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Linden Lab Update - Sansar and SL

Working slowly as I join other waiting, I spent most of a day making paint cans.

Many of us have our eyes on virus news these days. I don't see many folks in my friend's list in bold. Understandable. Our virtual world lives WITHIN our corporeal one and while our not quite as real lives are very important, our human existence most often takes precedent.   There isn't much to report really, but I didn't want to fade to black on the subject, so here's the news of the last week or so.


As of March 10th eve there is still no news. Very quiet - even Discord. 

No news is good news?   That's Daisy's favorite saying these days.

As far as I know there has been no news via Discord. Once in a while (not often) someone from the lab pops in to wave.  A dev comments in to let someone in trouble know he has restarted the server and they should be "OK now". A few creators are still creating and some are putting new items up on the STORE.   Conversations, brisk when we first heard the news of layoffs and an undecided fate of the platform, are sparse now and often merely ramblings.

Cashing out to Paypal is still swift. A few parties -- one including line dancing (new in Sansar) have occurred. Folks seem calm and are simply waiting.

Ebbe stated last month that we should know something in a week or two and that time is closing in on us. But with a global pandemic on the horizon and the US stock market in a meltdown, it could easily be that parties involved in talks are in wait and see mode.  This is a benchmark time. Things won't be the same, but some good may come from our journey.


While most of the last two weeks have been lackadaisical for some of us, the Linden Home REVEAL was a gathering  arena. Over 130 curious folks came out for the preview region drop.  The new modern log cabin theme was well received, but not as well as the Victorians.   There will be a major release sometime in the future.

We don't know exactly when and even though most of us in Second Life work from home, there could still be health issues with both Moles and employees, so once again that nasty real world has the power to impact our virtual one.   Here's hoping we all make it safely through. 


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