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Books and paintings for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea from Fallen Gods. Find them at the Tattered Page Library.

An old friend of mine told me a story real life story yesterday. The local library was having its book drive. A small child came up to her in the children's book area that she was overseeing.  "I am six and I can read you know!" he announced proudly. I can see that scene in my mind's eye and it makes me smile.

When I was a bit older than that there was a summer reading program at my library. Each child in the Bookworm Club had a drawing of a segmented worm with a hat. They lined the walls of the kid's section. Each time you read a book -- and reported of course, a segment was filled in. The goal was to get your worm from black and white to red and green by the end of the summer. I can still see that worm, or at least a memory of the reality.

A quick search at Google informs me that Bookworm Clubs are still going on after many decades. Amazing!

The worms have been modernized of course and come with various looks. This is the closest to my memory.


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