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The retailers of the VAIN group have been sending out presents and notecards with LM to presents all month. I have blogged a few and kept several for later. This jumpsuit is definitely one of my personal favorites. It is from RICIELLI who I am embarrassed to admit I hadn't heard of. Oh my!  Super cute and definitely sexy it comes with fantastic detailing.

My mirror and pose are from (*chanimations (adult sim). Two other poses are included as well as an outfit with dramatic boa. I love the detailing on the mirror.

And just in case people don't understand that you ARE vain, this fun necklace from Princessia Petunia of *Prinny's Prims let's them know. It would be even prettier on dark skin.

So thank you to all the wonderful designers in the VAIN group that help make our holidays a little brighter!

Style notes:

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) dec VIP gift
Shoes: Juicy Slingback Pump - Peppercorn

I have a bit of an addendum here. In keeping with the vanity theme, Pulling Strings has some great Paparazzi poses out today for $1 -- FOR FOUR.  They come in pose balls. You might want to get two sets so you can open one. I think I may go back :D.  They are both fun and multipurpose.


And here is my mini rant. I tried to take these photos at VAIN. That was the logical place to shoot.  After 10 minutes things had still not rezzed. This was not Vain's fault. I was at another mainland sim yesterday where it never loaded. We are talking 30 minutes, two tries and I crashed twice. I never crash like that.  The new mainland with no folks is slooooooow and the old mainland is unbelievably bad lately. My sim seems to be pretty good but my estate owner reboots the sim three times a week on a schedule. Things are not good out there. We expect lag and problems when we TP into crowded areas, but when there are only a couple people in the sim? People will really start dumping or giving back mainland if this doesn't improve. I already know some folks who are waiting "just awhile longer" to see if it gets better. What's the point of having land you can't do anything on but wait for textures to rez?


But, a small glimmer of light appeared with the LL search system. Someone on the Vain group (ah a tie-in :D) was looking for a product and couldn't find it in the store. I suggested she try typing in the name of the product since she knew it. I read that there was a major improvement in search with a "go" button to take you to specific items. I hadn't tried it, but thought it might work for her. And woot, it did.


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