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A hearty welcome back to Tuli with the new release of Helena. I wore Tuli skins for many years. Some favorites of Hope and Tanya come to mind but I am sure there were many others. One thing I had forgotten about Tuli's marketing model -- eyebrows!!!!  I was a redhead for many years and loved that I could match my brow color.

I immediately went for the red brows and tried them all on, finding one that fit my most often everyday look. But you know what? I have most all my hair packed away for inventory control, leaving out a color or two that I wear most often. Not much red in the mix and very little vintage *wink* which I really needed to show of this superb new set from Eclectica, Antique Hearts. Certainly a timely release, it is lovely and comes with three choices of earrings plus a bracelet.

So in the end I opened the brown brows to go with this Ayana hair from Amacci which is perfect for the look.

Besides the eyebrow options (including a light choice for you platinum blonds and light gray folks) there are dimples. Lip options come on tattoo layers so you can mix and match to your liking or even layer. The default skins for the most part are fairly plain giving you the option to add boldness with your favorite eyes shadows, rosy cheeks and the like.

This is Helena Pearl 09 with Deviant Misfit lipstick. There is another skin tone, powder, which is a shade darker. These are soft skins, one that give you a feeling of fragility and daintiness. Sometimes it's nice to feel that way.

Oh, I just found matching nail concealers! How nice. And of course there are cleavage options and eyebrows shapers too.

Pose by: Diesel Works


Chandra said…
love this photo! the hair and necklace is fantastic in itself but WITH Chic, omg ;D

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