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I Think - Therefore I Blog

Now I kinda look like a copycat here, blogger table and new Amacci hair. I want it to be known that I was wearing the hair BEFORE I saw this week's meme. So that just doesn't count!

Berry apparently has the NEW {what next} blogger office - LOL. "I" still have my old one.

Remember this? It seemed like we ALL had one. They were on some sort of deal if I remember correctly and the feeds were filled with this office. Now when I think of Blogging (yes with a capital B) I think of my blogger office. I lived with it for many months through house changes galore (at least three that I can recall, one spot I don't even remember living in and likely more where I never took photos). So I had to see if I still had it.

Amazingly all but the pencil cup was still around, database meltdowns and all. Of course the items weren't TOGETHER, but I got them set up, my laptop and bulletin board customized still.

This is the photo I decided to recreate. Taken a bit over two years ago, it was state of the art. Now baked in shadows have pretty much disappeared as more folks have dynamic shadows turned on in their viewer, really ugly bare feet have been replaced by mesh goodness.

I still had the Not So Bad skybox that I lived in for many months. Best of all I remembered who made it so I could look for it. I remain on the subscribo and that helped, I admit.

This is new release Tyne skin and Sol hair from Amacci, part of a BIG release that includes lot of hairs (most with optional flowers) as well as eyes.  This is a very pretty skin and the hair is quite lovely with a wrapped bun in back and loose tendrils; casual but feminine.

There is a group gift of this skin, so be sure and check that out.
My jacket is from Ducknipple, yoga pants from 1 Hundred.

Here are my meme answers. In the sake of time and sleep I am going to ONLY write the answers since most of you will know the questions well anyway :D

1. I only use my computer to write on; not all that modern.
2. I don't have a mission statement; that sounds WAY too much like work.
3. I honestly don't have time to read many blogs these days; I have never been interested in folks that try to fan the flames of discontent.
4. I reread my posts a time or two usually. Grammar isn't usually a big issue but sometime I just don't pay attention when I am typing; I get too involved.
5. I have no interest in switching blogs with anyone, thank you very much.
6. My blogging style has indeed changed over the years, at least a close real life friend and reader has told me that many times. I am more willing to share now and more "me" than when I started out and Chic was a persona. We weren't as melded to each other then as we are now.
7. I am not sure anything super extraordinary has happened because I blog. More folks know who I am than would otherwise of course. Over the years people have recognized me (or my name tag) and said hi in a fandom (OK. I did check that word; the spell checkers is NOT as smart as Google - well we knew that) sort of way. That's about it.
8. My blog is definitely in the fashion and design category.
9. Blogging has taught me a lot about photography, a real life interest in the past. My favorite part of "the job" is taking the photos.
10. Top three tips to new bloggers:  1. do NOT pester designers 2. keep your commitments 3. don't write anything you don't mean.

Poses by: the chair and Vista Animations


I'm so with you on the tips there, especially the bit about pestering designers. Also, I actually have the old what next blogger office from back then and then I bought the recent one she released but the recent one isn't really a complete set, there's no table and chair, etc... so I mixed and matched both, lol. I wish she would release an awesome new mesh complete set. We bloggers need an update!
Chic Aeon said…
Ahhh and I thought I had missed something :D Thanks for the clue! Mystery solved.

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