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A Season of Gifts

Sami was up early and got into The Seasons Story where not only are there wonderful new releases to peruse and try out, there are anniversary gifts. Two years! It doesn't seem that long.

The generosity is overwhelming as you can see by this small selection of presents. Something for everyone, with Sami tired and me not all that awake, we decided not to list all the creators here. You want to see the whole event -- that's a must. And her favorites may not be yours.

Along with items that are easy to show (hair, horns, pet, eye shadow, face tattoo) there are also some great poses as well as some specialty items and appliers that won't work for everyone, but might be just what YOU are looking for.

The gifts are a great way to try out the offerings of new to you designers. I can see from some of these poses that I definitely want to check out the creators.

The new releases she noticed most often were warm jackets and ponchos, perfect for the chilly weather on the horizon. Most wearables had demos but alas not all.

Poses shown here are all ones from the gifts, so be sure and stop at the booths; one at least had a pose stand with individual poses -- always nice.

Now I AM going to mention the designer of this gift, because if I don't I will surely get IMs asking. These really lovely high heels for mesh feet are from Essenz - Amsterdam (Olive Gray) ---- a perfect color for Autumn, and I am guessing that they come in many more colors.

So get on over to The Seasons Story and find your perfect items for Fall.


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