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House of Heart Hair Hunt!!!!!


I haven't been yet, but my friend Benicia braved the first wave and the lag and got these wonderful photos of great hair. I believe this is the first HOH hunt. Bewitched Hair Hunts are of course legendary but this looks EVEN BETTER!! Yeah!

There are 14 boxes set around the main shop and the mall area, each box includes one of our most popular styles in one color! Benicia's only slightly negative comment was that her head was WAY too big for most of the styles so some major adjustments were necessary. Still, they look fantastic. Just remember to save a copy of the original before you stretch and reposition.

The boxes are smallish and black with HOH photos on the sides. They are relatively easy to find. Shouting out locations (no notecard passing) is part of the fun. The hunt runs until Thursday afternoon.

Here they are in all there glory.

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