No new clothes today; please see yesterday's post for details on my superb new accessories. Love this look.

MEANWHILE, venues abound -- one being the Festival of Sin. Now I don't actually know anyone who has gotten IN to the festival yet; those nasty "parcel not found" messages keep appearing, but since it lasts until March 3 you can get there.  Perhaps they aren't quite open yet :D.

I have already seen a lot of fantastic new releases for this event, none seem very "sinful", but hey -- I care not. This new Ka'u Beach Skybox from Trompe Loeil is stunning. Large and well-designed with some modern furniture included and a completely open air at night feeling, you can almost hear the surf crashing and the crickets chirping.

The skybox keeps you at midnight, but never fear -- there is a full moon (insert howling here) and a beautiful glow on the water. I particularly like all the lighting fixtures -- both interior and exterior. They give enough luminescence for just the right atmosphere.

There is a bed with a texture change painting above -- all very nicely done. The MESH MESH MESH (want you to know you need a mesh viewer for this *wink*) skybox has baked in textures and I can vouch for the outstanding look of the furniture even without shadows and other fancy graphic settings. You can see the display inworld here.

For those of you that cannot get into the Festival of Sin for age verification reasons, you can purchase it on the Marketplace.

My last big tip for the day -- or maybe the weekend depending how lazy I am -- is this great book set from LARK. It is part of the Spruce Up Your Space weekend. The theme is "Bad Romance" and I am guessing that most of us have had at least one of those. The books are lovingly handmade. Three different styles are included with various prims counts. These are not one prim books (2, 3  and 4 prims), but they are so pretty!

Click for a larger photo.

Most of you that read this blog know I seldom shop. I have so many lovely things, there is really no need. But shop I did today as these books were not a review item. And they weren't all that expensive either, so get over to LARK if you love the written word.

Poses by: Vista Animations and furniture