Midnight Snow

I am definitely in snow mode -- virtually anyway. New chairs with tons of great animations are out at Atelier Kreslo.       Cheeky Pea & Pulling Strings present the Maribel Hanger Chairs -- three textures to choose from, all appropriately winteresce. The hangers change color (something I discovered AFTER taking the photos) and there are subtle tints to the chair legs. Both texture change feats are accomplished by a long click to the chair.

Also in the news, these really fun friends from Hanaya, gatcha items for Unhinged, a festival for Eku's head. A dozen varieties in all with two themes and two rare items. These amazingly attach and work with your AO. The fellow stand still as you walk around. You can wear more than one of course using the "add" feature that many of us have in our viewers.

While I am not ready for Christmasy stuff yet, I had to smile at this rare Plants in the Pants, the little lights blink. I bet a petite avatar would be right at home here. The size seems about right *wink*.

My winter outfit is from PARADISIS and boots from Prim and Pixel, previously featured.

The snow and wintery fern prop is a prize on the upcoming Cookie Jar Hunt which begins the 24th. Find it here.

Poses by: Helamiyo and Pulling Strings (the chairs)