Of Pandas and Pop Stars

It is funny how different one avatar can be from another -- when in fact they ARE the same person. It may just be that I have a fractured (as apposed to split) personality *wink*.

I have been wanting to showcase this outfit of whimsy from Pixicat for The Arcade. Today is the day.

Impressed with the creativity and the detailing of the garments (many animals to choose from and one plain color change rare) Chic watched as others paraded by showing off their animal natures. Nope, just not her.

BUT, she was pretty darn sure Lani would love it.

Stalking the resell lot was a bit tricky as these are sized and Lani would need a large. But happily some BBW types also loved the look and eventually a few showed up for purchase. I looked through the gacha key and decided that the cat would be good.

Too late! While I was trying to decide, someone bought the cat. You REALLY need to be fast at the yard sales. I had someone by a horse I was trying out right from under me! (really).

Soon after, the stock disappeared. I heard rumors of folks buying things up for "their" yard sales. Since that happens daily in real life, it seems like a possibility. Eventually I found a panda and Lani has been happily running around for days.

I am not sure she has ever looked better!

Poses by: Amacci