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A Hike in the Snow

It is a perfect morning for a walk in the snow and happily I have a great new outfit with some sturdy boots for the hiking. Find this complete Ducknipple Frost 2015 - Outfit I  which includes jewelry and a scarf not worn at Winter Trend.  Five color choices for the top are yours by graphics hud.

My hair is of course the new group gift from Truth which comes with color change hair hud and three choices of colors for the hat. It goes perfectly with the Winter Trend outfit!

And just WHY am I hiking through the snow?

Well the KittyCats Hunt of course.

This just started today. I knew it was in the works as I made one of the prizes *wink*.

Pearl LOOOOVES her Glamping tent. There are 20 gifts in all with some being on the adjoining Fruit Islands sim here.

You are looking for big snowballs. They are full bright as you can see. This one is the first snowball conspicuously places at the START here.  The first 13 and number 20 (oh that number 20! LOL) are on the KittyCats Wonderland sim. The other six are on Fruit Islands. Mine is number 17 and is for kitties, not humans *wink*.  

You can only pick up a prize once and the snowballs are numbered. Most were out in the open and easily spotted, but a few were in stores or tucked away.


Now -- as this post was waiting in the queue, I unpacked the hunt gifts. While I definitely enjoyed the hunt and visiting the sims, I have to say I was dismayed at the abundance of what appeared to be "borrowed from the web" graphics which of course as a content creator got me kinda upset.  So that is my warning. 

With that in mind, here are my picks from the adventure of the morning.

From Dekute Dekore a TWO LAND IMPACT sitting nook with both singles and couples poses. The good news is that this is prize number 1 *wink*. 

From Dolome Designs, a  Kitty Shelf  for books or knickknacks or maybe even your kitty! I have no idea what number this is; they are not on the gifts.

And these are the two styles of kitty tents I made. Find number 17 (on the Fruit Island Sim) to take these home. Two sizes. 2 Land impact. Original mesh. ChiC buildings.

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: PRETENSE


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