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Winter Warmth

full sized photo here

There IS something about a fire in winter -- even if the snow hasn't fallen. I don't have a wood stove in real life at the moment, but I have had many in the past and even heated with wood in my Back To the Land Period.  A homeyness -- that's what it is.

With plenty of options, the {what next} Hanne Woodburning Stoves & Nordic Winter Decor  set for COLLLABOR 88 offers something for everyone whether you have a lodge or a tiny cabin. There are many stove designs as well as other festive decor items

Being more in the tiny cabin category I chose some low prim, classic pieces.  The fireplace tools and log pile with pine cones add just the right "clutter".

Speaking of clutter, if you look REALLY closely in the front right corner of the photo you can see part of a huge stack of boxes -- one of the Second Spaces Treat Yourself gacha prizes at The Arcade.

You can find the Taylor Wood Tree Light along with some other very cute decor items over at Uber. Look for the Cheeky Pea booth.


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