New Linden Homes Preview 2019

Let there be houseboats! 

The new Linden Homes have been unveiled (at least some of them) at the Home and Garden Expo.  I know some gals that have been waiting a very VERY long time to see these abodes.

Somehow I pictured the little squares in the boat slips as  -- well "boats" since it looks like open water on the map (the SSP sims not yet open to the public).  But indeed they are houseboats. So cute.

The houseboats are small of course and closer together, but the FPS are higher (something to consider for those with less than hefty computers and connections).  Privacy can still be had via the shades. And (just a guess here) I suspect each houseboat comes with the ability to not let neighbors see from other parcels.

If you aren't a boat person, never fear; both cottages and family sized homes are in the housing mix.

If you are the person who love cozy and clutter, use your 351 land impact points and decorate this small home to overflowing.

\If you are the type that likes lots of space, one of the family style homes may be just right for you!   Note that there is lots of empty area in the backyards.  It is difficult to tell from the preview if the yard spaces will be part of the Linden Home plot (as in adding more flora and swing sets and the like) or if it will be as the current Linden homes and a sort of no-man's-land buffer area.

Paths and road, trees and fences give a feeling of community.  A pretty place to call home.

When can you move in?  That hasn't been announced yet, but I am guessing fairly soon.

Find the Linden preview homes here.

These homes are listed as the "Traditional" ones. It is unclear at this time if there are other community themes that will also be available when the area officially opens.

Patch confirmed today that the new continent will indeed move and bridge two existing continents. That isn't a big surprise since recommendations for placement was asked long ago -- that "sailor" thing :D.