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Semi-official word on the street from several sources is that the Down the Chimney Hunt start time has been postponed until noon. Some gifts are out and some not. Since one person reporting is a hunt vendor, I'm going to guess this is good intell. So, hunt if you like, but you may get stuck. And we all know, no matter HOW anxious we are, that waiting a day or so while the kinks get smoothed out usually lowers our stress level.

I can show you a couple more things. The pose chair with five poses and menu adjustments is out at LAP.  The necklace I am wearing is from Bliensen + MaiTai. It was sent to me, so I am not sure if it is out yet.

I LOVE these gloves. The Bedazzled Gloves Red  are also a part of the Bliensen + MaiTai prize, they call for a very special outfit -- or nothing at all.

The ET~Birds of a Feather Earrings and necklace (as well as a bolo tie for guys) is out at Frippery. You will need to CAM to find it. Very pretty with intricate details, here is a bit of info from the notecard.

Think vintage! Think Retro! I don't know why, but that's what these birds make me think so consider me setting a mood. :) A jewelry set consisting of earrings and a necklace crafted from a deep yellow gold with inset hand tortured gems. Why use sculpts and miss the opportunity to make a torus whimper? I admit the coloring is loosely inspired by the Cardinal, but it would be a shame to condemn these pretties to your Christmas only wardrobe. Take them out and let them shake their tail feathers all year long!

My hair is another from Vignette (free of course). V] Vignette Gibson Brick is perfect for Victorian wear and other ladylike outfits. My tops are from E! Eclectic (first photo - new release - review copy) and CS FANDANGO (older, possibly NLA).

So I am going to go off and build some presents and not worry about hunting until later. Over 90 stores in two weeks shouldn't be too difficult.

Poses by LAP.


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