Advent Stars - Day 21

Day 21 at Loordes of London brings you this warm dressy coat WITH coordinating prim tank built in. Love that. SLink high heels from Day 20 are still out for a bit. And remember the whole board will be open on Dec 25. This is a GROUP calendar.

******* SNEAK PEAK *******

Soon to be available Days of Christmas gift from 22769.

Now I have shown you a few of the gifts over the last days.

If you have been good little gathers you can see a pattern.

See it?

Lots of furniture. Matching furniture. Themed furniture.

And Day Twelve?

The "minimalistic house" to put it in.

This is 11 land impact, open and roomy with two rooms and modern fireplace. Perfect for 512 folks as a living space or as an office or studio, there is even a door so that you could use it on the ground.

While the styles are different (and the prim count much lower) it reminds me of my very first home, and hence MY assumption that it was for the air - LOL, which it likely is not. It COULD be however. Just watch that first step if you are up at a few thousand meters *wink*.

Hair by MINA
Pose by: oOo Studio