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Best and Worst Meme

Shoetopia opens SOON!  That is definitely on the BEST side of the ledger.

These new boots from lassitude & ennui are named Jolenta. Find them in many colors at the venue. Woot!

My outfit is from 1 Hundred and called Hottie. Shorts and top are sold separately. I "think" these are from The Rockabilly Fashion Fair. With so many things coming in and no notes showing up for me with deliveries (thank you SL) I am going with that hunch.

And you know what I found when I moved the new barnsworth anubis industrial loft up to the city?  There is a staircase inside. The building fits in well right next to my warehouse gym :D.  GREAT shadows abound. By now you know this is a COLLABOR88 release. Expect to see more photos here though. I am in love.

Very fitting pose, a new release from the Betty series by Diesel Works

Hair is Kimberly by EMO-tions.

And now the meme.

Best thing about Second Life: Enjoying the beauty and creativity of others.
Worst thing about Second Life: the new Terms of Service

Best thing in your inventory: WAY too many to decide upon one winner.
Worst thing in your inventory: No winners here either. I toss anything I will never use again *wink*.

Best earliest SL memory: Camping with friends (the money kind - not the roasting marshmallow event type)
Worst earliest SL memory: Getting ejected from a sim for no real reason other than the owner had apparently not taken her meds that day. Nasty talk. Much yelling on her part.

Best thing you learned because of SL: Blender!
Worst thing you learned because of SL: Trust can be misplaced.

Best thing about blogging: Getting into venues early without the crowds.
Worst thing about blogging: I will quote Berry here and agree: " Being lumped up into the same category with other bloggers that don’t really blog for the love of blogging, but do it so they can either beg for free things, harass designers or use it as a platform to spread hate and unnecessary drama."

Best thing to do first thing in the morning: turn on the computer
Worst thing do first thing in the morning: shovel snow


I live in Florida so I actually have never shoveled snow and I know it must get really monotonous and irritating for you guys but just the thought of it right now seems like so much fun to me, lol.

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