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Romeo - Full verson Bento avatar gift from altamura

standing stones

Some impressive new pants for guys from MEVA can be found at Man Cave.  The Ramon pants come in fits for Belleza Jake (worn here) and Signature Gianni. Boots versions are included.  Really nice work.

But the even bigger news is that the gorgeous avatar is out for free (group fee of $50 if you aren't already a member) at altamura.

Romeo is a FULL VERSION Bento Avatar that looks great just out of the box. The default skin is impressive and a big step up from some of the previous default skins included with altamura.

Now there is a story behind this and wise folks will continue reading and solve lots of possible "issues"; here's the soop.

You can pick up Romeo at the altamura main shop. Big red signs in the far back directly across from the entrance point. There is a caveat however. The vendors LOOK like regular "new item" vendors. And if you WANT to pay $5000 ish for Romeo you certainly can :D.   So confusing?  For me anyway, yes. 

I eventually chatted up the group customer service folks who were very helpful. In order to buy for free (one linden that gets returned) you need to choose BUY, then $L. Then OK the "I understand I need to right click" message and then PAY the vendor WHILE WEARING YOUR altamura TAG the $1 choice.  Whew!

If you plan to use Romeo with his included skin, you are set. If you need to get an Omega kit for altamura (gals and guys are the same) you have more steps (well I betcha guessed that). 

The EASY way to get the Omega kit would be on the Marketplace, natch. But the official link to find the kit isn't working. In fact it appears that there is no altamura kit on the Marketplace these days.  So, off to the inworld store (one of my least favorite shopping experiences).  The "kit" store had changed and moved since my last visit and of course you get plunked down amidst the mall, not where you actually want to go. So follow the coordinates to the store or do an area search for "altamura". Either will work. 

In order to get your Omega skins, tattoos etc to work on Romeo you will need to install the relay. This is different than previous versions of altamura avatars -- so listen up and save yourself some frustration.  You need to have the CLOTHING LAYERS hud open (not the main hud as before) and then INSTALL the Omega function.  After that, Omegas should work as expected.

The HUDS are pretty complex and not for the faint of heart, but after some time I got my guy looking particularly  -- well "hot" comes to mind.

ManChic is wearing 7 Deadly S[k]ins IVAR  (not new) skin and no.match NO ESCAPE hair.  I changed the default shape.  Necklace by MEVA

I was impressed by how well the sliders let you change the look of the head (not always the case in some heads).  So go forth and get this super gift.   And yes there is a gals version too. That's coming up soon. 

Pose by: Diesel Works


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