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Dream Me in Winter - Wrapped Up in Patterns

As the second half of November approached, I found myself thinking about Avent -- and in particular the Trompe Loeil Advent Gacha.  A tradition now, I was remembering my first glimpse of the magic. That was 2012 so this is the SEVENTH year; truly a tradition.

As always there are some great things to be had as "almost free" gacha prizes. The collection is eclectic and varied as it always is and each person will find their own favorites. Trading is good, but some of you will want to complete the "Advent Calendar". Still, there will likely be extras along the way to share with friends.

I have already used four of the items in my new house over in fou-fou Peony. You are free to come and peek in the windows, but with patience you will see them on this blog --- long before they become available on the first of December.

Today's feature is what I suspect will be "the one" try for. There are actually two items that most would classify as RARE, but  -- again traditionally -- there ARE NO RARES. So you have an excellent chance to get this Outdoor Winter Camping Scene that seats two.  Only 23 land impact!

Details and more photos forthcoming! 

Winter Whites.   A favorite of mine.

Over at Tannenbaum (opens the 23rd) you can find three new BAIASTICE releases for those upcoming cold days.   There is a dress (for ME a sweater) that comes in many colors with on off belt, a furry vest -- and THE HAT!!!

I L-O-V-E the hat!

A variety of colors and textures to choose from,  it works well with or without hair.  You of course need what I call "hat hair".  To help you with your hair choices -- for those of you without a hat hair folder (how CAN that be?)  I am pasting in a screenshot of my hat hairs (some old, some new) for a starting place.

I chose eXxEsS : SELYSA this time; it has a long sleek ponytail down the back.

Pose by: the stump


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