

Poses by: Vista Animations

Pink Sunrise

Pink Sunrise

Full sized photo here.

Some of you have likely noted that I am no longer posting on the weekends. Instead I have been taking some personal time which of course is good and something friends have been urging me to do for ---- well "ages" pretty much covers it.

I have been working on my photography skills and I have decided to post my favorite photo of the week on Sunday's.  For how long? No one knows.

Uber Time!

"Rustic" never looked so good over at Uber!  A quick tour turns up plenty of niche items, a great three layered jacket and shirt set for the guys at Cold Ash, and of course lots of goodness from some of my favorite designers.

I had already decorated my new bedroom, but hey -- that is why they invented the word "REdecorating". And I did just that yesterday morning.

These are just a few pieces from large releases at the Trompe Loeil and Cheeky Pea booths. Be sure and check out ALL the goodness as there is much to find, gather and take home.

The bed, dresser and "camp chair" are from Trompe Loeil, parts of the Cassia Glamping Set. Here is a photo of the complete set.

The "You Had Me At Hello" lighted photo board is just one part of a huge set from Cheeky Pea, Heart on a Wire.

Need to hide from the world?  Well this wardrobe from the Heart on a Wire set is perfect.  I have to add a personal note here. Living in a role play area is obviously much like living in a mobile home park. There IS no privacy. As I was typing just now after taking this photo, someone IMed me to role play. Sure he was seeing me "hiding". So funny. I see many interesting adventures in store for Chica.

The Aimee Dress from Baiastice can take you dancing of course, but it is also -- in my mind at least, a superb nightie. Super silky, it fits me like a dream.   Also at UBER.

Hair: eXxEsS Milva

Poses by: Vista Animations and the wardrobe

Chica Who?

Meet Chica.

Now of course Chica is ME -- well a version of me; a variant of me?  I am not really sure yet.

Not the first sim I have been seduced by; just when you think you know where life is going a fork in the road appears unexpectedly.

This is the center of Asphyxiation Point, an urban role play sim. And while I am looking pretty darn good in my made for RP outfit, I am pretty sure you have noticed the trees in the background!  Gorgeous.

They are made by Hyabusa Design  - Fighting Spirit (97,168,22) and no they are not low prim, but be still my beating heart they are lovely.  This is a Lilac Bush Plant M15 and is fairly new, so check out the store.  

Update: I was informed by the sim designer that he had linked several trees together in this area and I was looking at a GROUP of trees, not one. At default size the trees are 3LI. They do of course increase in land impact when made very large :D.    

My character's outfit is made up of both new and older items.

Items just out are the great Nature Live Sandals for Maitreya (and Slink) from ArisAris.   See a close up and a hud photo in yesterday's post.  My hair is MILVA  by eXxEsS. More info here.

My tiny little beach dress (there is a beach of course and this is a tourist town) is Baiastice's Candy dress in yellow.  The great beach bag is from ISON, modded some to add magazines for my backstory and to make it smaller for easier strolling. It doesn't seem to be available any longer, but it is a great one if you have it.

Now I hadn't planned to MOVE here. But I was strolling in the early morning hours when it is calm and not crowded and found this stylish house to rent. There are many rentals here, mostly all full (I had looked before). But as someone has told me many times, "you have GREAT land Karma", meaning I always seem to find the best places.

So I spent much of the day moving in. It is looking fantastic. If you know your furniture you can see a lot of Trompe Loeil and Cheeky Pea in evidence. The trick was finding things in my not too tiny inventory.  I have 37 more prims to spend. This is a two story six room house and definitely larger than what I am used to. An ocean view and a stone walled yard with very classy neighbors is an outdoor bonus.

So this will be a new experience for me. I am looking forward to it.

Poses by: Vista Animations.

Storm Clouds

Are those storm clouds on the horizon?  It happens in summer! Just when you think the sun will be around forever ....

Now is a great time to get over to The Arcade. I am guessing you can actually see beyond the gray now without waiting half a hour for things to rez. From {theosophy} a set of bike vendor carts. There are plenty of pastel versions but this dangerous and quirky one immediately got my attention.  Illegal? Well it is all a matter of viewpoint -- and where you live.

My all in one outfit is the Ducknipple Mesh Cello Cardigan w HUD -- and what a hud it is. Twelve colors (neutrals are included) for the cardigan, twelve for the slip dress.  Ah the choices!

