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Me, Myself and I Meme

Sceenshot from my film "Elusive"
I too am on vacation this week but Berry's meme theme is definitely something I want (and need) to do. It has been an extremely wild and bumpy 2015. I don't expect it to calm down any time soon even though I wish it so.  

Just not in the stars.

Anyway, here are my quick as a bunny hopping across the waiting room at the psychiatrist's answers.

I am... strong, smart and talented
I want... a rest period from the drama now and then
I have... friends that I cherish
I wish... for peace in the world
I hate... inequality
I fear... having to trust in the future
I search... for direction even when it seems I have found it
I wonder... if giving too much is a wise thing
I regret... very few things in my life
I never... say goodbye well
I always... try to see the best in people
I usually... manage TO see the best in people
I dance... not enough these days
I sing... along with songs that speak to me
I often... forget breakfast and lunch when in creative mode
I sometimes... drink like a winery owner
I cry... more than I would like these days
I need... a small light shining at the end of the tunnel
I should... sometimes think before I leap
I love...not all that wisely


Nissa Nightfire said…
beautiful picture and words! enjoy your vacation {{hugs}}
Love the way you did that pic!
Chic Aeon said…
It is a screenshot from a recent film so two overlays and one base photo. Imagine you could do that in Photoshop, but not in MY graphics software :D. It did turn out well. TY both.

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