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Photography Tip - Lighting and Shadows Settings

After more than 20,000 SL photos I realized something today.  So I am passing that along.  This is on Firestorm; I am not sure about other viewers.

I was wandering around my new abode this morning and noted my framerate was 21 instead of 55. We'll THAT's not good.   Hoping this was not a return of network issues, I went through a personal checklist --- Windows Update?   Change in environment?  Change in settings?    Ahhhhhhh.

I had changed my Shadow settings in the LIGHT tab yesterday when taking a tricky vendor photo. I rarely fiddle with those light settings as they can put a big strain on computers. Happily mine is pretty hefty now and it isn't really an issue unless I crank a LOT of things up.   I set everything in Lights and shadows settings back to the default and my 21 FPS became over 95.  Well that's pretty important to etch permanently in memory.   I know many of you guys know this but for folks that don't (or have forgotten) there's my tip.

Pose by: aDORKable


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