I was SO happy to see that these sandals from ArisAris worked for Maitreya bodies as well as Slink. Since most of the folks I know are wearing Lara, lots of designers are hopping on that bandwagon and I am thrilled.  Perfect for all kinds of summer outfits and beachwear they come with a hud that goes on forever. The detailing is phenomenal.

Look for Nature Live sandals. 

And you thought I was kidding about the hud!  

My backpack is antique and undoubtably not available.
Hair: Peggy by MINA

Poses by: Helamiyo and the bike

Slow Moves

Moving from point A to point B sometimes takes awhile. We get there eventually, but the journey is part of the adventure so there is really no need to hurry. Best to just enjoy each day as it comes.

Giant Flickr photo here.

SL12B is underway and there is lots to see as well as gifts to be found on the hunt. Look for blue crescent moons.  From Asphyxiation Point - Urban Roleplay SIM (SLB location) a stellar bike with size adjustments and many colors to choose from. It rides in that nice and easy style. A good stopping pose is a bonus.

There is a rezzable bike in the pack. It really is a lovely prop so get over there and find it!

Top by SLX (part of the Victoria Promo outfit)
Runway Jeans by CARGO
Hair Peggy by MINA
Tote by ISON (nla)

Poses by: the bike and Vista Animations


I spend most of my time in neutrals mode; black and tan, charcoal and taupe. But every now and then I really want to break away from my norm and enjoy some COLOR!

From Trompe Loeil, the Kiya Beach Huts in five colors (includes neutrals) exclusive for COLLABOR88.  Cute as can be with string lights and decks galore, the huts are perfect for beachtime living.

Also big in the color category (and also with neutral choices in the mix) these ArisAris Lennart capris with hud that let you change patterns of pants and belt as well as the button metal.

A new French-rolled hairdo let's the breezes cool you. Look for Vanity Hair's The Italian Job.  Many color choices by hud.

My tank?  CARGO // Ribbed  Tanktop // Dark Colors (hud)

Poses by: HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Sorry what (Alice in Sexyland promo)

Relationships VR style

An op ed piece? It has been ages.

But serendipity reigns and I have something on my mind.

Relationships. Tricky at best under normal circumstances. What happens when they move into VR?

Some of you undoubtedly have a history with virtual relationships, but I had not. And the ball drops and 2015 begins. Well hey.

It seems to me that there are two distinct kinds of VR relationships -- and likely many gray areas between them. There are the pretty much RL ones where folks know a lot about each other, chat and talk and email about life and times and histories and philosophy --

And then there are the purely VR relationships where it is only our visions of our avatars that come into play.

I have been in both.

In the RL "relationship" you (in theory) have a vision of the person you are connected  too. True, it may be a fake vision, but over time things seem to leak through. Empty spaces get filled with information; you get a better idea of who you are involved with.

In the purely VR relationship, it is more about our fantasy personas. Who we believe we are in VR. Now, honestly -- I think that is one part of who we REALLY are. If you have spent a lot of time in VR then you  definitely  have a strong tie to your avatar. You and she (or he) are one -- in many senses of the term.

It is difficult at times to differentiate between the VR and VR/RL relationships. The edges blur and life gets a bit unsteady. We seldom really know who we are communicating with on the other side of that IM window. Male, female, old, young -- they may share our belief system or not. And in the end, I think that is what is truly important.

In my mind,  relationships -- both friendly and sexual -- are about energy and the transference of that commodity.  Does it really matter who is on the other side of the screen if your beliefs are in alignment? If you can communicate freely and honestly?

I am not sure it does.

I have friends that I know a lot about and ones that I know little about. I make it a policy to NEVER ASK. Over time, the parts of the puzzle are often filled in -- that, or they are very good at keeping their backstory straight and if that is the case then kudos to them.

Relationships are often difficult and sometimes tenuous in all worlds. If you find one that works for you -- then hold onto it!

Details, in the final analysis, don't matter all that much.

Endless Summer


Summer really can't last forever, but while it is here -- let's enjoy it!    And the beach is THE place.

Out for Fifty Linden Friday nautical decor from Sway's.  The Whale coatrack come with or without hat and color change cloth. The Ahoy stool comes with a big collection of nautical texture options and plenty of poses for both gals and guys.

My new microkini (only brave gals need apply) is from BAIASTICE for Summerfest 2015  (opens tomorrow).

