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90 Prims

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Can you decorate a whole house under 90 land impact? Sure you can!

A post on the forums lead me to the quaint setting of Forest View Village where you can live very inexpensively. There is a catch though -- you only get 90 prims (LI points).  That figure scares a lot of folks, but with all the smartly made mesh out there these days there is really no worry.

I love a challenge and I was darn sure I could decorate this lovely mesh (7 LI ! ) house in style even within that budget. So I immediately rented one of the houses and got to work.

Long ago and far away the Hotshots Contest had would-be interior designers competing on decorating  rooms. There were plenty more prims in that challenge but the things have changed with the advent of mesh. Too, there was no clock ticking this time -- only the one telling me it was REALLY time for bed. 

I tried to get all the goodness in the photos but you know how hard that is. There are plants, wall decals and even an overhead fan in the bedroom that didn't make it into the shots.

I used some of my favorite pieces from here and there and a few of my own things.

I found a few items that escaped my recollection skills and of course some current releases made it into the mix.

The key to my choices had three parts. First they needed to look great. Second they needed to be low land impact (I cheated in the bedroom a bit with some very cute storage that adds up to a bit more than I would like). And third they needed to flow with the theme.

I still have 6 prims left for holiday decorating, but all in all it is working for me.

I love clutter in virtual land and the fact that you can get so many intricate items as ONE object with minimal land impact is definitely a plus these days.

So that's my story. It was a fun romp.


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