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Wanderlust - Egyptian Style

An Egyptian Adventure

Sometimes life just surprises you.

This is the new Lootbox release from !dM deviousMind,  "Bastet". Since Chandra can never do anything simplistically, the set is filled with lots of options and various pieces to add as your whim takes you.  Gold, pearl and onyx are the three common colors and there are two rare sets also.

Here is a small portion from the notecard. Note that I am not wearing ALL the items offered (oh dear, minimalist me).

Each round of gameplay rewards you with a random set of "Bastet" Goddess Silks. The gacha consists of 5 different common sets in 3 common colors, for a total of 15 commons. The sets are as follows: 
• Mask and Collar
• OrnamentTop
• OrnamentSkirt
• PearlBelt
• SilkTop

Extras -- such as the cuffs I am wearing -- come with some of the sets. 

Lara and Hourglass fits.

And here is the rest of the story.

I was all dressed in my finery and looking for a place for photos. Typing "EGYPT" into the places search returned a long list of gambling spots. But being a good sleuth I scanned  down and found a listing that looked promising -- and it was!

The Larl Vally is Eqypt in the 1700s and opens -- wait for it; Thursdsay at 3 pm. Is my timing great or what?

I wandered the sim which is very nicely done with some beautiful architecture and soothing apartments for resting out of the hot sun. My new "Misty" Windlight setting has the environment looking a bit like a dream, and in some ways it is.

 SirCharlesMormont, better known in-game as Mansur Marawi. was nice enough to chat for a bit and I was happy to compliment him on his build. Since we all know I need to get out more -- this was a grand adventure.

Who knows what tomorrow might bring.

Poses by: aDORKable and Diesel Works


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