Aside from ALL the fine detailing -- look at the fringe!  The Fringe Micro Bikini comes in both prints and solids. This is the "watercolor" version.

And this is a great new hair out from eXxEsS, Milva. Lotsa preeetty colors in two big color huds! You will see it again in black on Monday!  OOps, sorry. Same hair as yesterday. Scroll back if you missed the black version.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Beach Scene

This is my new neighborhood. No, that is not my boat or even my dock *wink*, but it is a pretty nice area for mainland.  It is a little laggy when you first enter -- I am guessing because most all my neighbors have one (or many) danceballs as well as privacy stuff etc.  But after a few seconds all is well and I can live with that.

It is nice to be on the beach again and in an eclectic area. My spot is small and you will be seeing it over the next few weeks.  That's the good news.

For those of you that zip on over to the Machinima Open Studio Project to take a quick picture of furniture in a wheat field or car in a city -- well those days will be ending soon. MOSP will be closing mid July.

That leaves some of us (/me waves hands madly) in search of photo spots. And honestly that might be a good thing. I know "I" have been lazy this last year. I could always find an appropriate place nearby so I didn't travel out much.

There is something to be said about adventure, and summertime adventure? Even better. So expect to see some travelogues in the future.

My beachy attire is a new release from SLC, the Mesh Beautiful Summer Cocktail Dress. This is the black version. Plain and print summertime colors are also available. It "walks" very nicely and that is always a good thing!

This very pretty and casual long hair is just out from eXxEsS, Milva. Two extensive huds as always as well as materials and non-materials versions.

Poses by: Vista Animations

Americana OR [insert your country]


If you follow this blog you KNOW I love "quirky". Well here ya go! So creative and so much fun. From Cheeky Pea for Kustom 9 a mailbox that pretty much does everything but give you a pedicure (well not really, but lots of things). You can change the flag to many countries (assumably those represented in SL in some quantity) and of course get and check mail. It is NO mod as it apparently will break if tampered with (well hey, complex is a good thing).  

At six land impact it won't work for everyone, but I would suggest that you really don't need those bushes! This is SO cute. I put it in front of the Trompe Loeil - Shipping Crate Studio which I also love. So that brings the count to 56. That gives even those on a tight prim budget plenty of wiggling room.  It works for me!

A Charcoal Midnight

Dark night. Dark hair. Dark accessories.
Now I just need a "dark stranger" of the male variety *wink*.

For Inspiration from MEVA and eyepatch with coordinating necklace. As usual, the detailing is amazing. I can almost SEE those fine stitches and feel the slight roughness of the leather.

With a new hairdo from Vanity Hair, Mirror Games (great name; I may steal that for a machinima :D) I am set.

The hair is looooong and yep, "mirrored" in feel but not in actuality (that wouldn't look very realistic). It takes a lovely and striking photo!

Jumpsuit by Hucci (older).

Poses by: Helamiyo

In the Shade


It's that time of year when shade and cool clothing are both important -- at least to those of  us in the northern hemisphere.  And of course we want to look our best in that California Dreamin' kinda way.

Three new releases cover the bases.

New hair from eXxEsS, Ira comes with huge (both in size and content) color huds. I chose a pretty strawberry red shade to coordinate with the new JADE bikini from BAIASTICE for COLLABOR88. There are many many prints to choose from; one is bound to be perfect for your style.

And of course we need something to lounge in that satisfies our lazy needs. The new Boho Dreamtime Hammock from Cheeky Pea is just perfect. Subtle colors, great details and a choice of PG or A versions, you can hang in between your favorite trees or opt for the stand model.

Find it a the new LTD: The Event. (So much goodness there!)

I had just enough land impact left to set it up on my tiny 512 lot. There is a very pretty canopy as well as a chandelier for those of you with larger usage budgets *wink*.  There are many nice animations included, both singles and couples.

Poses by: the hammock

Rustic Simplicity

If you loved the tiny floating house from 22769 that I showed you a couple of days ago, well here is a match made in heaven. Floating - skies - heaven. Get it?

From Second Spaces a great set filled with details that weighs in at 1 land impact with great LOD holding (long distance viewable for you non-techy folks). Definitely impressive, I love the understated style. It is available without decor and also in white.

Find it at LTD: The Event which is looking mighty inviting!

Night Moves

There is something about warm summer nights. They hug you close like a lover and if you are lucky you can hold that feeling until the morn.

