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Moonlight and Waves

What to do when at loose ends?  Some folks party, some get their nails done. I decorate.   Following some breadcrumbs on the forums I found a great not so new area called Puddlechurch. With some outstanding landscaping and fun public areas it is a great place to call home --- or have a "summer house". 

My place is on the water. Small and currently getting believably cluttered on the inside, I turned toward my large weathered deck.  Happily I found a new gacha set from thor, a boho beauty with tons of pieces including palette chairs, poofs, fences, decor and a lovely ultrarare couch.  I played and played and while all the pieces didn't work in my current area, many did.   The carefree style is just perfect for my new home.   Check out the demos and of course the gacha machine at Kustom9.

Most of the items shown are from the thor set. Magazines and books are mine (and old).  Wine bottles are Apple Fall (still free on the Marketplace I believe). Fencing by Cheeky Pea (:CP: Okugai Supa Screen  -- VERY old). 

The very stylish ReKa. Fire Bowl is a group gift that can be found at the entry of the Nutmeg store.   


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