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Dark Eden

Dark Eden has some fantastic new items in the prize campers. An exclusive (only for campers right now but possibly available in the store for purchase later) Vagabond Boots. These are simply lovely and the nicest boots I have seen from Dark Eden. Yes, I have a few.

Find the campers barrel and crate campers in the middle of the store. Camp for 60 minutes for the boots. And if you want the matching skirt? It's another 45. Be prepared to check back for a camping spot. There are two for each product but they have been busy of late. I'm sure that will calm down in a few days.

The matching skirt called Ruin comes in two attachment versions and includes a thong. I paired my new items with tights from Glam, a tank from Imperial Elegance, and a shirt from Callie Cline. Hair from Exxess, poses from Ana_mations and LAP.


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