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Ten Year Challenge

From Strawberry Linden, a new challenge for older folks.   How have you changed over the last decade?

My photos are actually 2009 and 2019  -- Falls since I hadn't saved any great 2010 shots (that Flickr 1000 photos thing).

Amazingly I can remember taking that photo so long ago.  One great thing about having a blog is that you can look back.    Once Flickr changed hands I started uploading my photos both to this blog and to Flickr. Then if the photo sharing site does go away (rumor) there will still be pictures to look back on.

I had forgotten I was once a redhead and my current picture isn't all that typical of my day to day look as I am normally dark blonde now. But both had pretty landscapes in the back and seemed to go well together.

You can add your own challenge photos on the forums or on Flickr.


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