From BAIASTICE for COLLABOR88, the Lola dress in both prints and plain versions. Perfect for many occasions -- even a walk by yourself in the garden.

Poses by: aDORKable

A Summertime Gettaway

Need a place to chill out and get back to basics?  I do!

This new fantasy floating island (with or without oversized anchor -- so cute!) is out for The Fantasy Collective from 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. The "Somewhere only we know" set includes island with tiny house, island with park and a bridge to, well -- you know, BRIDGE the two. Low prim (land impact),  the duo can fit on a 512 if you hang over just a tad.

Feathered Finery

Now I am not sure exactly what genre these accessories fit into. Fantasy would be my guess, but I could be WAY out of the loop.

Whatever!   If you feel like getting fluttery in that birdie kinda way, MEVA has you covered at We Love Roleplay.  And if you aren't QUITE brave enough for the wings and feathered horns (not shown), never fear. There are some very pretty earrings that even tamer gals will find to their liking.

And if you need some new hair to go with? Well Vanity Hair has a super sleek long do out with plenty of classiness. I picked appropriate colors for the wings, but all tones are covered --- never fear. Look for "Vamp".

Pose by: Everyglow


Ahoy matey! There are some boaty items out from Sway's and if you are into the smell of salt air and all that goodness, you don't want to miss them.

For LTD the Event opening June 10th so keep a watch for it, the Sway's  Rowboat bench in three color choices. Color change pillows and tons of animations make this a fun addition to your indoor or outdoor areas.  No landmark as yet but I am guessing Seraphim will have it (we love those guys!).  Very cute!

The Welcome Aboard life preserver and the BEACH sign are just two of the fun items available from Sway's at The Arcade.  

From ArisAris, a very cute jacket and short tank top (combined) with pattern change hud giving you lots of choices.  Look for the GaRa0~Odyssey~Jacket&Top.   My bell bottom jeans are also from ArisAris; AA89 Contemporary Jeans.

And the stunning coin necklace? Well that is from MEVA. Find it as well as a silver version at the Cosmopolitan!

Hair by DURA (older)
Poses by the bench

Passion on the High Seas

It's Arcade time and one of the most fun items to be had in my mind is this wearable boat from {what next}.   There are plenty of great boats to be had. This is one of the rares, but all are very nice and a great getaway for when you just need to chill out.

And speaking of chilling out ---- this  cute new rolled sleeve tee from Ducknipple is perfect for lazy days.  the KKK shirt (I am NOT going to ask what that means) is casual to the max and super comfy.  The top comes with two color change huds with plenty of colors for your wardrobe needs. One is for the shirt WITH text and one for the shirt without.  

While I can see many reasons for the "sans text" shirt when putting together a look -- for me, and for now?  I love the text. It reads, "I want to KI_ _   you". I am am guessing that most gals have been in that teeter totter place a time or two. It made me smile and that is good enough for me.

MINA Hair - Elvire
Poses by: the boat

Rocks, Water, Steam

For FaMESHed -- just in case you haven't heard -- a Cheeky Pea SAUNA with room for a good portion of your friend's list. The textures are gorgeous and the details -- well you KNOW I love the details!

It is a cute place and low on land impact even for those 512 folks.

There are all sorts of lovely features and accessories, so get on over and take a look!

Lapdance and Romance

Need a little romance in your life?  Well lots of us can say yes to that!

From {Roawenwood} for the Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair, a roomy leather chair packed full of animations of all kinds including dances.

While there are plenty of intimate animations, my favorites are the dances. Well, I do like to show off!

And happily the chair from the Baxter set can "just" be a chair with some regular sits when you aren't in a lovey mood.

My new outfit is from Ducknipple.  The Svetlana Set comes with color change HUD of course. Skirt and top are separate for mixing and matching with other Ducknipple color change items.

Hair by MINA - Elvire
Bar set Trompe Loeil

Poses by: the chair

Far East Fever

post 3900 and counting

It is an oriental month over at The Challenge. Some lovely things await you including lots of decor pieces  -- and FOOD.

I love food props. They just make the world seem more lived in and real. From JIAN a big collection of Sashimi trays in various assortments. The drinks are also from JIAN, but not the tea pot :D.

Accent pieces are also on the release list from 22769 ~ [bauwerk] where you can find this lovely cage with cherry blossoms ----  as well as

this lovely cabinet.