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Home Show Favorites

Home Show Favorites 1

The Home Show opened today. Stores are filled with a wide variety of House and Garden goods including houses of course. Furniture and decor fill the stores and many styles are covered.  While my pick may not be your picks -- hence that "go and wander" edict that shoppers love to embrace is in effect.

First up are some truly gorgeous bushes in a variety of shapes AND a color change menu. Not only are they lovely, they move gently in the breeze, have excellent LOD and seem to be very friendly with the server.  I immediately added them to my Terradale installation at LEA 12. Just perfect!

Find them at the Dysfunctionality store, a cooperative venture of several designers.  Easy to find, near the main landing point.

Home Show Favorites 2

The [ETNIA] Rustic Summer  Rattan Chairs and Table are notable for style, design, meshwork and texture. If these fit in with your decor, you do NOT want to miss them! As you might suspect the throw is texture change with many choices.

Home Show Favorites 3

Sometimes its the little things that grab our attention and that is the case with the succulent on the table and poppies in a wall jar from TERRASHOP. These too are very well made mesh with super low land impact.  The shop offers many types of flowers and foliage some for garden and some as houseplants.

On the right are the Wren Books by Calm Designs. Very special. Chair by Trompe Loeil (not in the Home Show).

Most of the Home Show shops are of the mainstream variety but LORE stands out marching to its own drummer with some superb fantasy items that can also work into our more mundane abodes.


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