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OMFG Mix 'n Match

I haven't had so much fun in ages! Woot!

After a problematic time with my earlier post (Blogger not happy with new RC viewer it seems and I can't figure out the new Wordpress at Iheartsl -- sigh), I did finally get things posted -- a few hours after my plan. But by then, I was free from the real world, and guess what? I went back.

I bought the assign's cloak, the wings of anchoring free and a couple pairs of boots. I may go back and get the stilettos as the other shoes are definitely sized for guys and while I appreciate the big boot look on others, I'm not too comfortable with it myself.

Anyway with lots of mixing and matching, I came up with this outfit that I love. For like $3 or $4. Hard to believe.

The assassin's coat belt and "skirt" mods fine for gals, the arm cuffs "could" mod but some parts are below the small size limit so it would be a piece at a time thing if you are a builder. The collar fit me perfectly however and I paired it with the leggings from the space suit. All in all just a lot of fun. Guess I'll go back and get those stilettos.

I'm off. EDIT: Stilettos are oversized too. CUTE but BIG :D

Hair by HOH, Pose by LAP.


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