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Fun Summer Freebies!

OK. I admit that I have a LOT of "stuff" from blogging four months - almosteveryminuteuntiloflate :D. So it is getting harder for me to find things that I think are REALLY good to show you. And then again, if there have already been three or four posts on something there is NO point expending energy that could be put to better use (wink).

Today's fashion post IS in part about the often mentioned lately Juicy Slingbacks (Cherry in this case) but it also features a very cute bracelet I picked up the other evening. The bracelet comes in a variety of colors and is FREE at Juicy -- Juicy 115/138/23. Add to that a brand new very cute pants set from Damiani -- Plush Micron 193/95/39. Find this new outfit at the main entrance by a SLEW of other 0 and 1 Linden items.

Viola! We have a great outfit for SUMMER! The pant set features detailed prim cuffs with texture and a prim belt with logo buckle. I didn't try resizing the belt as I am a big girl. So it might be a bit tricky if you are petite.

Click the pics to enlarge.

Fashion credits: Hair by WRONG

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